Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kota Baharu

I am up now trying to finish some work before we leave for KOTA BAHARU in a few hours

You heard me, Kota Baharu. Yup, in a few hours. (1 and a half hour to be exact) (Yes, boss I am still here in KL)

I always knew that I had to go to KB for work related matter . I didn't exactly know when because at the moment everything is yet to be finalised. However, things came to a head when one of the person I was supposed to meet informed me that she is due to deliver, this Monday.

The funny thing is, hubby had been asking me when we can go to KB for my signing,and that this weekend would be good for him.

So I told him, and he was like, ok! Jom! I'll try to clear the list tomorrow (boleh pun ponteng keje haaa) . He also said we'll be driving.


To come back on Sunday. Day after tomorrow.

Now I may be geographically challenged , but even I know how freakingly far KB is from KL . Apparently TEN HOURS away. I get restless sitting in the car going to Kluang what more Kota Baharu. So since morning I've been trying to persuade him to fly/take the train/er fly. After all Firefly flies from subang, how much more convenient could it be. Don't want to fly? How about train- one leaves at half past 8 and arrives at 9 the next morning- perfect!

Didn't work. Every argument I had he had an answer to. Jauh sangat? Break the journey lah. Kids bored? get them interested in something!

Penat nak argue when he has made up his mind. however he only fetched me at 7 today and it was too late to catch the train , so drive it is. I know despite whatever he said how tired he really is, so I insisted that he sleeps first.

Sigh..another kerja gila you say. Hey, that fraser's hill trip at least was NEAR.

I was asked just now how we can do things last minute. Other people PLAN, you know.

Yeah, how ah? I guess we ahem- go with the flow. If you are organised, your life runs smoothly, but you also get stressed when things go out of whack. Of course it's better to be organised lah kan, rather than kelam kabut like me. But we've always been the type to follow our insticts. Ok , I've always been like that, and God has given me a husband whose main purpose in life is to shoot my crazy ideas down.(Confession-If left to me, we'd be married within the first year of meeting, why wait? heh heh. He was the one who mentioned the boring terms- saving money , getting a job, finishing the Chambering I had to do...very grown up and mature)On the plus side I don't have many regrets. Debts, yes, regrets, no.:-)

I digress. Kids are all packed now, and bags lined up by the door. They're sleeping now and I'm pondering when I should get them all up.I'm VERY worried about the drive. I've heard abt the accidents that happen on the roads from the east! Husband said "we'll be careful lar"..Accidents happen even when YOU are careful , ya know, mr smartypants. Of course lah I don't want to think the worst. Pray hard for us to have a safe and drama free journey. Should I mintak maaf to my parents before I go or do you think that would freak them out?

Ok lah..see you later guys.have a good weekend!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, have a pleasant trip. And have fun.
Try the nasi dagang, ikan percik, ayam percik when there.

Maybe go across the border to Golok do some shopping forThai stuff.

You stay young and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Uncle! Yay you came here! *feel so proud*

yah, didn't manage to do any of that although did import er about 20 of frozen ayampercik.

NEXT TIME we must go again. I totally love KB

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