Tuesday, January 05, 2010

take a minute!

malas nyaaa

husband pun tengah malas

not much of a relaxing weekend at all....

can i just go home and tido??

tengah sedih ni and also happy.

To whom it may concern:

Happy because you deserve to be married asap and i dont WANT you to wait. Just take the plunge..! Everything will be allright. if you marry later pun it will not change anything, he will still be him and you will still be you and there will still be no money. Hahah! Nak prepare apa lagi nih??? Pinjam je rumah I..tak yah ada hall!

Sad because i hope you will change your mind , and come to your senses. We take our blessings where we can find them these days, happiness is a luxury....have you ever wondered whether this is all bisikan shaitan?? Haaa dia yang gelak kuat kuat.

Sad because I hope she will get better, and you can stop looking distracted worried about her. Try lah whatever method you think will work. Doctors dont know anything at the end of the day And stop herbalife for heaven's sake and eat! Ha ha ha!

And happy because whatever has gotten into you lately, keep it up! I can do with being told that Im gorgeous..!

Ok lah back to work.

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aida yurani said...


Saya macam sangat terasa benda ni ditujukan kepada saya, kekeke. Thanks kaklong! InsyaAllah, the day will come, timing saja (eerr...eerrr... you have approximately 37 hari lagi to convince my father before they fix the date, hehehehe)

And I agree, Doctors has no power nor magic, will pray and hope for the best.


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