Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long time no see

So...I've been unwell lately. Since wednesday , actually. Sniffling, cold, headache. Today voice is sengau pulak . So nasal.

Got no idea what to write about. Am starting to book stuff over the internet for the upcoming trip. Trying to remain calm and not jakun. (TWO MORE WEEKS YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!) Pay by credit card lah whatelse. Bank so good, the instant the payment went through they call to check if you really did make that payment. I actually did but since the Vendor was displayed as a Xmas product thing instead of hotel I said no lah. Rupanye yes it was my payment and I had to call the Bank to say sorry, you can charge us for that. It wasn't fraud. Darn.

Book online ni really at your own risk kan. I booked accommodation but then I remember MadamTaiTai's horrendous experience booking online! This particular apartment though was via an agency and the guy Robert*oBerga*ntino also registered with other agencies so it looked pretty legitimate. I even googled "Is Ro*bert Ber*gan*tino a scam artist?" I googled him and found one that was appointed as the CFO of Redcell. Hmm? Someone raised this question on TripAdvisor and apparently his IP address checked out and the agency where he registered said he's been on their books for 2 years. I also read the reviews of his apartment and they are quite good! So I think I will gamble hor? the place is in Soho btw. Hubby upset sbb he spent a lot on winter stuff sekali tengok tengok ada bundle shop jual RM10 je satu..Tulah...tak dengar cakap I....he he.

Kids all well...mummy je yang dok shrot shrot ...Johan had his sports day recently. I was going to come but then dahlia said it was only rehearsal mum so I tak lah pergi. Tengok tengok ada prize giving etc rehearsal hamende,tu?? Ralat nye.

Nadine and I ponteng Japanese class today. I'm not up to it lar really. Maybe I will change the date to Wednesday petang. She doesn't think she can continue the Saturday class because she'll behaving her special extra classes for her PMR exams coming up. Ok we shall see how we can complete the course cause I do want to reach some level of fluency here. I can't bake but I can whisper sweet nothings in Japanese. Hahahaha. I can understand but I feel so shy to speak. Also cannot remember as well as before.

Talking about Japanese , kelakar nye semalam Hubby sat with us to watch HanaYoriDango which the kids put on. He was really into it as well! Hehehehe..yeah, they can really write dramas.

Ok talk to you soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No, not a Prada handbag.

or breakfast in bed (that would be lovely)

it was the sight of my daughter Sara being ready before 6.45 for a change and getting everyone ready too.

For once the kids were all waiting outside for the van instead of the other way round. They had their drinks (no food though , too early for them to eat they say) . Yayyyy! Next time boleh buat lagi ok??

Yesterday I slept hugging my 2 kiddies , Daya and Jojo. Yelah, bapak dia kat OT kan , nak hug pun tak boleh. Haha!( I terjaga at 4 am and immediately called his name out figuring he's probably still at OT but turned out he just arrived, the noise probably got me up) . Anyway as usual I love the moments when we chat before they sleep. For eg I find out that Johan is "the only 8 year old who sleeps with his mom" and he gets teased for it at school. I told him to say this- "Reeeeeallllly?" in a drawl. Like, really, are you sure? and I told him that they are all secretly JEALOUS. Like if they make fun of kids drinking milk from a bottle, actually they really want to do the same thing. Betul tak??

But on the other hand, maybe I should get him his own room now.

His sister yaya pulak ajar dia main batu seremban semalam. Ada baling aci (aci kat India, said mana pulak dia tau ye) and baling apa lagi lar I tak tau. It figures that Daya would be the one playing the traditional games. Sara has her friend and they chat all the time on the phone, gossiping about other kids, Sophia has her book and her computer. Nadine has her books and her computer and her baking and her many ideas on what to do with parents' money, and Johan bugs everyone. But Dahlia is very outgoing and reminds me of her Auntie Ati from her dads side. Daya IS her grandmother kan. Sophia and Sara takes from my side, Nadine and Daya from hubby's side and johan is ....his uncle Ep*a (according to his former schoolmate!)

Ramai kids ni memang very expensive , but when you hear them chat and play and NOT's all worth it.

We shall think about the cost of education later.


Monday, February 22, 2010


Sooo glad today is over.

Malas nye.

I have GOT to get off my butt and do some work man! Am doing work but halfheartedly, Could it be the heat??

Am I secretly chinese, celebrating CNY ???


Anyway I could do a lot worse than where I am now, I could be that lawyer for the 2nd wife of the (very sick? In coma?) Sultan Kelantan!! Aiyooo...she is so sweet and so young and so upset because she was refused visitation rights to the Sultan. Sultan Kelantan sakit apa ye? And is he on the mend? Why is he in Singapore? Is it his sons' antics? Marrying some glamour gal and then being accused of kidnapping and abuse? Any parent will get sick one.

Sigh..on the subject of kids...when do you give kids their freedom to jalan jalan without you? I told my daughter that typical behaviour of a teenager would be , wanting to stay at home alone and not join the family in activities, wanting to be wiht friends , feeling angry with parents who refuse permission to attend that party/picnic etc , feeling misunderstood. And I fully expect her to slam doors, be gedik, be sullen, speak to me in a rude voice. So she will be a typical teenager. She said NO LAH mummy I won't lah. Hee hee ye ke Nadine...we shall see ok

I think you kids tak yah lah be impatient to grow up . Nak jalan jalan pi sini sana, bukan pakai duit sendiri pun, kalau tak duit mak, duit PPTN, kan,which means you are still young . Don't lah worry, there will be a time when your mom will ask you to go here, go there, buy this buy that (kan Aida??) and you half wish you were still that protected little girl. If by the age of 26 you are still not allowed to get on public transport then you can seriously rebel. But in the meantime we feel justified as parents to stop you teens from hopping into cabs with friends, or bus or what ever , going to Bukit Bintang or what, because yes there are rapists out there, there are muggers out there and god , the police is still going to call US if you are found missing anywhere, not your friends.

