Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year!!

I'm now looking at this website:

Still stuck at the "i want to go to the seaside" mode. Have managed to sweettalked husband to stay the night in PD as it is only an hour away and within easy reach of the hospital if he needed to go back on a moment's notice. I'm banking on the fact that a "moment's notice" for consultants will mean an hour at least (if in the gomen hospital lar as there are other ports of call for the patient before the BigGuy comes) Going to TanjungTuan as apparently it has "the best beach". Ok lar what ever.

By the way........HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

We saw the new year in with dear friends courtesy of MadamTaiTai ,thank you for inviting us. It was a cosy small do with kids and I came straight from work dressed totally inappropriately in a baju kurung. Very happy to be able to see Mr Tai Tai (he really is lah now since he is back on medical leave from negeri P'stan!) . So nice to be chatting with friends . Anak masing masing dah besar dah, the small kids have turned to young men and ladies...and the youngest child there was the much pampered Nizar (last night lah much pampered by the many kakaks and abangs) In myheart, I am still 23 ha ha. (yeah, that's what happens when you get old, you start forgetting your age!)

Anyway talking about forgetting...I forgot that this coming Thursday is my anniversary! and hubby and I had to count how many years it has been (seriously, count with fingers ok) and we have decided that we managed to conclude 16 years, and therefore it is our 16th anniversary and we will be entering our SEVENTEENTH year!! wow !that's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly long..Tak boring ke, yang! There are days that I pun boring gak kot haha ha after all I've known you since I was 20 which means TWENTY YEARS. wowww that is a heck of a long time to be in a marriage, man...I can totally understand it if ppl look "out". Dari thin and lanky, to gendutness! and me from the younger gedebab girl, to an older gedebab girl! ha ha!

I too wonder, why we are not yet bored of each other. Will it come? Will I one day look at him and stop seing that thin lanky guy whose wit charmed me ? (he loved to travel too which was a bonus! plus he wasn't studying law! Another bonus!) Will he one day go "off" me then? Will it even make a difference? I guess I have to count on the roots we have put in, to be deep enough and strong enough to withstand whatever wind or storm that comes so that after the wind/gale/storm (mentanglah nak gi England, dok pikir English weather) dissipates,we'd still be standing!

What makes it work, is it because I'm still having fun? Is it because he makes me work hard for his time? By nature I am an easily distracted person. I had lunch with this friend of mine (a married father of four) semalam who said he can't tell the same jokes to his wife and he accepts that the woman he married cannot be everything for him. I wondered whether he had especially sought me out then , to tell his jokes to! I told him to try out his wife, you'd never know, you know! If you have decided that your wife is not everything to you, how? Try lah at the very least. Before you fall in love you normally fall in like right so what was it about her that you "liked"? Find that thing under all the domesticity I guess ! (I told husband about his jokes and while my hubbs proclaimed that he was "not jealous" that I was having lunch with some guy, he said all of the guy's jokes were TOTALLY UNFUNNY. Ha ha. And yes I practise doublestandards as there is no way he can have a nice tete a tete with some other woman. It's because no guy wants ME, but other girls may want HIM he he)

Anyway I hope we continue to be good friends, my husband and me, and I hope we continue to be mutually infatuated with each other and forget how to count the years and forget that we age. I love that we can take each other for granted but I also know that this is a privilege not to be abused. One day he will just announce "Why can't you carry your OWN laptop bag???!!!" and that's that! or "I don't want to drive you to work so there!" . so far he's been lovely in that manner (his wife is a diva) and the other day he totally made my day by telling me he looks forward to picking me up because he can see me after a long day (and remind himself how much worse things can get compared to the hospital? ha ha ha kidding!) ..AWWWness! He's a total mush when he is not on the phone dealing with patients.

I'm sure there would be times when we won't exactly be popular with each other! When one of us is cranky the other one just "waits it out"..diam je, karang ok lah tu...hah hah. After all, mana pun dia nak pergi ! Tol tak??

In the end we have made a conscious decision to be together and I guess that' s half the battle ..the rest is up to Allah swt.

Wow. 17 years. I am an oollllddd married hag.

Happy New year again guys!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary to you Shila! have been your silent reader all these while. Best la baca your story:-)Dulu sama A-Levels with you, was in A2 class and you kelas bebudak pandai..he!he!


Superwomanwannabe said...

WOWOOOOO!! Khairina!!! How are you?????? Mana ada klas datang tak reunion ni- 16th Jan at Vilasomething or other...check out diana's fb. BTW are YOU on fb???

tireless mom said...


Amazing you last nite. Still clad in baju kurung yang sungguh anggun from work yet so sporting to join us for the ushering of New Year.

Happy Anniversary. Boleh pergi romantic checkin at hotel rendezvous again. The doctor loves you so much lah dear, can see the abundance sparkle in his eyes, no worries.

IBU said...

Happy New Year!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...


Happy soon-to-be anniversary! We celebrated our 17th a couple of weeks ago. I paksa Chepul to bring me to The Chalet and paksa him to drink sparkling grape juice to toast to our 17th! Hehehe...sometimes as we progressed in numbers with regards to anniversary ni, we have to paksa our better halves to do things our way.

Thanks for coming to the bbq on NYE. Chepul told me that Jab had his first meal of the day at our house that night. Kesiannya... Tell him to make sure that his 2010 resolution is to have a good live balance between work, wife, family and meals.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tireless Mom- thanks v much dear! Pandai lah you ni hahahaha!

Superwomanwannabe said...

the chalet??sounds interesting ! I malas pulak nak celebrate tak tau kenapa...

Royal Jester said...

you are an old HAPPILY DIVAING married hag. hey..i didn't say it, you did.hahahah..
Anyway, Happy 17th. Sweeeeeeeeettt!

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