Sunday, January 31, 2010


So we are now in Bukit gambangResortCity.

On Thursday and Friday, Hubby's sister called him to ask if we wanted to join her, as she was having her company's family day here . I had some reservations because I did not want to intrude on her day but then hubby said the room's been paid for so of course lah tak baik if tak pergi.

Confident je hubby that Kuantan "dekat"..anyway I thought nevermind I can see my beloved sea.

Sea is 70km away from Gam*bang!! Huaaaaa! Gamb*ang is in the middle of the jungle!! Takda benda around here!! Huwaaaaa...!(Takut ada benda mengambang je )

Anyway we arrived yesterday at 3 pm, checked in, and immediately went - to sleep. Penat oi drive panas panas nih, and dapat bilik aircond ,terus BAMBAM. Kids pun played outside noisily and finally at abt 5 we went out. Tak pergi pun waterpark. Called sisterinlaw, to find out that she just came back from the waterpark and now was on the way to her aptment which by the way was NEXT to ours. We suggested meeting up for coffee now but she had to practise for her performance at the official dinner that night.

I imagine that she'd be so busy with trying to get her 3 kids out of wet clothes from the waterpark and changing etc that we'd better meet up AFTER dinner. So at a loose end, we went to Kuantan to meet up with Hubb's 2 cousins.

We are such bad cousins that I didn't even realise that the cousin had been PREGNANT and now has a 2 month old BABY! We met at Kuantan*Par*ade at Rasa*Mas and kids had a nice time wolfing down dinner - lapor korang rupanye...mummy beli burger ramly tadi sombong ye...

bestgak shopping kat KP ! Nak nak si TheStor*e tu ada I bought the eldest 3 girls the long nagged for undergarments (and Johan had a field time squeezing the cups! Men! We sent him off with the dad after a while) . I pun beli gak a couple and managed to find a pair of shoes as well for work. All my shoes are for work. I have NO party shoes. I don't like sandals that's why.

On the way back we stopped to fill up and get replenishment of jajan . Kids gave a running commentary from inside the car of what the dad was doing inside the petrol station shop - ala ala sports commentary- "And he bends down , it looks like he's reaching for something, is he reaching for the bread? Hes' reaching for it ..he's reaching for it..he's picked up the bread YAYYYY!!!" (and this went on with everything he bought)

Sigh. My kids.

By the time we got back (dad managed to get 3 luggage can you believe it) it was 11 something! Too late to meet up with sister in law.

This morning hubby has gone to buy roticanai (biasalah kitorang, kalau pi mana mana the breakfast will be imported and MUCH cheaper)

The plan is to go to that darn waterpark today. And see if I can stomach another 70 km to the beach.

And hope to see my sister in law SOMETIME today.

Have a good day y'all!

PS time can lah organise own family day ek??


Nur said...

hi kak shila...nice ikan patin kan?next time turun ktn kita mkn2 lg ok..bestlaaa happening camni!

i gelak kuat tau psl ur kids buat sports commentary tu sampai syed pun heran..

Superwomanwannabe said...

terimakasih lah melayan orang tua mengidam dua orang nihhhh...thanks very much and you and sayed were perfect hosts!

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