Friday, January 15, 2010

Madness ahead

This Saturday (tomorrow), I have to ferry the kids to Lake Garden for their crosscountry by 7 am. Nadine and Sara will do 5 km, Sophia and Daya 2.5.

Wow, and this from the same ppl who can't even go up and down the stairs more than twice a day!

Boleh ke?

Kids are very excited except for clone, Sophia. In her form I declared under "Any medical complaints" that she was "unfit". She really really does not want to go.

11 to 1 as usual my Japanese. Nihongo no benkyo arimasu! Not that I speak it at all at home. I have my brother who is fluent, my cousin who is marrying a Japanese soon and the teacher. What do I do? Try to teach her Malay.

1 pm got to rush get the kids back ....

3 pm got that reunion to go to.

6 pm got a dinner in Shah Alam with old old friends.

10 pm ???

Sure mak I merajuknya tak tengok dia for a whole week!! As my dad said "Kita ni bertambah muda kan Kaklong??"



MAMAMIA said...

Eish, sempat ke buat semua tu?

Tak terkejar I, rasanya....

Superwomanwannabe said...

mamamia.....tak sempat...tak jumpa my parents pun! hopefully today...

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