Saturday, January 09, 2010

What we did for anniversary!~

So my anniversary came and went..

He picked me up at half past 4, (played rookie from GH) and then we went straight to watch a movie!

he wanted to watch Avatar and it came highly recommended so we went....I wanted the Gold Seat because that came highly recommended also but he wanted 3D .

Before it started we had a light meal at the food court. It turned out to be a full blown one, with kueyteow ladna, some korean bbq meat with rice and paper paratha . Tummy full, we went in to watch Avatar

I thought it was too long and he loved it.

Then we went out and it was 9 and we walked around. Lama nya I tak window shopping lar . got a little bit frustrating because every shop shooed us out as they were closing in "five minutes".

Didn't feel ready to go yet so we went for coffee at Alexis. Saw the cakes selection and got rambang mata, I ordered banoffee pie and he ordered Apple pie ala mode. When we sat down to order coffee they lucked out when they gave us the menu because all of a sudden we felt hungry.

Husband went and ordered the mushroom tapas, and scallops and then wanton. We were about to order the steak sandwich too when the man taking our order laughed and said "banyak nye!"

So we didn't .


Anyway half way through the meal both husband and I were valiantly trying to keep up the conversation while fighting sleepiness! He was yawning so much that I asked him if he could drive!

We went home pretty soon after the coffee, and then went to bed. Me lah, he stayed outside at the PC .

So my anniversary celebration is to be continued.....He he!

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