Sunday, January 03, 2010

PD report

So PD was fun.

But in terms of out of 10 lar.

We went to PD with a tentative booking at this place called Regency TanjungTuan. After Friday prayers gedebuk gedebak, finally made a move at 4. Terror tak. Overshot Tanjung Tuan to TAnjung Pelanduk and realised we had gotten lost when we arrived at EagleRanchresort instead. ERR looked rather interesting, loads of wigwams and wagons as accommodations, and ada horses, obstacle courses etc. Maybe next time.

After coming back the way we came, we finally found a junction that says TanjungTuan/CapeRachardo. So masuklah. Nice! It was a sort of a bay, secluded and not a very long stretch of beach. Only a few hotels and resthouses, including that of the Malaccan government. Figured gomen mesti take the best places right and decided to try this hotel called "prince*ss resort" out. Actually name dia confusing, sebab it is also known as MITC Angkasa! RegencyTanjungTuan was nowhere to be found, but it was getting late and I had no more patience to drive around. As it turned out we lucked out as this hotel is only two months old so everything is pretty new.

Only room available was a VIP room. I took it. It had 3 rooms, was pretty swanky. 1 masterbedroom ensuite, 1 with 2 singlebeds, and 1 with a singlebed. Every room had sea view. ours was on the 8th floor. Dah rest and got over the jakunness, The first thing we did was go to the beach!

And here...we realised that we were after all, in PD. Laut dia grey and we saw abt 20 ships in the horizon! Fantastic! Beach was tambak and sand was grey/brown. BUT! So nice and peaceful to listen to the the waves kissing the shore..and feel the sea breeze on your face. You and like about 200 more ppl. Heh heh. Everyone was here last weekend. Pool was small but had this slide ala ala SunwayLagoon (not) which the kids really loved.

Hubby left the next morning for work, but not before he tried out the sea and the pool. (I went with him at dawn while kids were still in bed!) . He only came back to get us at 6 pm ..poor thing. Kids had 2 rounds of swimming in the pool and the beach . Last kopek orang kata before school starts.

Good break, all in all. Dapatlah tengok laut. Hotel is ok, but food was so so.

But so glad to be home..

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