Boss will probably kill me if he knew I was blogging during office hour. Very quick one Boss!

Ok want to update :

1. Johan may be a prefect after all! They called him for a 2nd interview. What do you want to bet it's because of that call i made he he he..although I was too embarrassed to follow up ..if the teacher did not call me I assume it was because he did not get it. So I've been counselling him to accept the fact that he was not selected. I had to put up with his occassional mumblings lah of how he did not get to be a preeeefect...moan moan.

Sekali tengok! Dapat 2nd interview! So my serious son nih, yang memang amat belia, pun ambik tips from sister on how to answer the PREFECT INTERVIEW ok!! and bear in mind he is 8! Or is he 98??


2. We had dinner as a family yesterday believe you me this is a rare occassion as usually I'd give daddy nasi campur and he'd eat while watching Midsomer Murders or something. But this time I insisted and we all sat down , and I heard how Sophia is really garang as a prefect. Apparently once she went early with the van while the rest came with us and when Sara was late Sophia actually apprehended her and asked her for her NAME! Sara said "YOU KNOW what my name is!" and Sophia then asked "Why were you late?" and Sara said "Because YOU did not wake us up SOPHIA!! That's why you were early and we are late!!!"

Hi hi hi ...kelakarnye anak anak I nih...


Anonymous said…
Sophia, the headgirl in the making? Jab likes Midsomer Murder? I'm the only one in the family who likes it, actually I watch it mainly for the accent and scenery..

Jah- tengok for the same reason. Nostalgia. Strange takda paki or chinese takeaway kan?
SW, your kids are so darn hilarious lah! You don't need any sitcoms or movies on the telly when you have them around. They provide enough entertainment!
I find them funny too! Sometimes I just watch them and think- I gave birth to these people!
Hahahha.,.i was laughing like a monkey..eh wait.monkey don't laugh.hyenas do.anyway, you get my point right?I was laughing like mad reading abt sophia and sara..tunjuk power la tu kan..hehhe

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