Losing your child

The dragonboat accident.

Saw it first on the news. sebak terus. Immediately I could relate to the parents. I mean, their kids were not exactly toddlers, they were 17 year old, they were with their teacher and coach, it was a school related activity, I mean, you don't get safer than that.

My kids go out on excursions all the time. Sometimes to places where accidents wait to happen. I take for granted that the school would adhere to the safety rules and treat my children like their own ! The trust you place in schools to look after your kids is second to none.

Ok accidents happen. But don't lah set the accident up. No lifevests? Practising in an unsupervised area? Why NOT point fingers? Why CAN"T we hold ppl accountable? 6 lives are gone!

I really feel for the parents. The media pun has been so intrusive, all angles were taken and their grief shared with the world, which must have been the last thing they wanted. But at least it wakes me up now (and other parents I hope) and next time kids go out on any excursions more safety measures must be taken.

I did not however like the way the department of education etc immediately had to issue a statement to say that this was not under their coordination, they didnt know etc etc. I would sue them for good measure. Did not know, is not relevant. In the first place, why need to say all that, at such an early stage. Don't know, found it distasteful.

Whatever it is...I still feel like crying whenever I think of those children...and I hope the parents will pull through and find the strength to go through the pain.

Don't talk abt that child who fell. I refuse to even read about it, it's so sad.


Dear Shila

Akak pun ada tgk kat tv pasal ni...sebak dada lihat mak bapa mereka bersedih..hilang anak dalam sekelip mata memang lah tersangat pedih..akak dah melalui nya...

Apa yang akak geram sangat tu ..tiba2 ada pulak timbalan menteri pelajaran tu buat kenyataan sedemikian rupa tatkala orang bersedih..rasa nak tempeleng jer muka dia...macam tak ada perasaan langsung...

Apa yang menyakit kan hati tu bila ada program macam ni..dalam borang siap dah kata..kalau ada apa apa kemalangan terjadi, pihak sekolah tidak akan bertanggung jawap...apa pilihan kita ada..tak bagi anak kita keluar....macam macam cikgu cakap...so how aaar...
MrsNordin said…
It is indeed a very unfortunate tragedy. Even wearing a life vest doesn't guarantee your safety. Hard to say... there are a lot of what ifs..

What about the 3-year old yang kena hempap TV tu (I read in Harian Metro today). In the safety of your own living room pun boleh mati.

So my take on this is ajal maut tu boleh berlaku dimana-mana. But if you can avoid the chances of it happening, by all means.
Kak E...

yelah,all the forms say that kan? However, they will still be held to be responsible, don't worry. Masih lagi boleh saman lah katakan....

Memang nak tempeleng..takyah lah cakap masa tu...tak sensitip tol
hi J

kena hempap tv?? I should tell the kids this so that they will reduce the tv watching..ini kalau boleh macam nak masuk dalam tv.

Yeah..ada yang pakai life vest pun tak dapat selamat gak...sebab terhempap oleh boat

So ....I guess we should just be prepared , and let our last words to our loved ones be pleasant...nanti ralat dan terkilan tak terkata....:)

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