1/ Johan is not a prefect. He is mega mega mega absolutely mega heartbroken. I actually called the teacher to find out what happened because he was told last year that he would be and this guy has been looking forward to it. He told me "I've been waiting to be a prefect for two WHOLE YEARS!!!" I said- Johan, last year, you were in Year 2, the year before, you were SIX years old, who on EARTH are you going to be "prefect" to? He he he...Anyway kesian, dia disappointed. Cik gu ni pun janganlah janji or even sebut. Diam je lah kan???

2/ Nadine is not a prefect either. This one is our fault lar. because she was a probation prefect then we kept sending her late to school and she kept missing the rollcall and therefore she was dropped. Sorrrrrryyyyyy hehehe...Well blame your dad who always have to put on his socks and shoes when we are ALL in the car. Anyway never mind lar this year is your PMR year anyway.

3/ Sara wants to enter an online competition ...the pressies are IPOD etc etc...until she found out that only Americans and Canadians can enter...

4/ Dahlia wants me to go pay the darn fee for her horseriding activities. Dulu I masuk Interact Club, now my kids want horseriding. Amboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

5/ Sophia is ...Sophia is ok. I vaguely remember her saying something semalam at the foot of the bed , I was mumbling and was so sleepy..what ah? Something about can she DO somethign...and did I say yes?

6/ Have told dad that he has 2 persona...one is the Doc and the other is MyHubby (eeeyieeeuuuu, I hear you say) . so when he is being grumpy I just keep quiet and wait for the nice persona to come back. Due to work etc which he does not always share with the Wife, he can express his feelings via his moods. So I just have to wait for the bad mood to blow away and the pleasant breeze to blow in..and not react tak tentu hala. I think, if everyone can manage this, and hang on to good humour at all cost, the world should be allright ha ha ha. That applies to all grumpy ppl btw ha ha

7/Maid cried the other day ..like sobbing her heart out. She misses her family. Wants to call home again. Her husband cried the other day also on the phone, she said and that's what is making her so sad, because he has never cried. Oh dear. I feel sympathetic at the same time I feel..mega irritated..I think my daughter kalau nangis macam ni paham lah..ni orang tua. I just pray that she finds the strength to wade through this and that it would get easier in time. And she said she was supposed to go to the Netherlands for a job. Tu lagi lah jauh!

Anyway catch you later byeee


Doreen said…
Ayo...like my previous maid lar..family members called and cried.
My mom (on behalf of moi), told the agent - to tell the family back home to NOT CRY or make the maid cry. Dah tau memang nak kerja jauh kan. And surely they discussed about it earlier. Ni buat orang tu miserable kat sini buat apa..haiya.. But good luck to you!
bella said…
Wah...I so feel you yg part your Mr. Hubby...samalah kita...when they are in the "work mode" baik diam aje...coz you'll end up "angin" with him...hehehe...
Pasal Maid tu, is this another drama in the making or what???aiyaaa...kesian pun ye...berhati2 pun ye...
Doreen,,which doreen are you btw, rasa macam kenaaaaaaal je...hehe

Yeah lor I think I have to go talk to the agent who has been avoiding me btw! Why lah want to make you worry some more kan
Bella, the other day Haq saw the theory being applied. Calm in the face of storm maaah. Hehehehe..nak hidup lama kan...

Tu lah. Maid nih...I pun tengah pikir is this a tactic nak balik??
LifeBloom said…
Shila - your posts always make me gelak guling2x (dalam minda la - kalau tak earthquake building I)...I truly enjoy your musings. rumninations and keletah...just thot I'd share that with you :D
Awwww YOU have made my day! Thankyou!!mwaaahh !
Doreen said…
Doreen mana you kenal ni? ;D
Well, who ever it is, I'm not her...heheh..
I've been a silent reader for quite awhile. Like LifeBloom, I truly enjoy your writing and daily happenings.

Keep on writing yah?!
Dahlia said…
Mommy, Johan might just be a probation prefect this year. He MIGHT be a real prefect next year. The teachers will call out the names and we will have to go to the prefects investiture next year and practice marching and marching, trying to sit trying to stand, trying to turn. Oi. I got sooo tired and it was a hot a sunny day at 3:00 and there was no water to drink. -dahlia
Doreen- my kids' nursery school principal was called Doreen , a nice lady. I'm sure you pun very nice! You sound nice! I'm ramblingl sorry.

Yay! you like my blog? Tak boring ke? (fishing fishing) LOL

Thanks for visiting!
Poor baby- tomorrow I'll give you a water bottle ok.

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