Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Saturday that was (long report)[edited]

I know my last posting was me having a headache and wishing I could just spend the day sleeping but ended up -

1. Going to lake garden to fetch nadine sara and daya. Took Sophia (who steadfastly pretended to sleep when the sisters were getting ready for the cross country running) and Johan with me . Got lost between Bird Park and lake Garden. Too many turnings! Finally found the girls who climbed into the car regaling me with how much fun they had and how tired they were but MUMMY we MUST go jogging every weekend !(This was Nadine).

2. Then took them for lunch at Pavillion Food Court. Gave them money, beli lah apa you nak. Then we went to Parkson looking for a birthday pressie for Johan's friend . Of course once in toysrus everyone nak presents for themselves. Finally left Pavillion at nearly 3. Thought dad could join us, in the end had to pass the kids to dad at the hospital (macam main pass baton lak)

3. then-- off to bangsar for the reunion!!!! Could not find any new baju in the end just got some old thing that did not look TOO old ha ha! Can't believe how nervous I felt! The lipstick felt really smudged, although it looked ok, the tudung felt really out, although the mirror told me everything was symetrical. and was the foundation powder too thick? Tried to use eyeshadow and earned a comment from Nadine- mom the elasticity of your skin dah kurang ek? or words to that effect. Ha are sent by God to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground!

4. Got to bangsar finally at 3 plus and with the traffic and the parking , got there nearer to 4. One of the parking entrance was closed but you would have turned into the road before you know that, so lost another 10 mins trying to get out of that area and into the second parking entrance. However, God was kind as there was a parking spot RIGHT in front of the autopay place !

Great to meet up with the guys..not that many turned up but those who did were those I remembered v well. Most looked the same except of course, got heavier a bit, or lined a bit, after all we were 18 last time we met and now we're 42! (golly that sounds ancient) Actually, with the exception of maybe one, (Tipah), I had bumped into the others over the years. My smoking friend, still sat at the end of the table smoking with her previous smoking buddy Hamy- some things never changed!No one changed in personality too much! Muz*ir, Mr suave who hubbs and I met ages ago with his then girlfriend, turned up too! Nak jadi father of 2 dah dia ni! Ppl around sure heran why were we hugging to say bye!! Hubbs should really have joined because he did know most of them! Di*ana went to Uni with me, Sh*ah came to the house, Yu*ri was his junior at Kolek, R*izal he met at Ri*zal's wedding, Man and Gina we met last at a mutual friend's house about 2 or 3 years back! of course Mu*zir, he knew and we had dinner together before! Anyway I "sold" his services in doing circumcision!

Shari*naz sat next to me and we both interviewed Y*uri about his recent wedding! Shar*inaz did most of the interviewing and for a change I shut up! ha ha!

Sickeningly, the men looked the same. Yuri looked like he was just about to take his A Levels. There was a flashback to the past when, when I was talking to diana, Yuri turned to us and called "Diana" and I said - OIT! You STILL see Diana first! Cis, just like before! Heheheh ..I was referring to when we were doing A Levels, whoever walked next to Diana would sadly be ignored as everyone of course fancied her. That went for this other girl Fa*rah too! Ha ha! On the other hand it couldn't have been fun, to be receiving cat calls!

You can see the pics here
(don't know if you can, but try je lar)

I had to run off by half 5 as had another dinner that night. Came home and pleasantly surprised as MakNgah and Auntie Yot , my mom's sisters were there! We all tried to pressure poor cousin Aida to get married 4 months earlier than she had planned ha ha! Jokes aside, I hope she does not worry too much and get herself sick! Her BP increased recently! Best borak borak with my aunties! Heard how my Uncle Wahid tackled my Auntie Yot, rupanye when she was a cashier at baturoadsupermarket, he used to come and buy soap and toothpaste almost everyday! So sweeeeetttt!!!! Awwwwwwwwww... anyway he was and still is a man of few words and he wanted to leave right away after she told us all that! hahahaha!

Then went to pick Johan up at his friend's house (forgot all abt him!) Turned out that the father was a patient at PCMC!! And also the grandfather! And the wife was the very first person we met at Ad*ni! Amazing. Johan gave E*dri the birthday boy a snooker set but when I saw the boy, he was so cute and fair and jambu maybe I should have bought a book instead! Johan now wants that snooker set! And he thinks Ed*ri is cute! Should I worry abt him????

Then went straight to Shahalam to see Tere*nce! With dahlia AND johan (with his face drawn up like a cat) Poor hubbs, he was almost nodding off, penat! He was working till 3 kan, and I bought him the footlong from Subway for his lunch, hope he had it! It was Tere*nce's birthday and anniversary !

We caught up with the Nottingham friends pulak (Ji*ah, Gra*ce and Sati*sh) . We left early (ish) - takut too late nanti too tired to drive home!

Arrived home and I think slept almost instantly!Make up pun tak buang!!

Ps in case ada orang wonder abt solat- I cuti and hubbs stopped at PLUS! Ha ha!

Sheesh getting too old lar nak run around like this, Maybe today I can sleep?


MrsNordin said...

You've had a pretty hectic weekend, huh? But we MUST meet so you can give me the true account of the reunion!

And thanks for calling yesterday. You are such a darling! I love you too, babe.. see you soon!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks for reading the loooong post! Heheheh...ok will meet for coffee as soon as you and i are both freee!!

aida yurani said...

kaklong dear, the session of pressuring me continued yesterday morning at Aunty Namah's house (we decided to drop by for breakfast, hehehehe)with adik & emma too. Then during lunch with my friends (as you met them yesterday), lepas tu boleh sambung lagi petang tu kat The Curve by them..... (inclusive pakcik tu sekali kena, hehehe). Today, my friends sambung buat petition kat FB, sabar saje lah....

My BP mcm ni ada boleh naik lagi sekali (but when I asked Epi apa problem, dia kata senang ja nak kasi turun BP, kawen cepat.... whua!!!!)

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