Monday, January 04, 2010


I am watching TERJAH

Ape ke benda perogram sekarang ninh???

there's this very rude woman who is attacking Az*wan A*li masa kenduri merisik dia. Soalan dia tanya wooshhh sungguh pedas- Macamana you nak kawin,A*zwan, sedangkan you ni pondan- boleh ke bagi nafkah batin??

Ada yang nak kena cili yang pergi kenduri orang tu kan, you can ask that kind of questions meh?

To be honest I never felt comfortable watching Melody/terjah etc etc..It's RUDE lar! And sungguh kurang sopan and not asian at all! More often than not its merepek and asking the kind of questions that frankly- who cares larh

I turned the channel when they showed a simpering Mem&ey..errrr I can't stand ppl who take other people's husband. I don't blame the wife for wanting the jerk out of her life, he had a full blown affair (and not merely non affair)

But I guess the TV3 ppl must think we like that kind of show.


Aida said...


Didn't u see Sunday's news that said in Indonesia their alim ulamak dah kluarkan fatwa that shows which plies gossip and and all the like stories are haram.

I never liked m3lodi either (but in my defence, I watch it at my MIL's cos everyone there watch it), no choice.

MrsNordin said...

In Jakarta, they have the same program like terjah where the kepochi reporter would go to an artist's house or wherever and open up his wardrobe, wallet etc to see what's inside. The questions they ask pun macam tu lah.

On Memey... err... no comment!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida- ye ke??memang patut pun kena haram..I like it sometimes when they show artists explaining things etc but when they ask soalan kureng hajau tu...maleh tengok..!

Superwomanwannabe said...

J- sampai bukak wardrobe?? Biar sure one of these days ada yang kena pukul. kan?

Royal Jester said...

totally agree kak shila.
i used to watch it and sanggup remind my hubby to remind me.tapi bila I tgk, it reminds why on earth i buang masa tgk all these nonsense. sah sah hear say and kita tgk kira subahat.that's why jatuh hukum haram. dahla aib kan orang..tak patut la kan..mmg malaysian suka la hal2 camni...that's why T*V3 bank on it.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Actually Royal Jester...sekarang ni lar timbul kesadaran..sometimes its harmless (macam wedding orang ke) but bila soalan KURENG macam tu..i rasa macam dosanyeee orang yang tengok nih...jom tulis surat kat TV3!

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