And is it so bad to be accountable to someone, for your safety and whereabouts? Is it soo bad to have someone to say no? DO you want to look back and blame your parents for not caring about you? Being overprotective sucks for both sides ok. It is very tiring to always have to say no, or always have to justify why we say no. I really need you to listen to me no matter how horrible you think I am. If I give in, and something happens, how> As long as there is a teen in your age, i think you should just let yourself be indulged in all this pampering. Eh, orang manjakan you, tak bagi you jalan sini sana, pampering lah tu tak??

Ok taaa

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maid oh Maid episod ke 2

She wanted to talk to her agent in Indonesia.

I told the agent in Malaysia. I also asked him how much to pay if I want to change.

He said he will ask the agent in Indonesia. I asked if he would take her back to his place and see if he can sort her sakit kaki out. he said if he takes her back he would just stomp on her leg.

The agent in Indonesia called her. Despite my better judgement ,I later asked the maid what was going on. Do you want to work? She said yes, but if her body is failing her, what to do? She said. If in Indonesia she will try to find solution . I said to her, what you are saying is you cannot work, ok then I will send you home, but dont forget to pay me ! And don't forget the agent in indonesia will claim this money from you!No running away !

So I see her working as normal. I don't ask her anything now but neither am I rude to her. I did tell her to take it easy, as she is supposedly suffering from leg pain. Yelah, could be athritis or rheumatism etc

Imagine my utter horror when I came home from our CNY visit to our friend to find that she has CUT THE POKOK KARI DOWN!!!!!!!!

Waaghhh! I asked her. what the heck possessed you to cut down the POKOK KARI??? AND ALLMY LENGKUAS??? She said they seemed bushy. I asked her WEREn'T your legs supposed to be hurting you?? And is the curry leaves tree DISTURBING YOU?? It is about oh, 12 feet away from the kitchen sink so what the heck possessed her?? I showed some of the leaves I rescued from the dumpster. She honestly did not know it was curry. I told her Couldn't she ASK ME FIRST??? THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE ~!~ But of course this is not the first time , she has cut up my towels which she deemed to be buruk and made it into mats...boleh tak?? But my KARI TREE????!!!!! Ini lah maid dah berumur nih, they think u can be bullied.

I told her, since she is now OK with her legs she can jolly well pick up all the dead leaves under the banana tree etc adn clear my garden ok!! which I didn't insist that she does because of her GAMMY LEGS~!~


Kembung perut ek, ada maid nih.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Maid oh Maid

Sinetron or real?

Maid complained about having heart problems and that there is cucuk cucuk sensation going on in there. Took her to clinic, had ECG done nothing wrong with her heart. Got gastric problem only said the GP so prescribed about RM80 of medicine . I also bought her some Bromag or something indonesian to take. I also lectured her about taking care of herself now that she is 48 she cannot lah act like she is a young person. I was a bit taken aback because 48 is a lot different than the age she claimed, which is 36!

Now, her legs pulak.

Kebas kebas from the tip of her toe to the tip of her hair, pins and needles and she feels she cannot even walk or stand. But I saw her outside sweeping the lawn?

The problem I think is she cannot do the housework for my house. She is old. The house is big for her. She walks here and there, she gets tired, and I told her to rest and sit down but she insists on walking around and she gets all these symptoms and cries all the time she sees me

So now I avoid her.

Because part of me can't help thinking that the problem is she misses her family, life as a maid ain't what it's cracked up to be, and she wants to go home. I told her she goes home the sickness will still be there and if it's gone then it's a fake illness.

I also told her that under her contract she is to reimburse me RM5000 so how? How is she going to pay me?

I wish the agent would come and look at her. They did, but then they asked me to take her to the clinic, which I did. I really don't know what to do with her lenguh kaki ni and pins and needles and her crying and her being depressed.

Does she think being away from home is a walk in the park?

If I can afford to lose RM8 k I would get another maid seriously.

Or maybe I should just do that. Eh what for lah. My house is seriously empty from morning till the kids come home so what is the big deal ? No one disturbs you at all.

Sigh.....pening pening. No wonder my sister in law quit her job when her maid lari.


Today's headlines: Whipping in public? Whipping in secret? Is whipping rotan? Should rotan be used? Does it work? I threaten my kids every day with whipping- karang mummy rotan karang!!! But truth be told I don't hit them . I yell at them, and nag them and smack them but I don't actually pinch or hit them. Hello, gave birth to them , endured pain to get them, now want to simply hit them? but believe me there are days....! But let me tell you now if any of my kids had "illicit sex" no need to go to court to get rotan. I'd be rotanning them happily. what the heck is "Illicit sex"?.Sounds kind of kinky. as in- "hmm I don't mind some illicit sex! Those "licit" ones are getting boring" haha !

Today they were good, they made the pakcik van wait only 5 minutes instead of the customary 10. TEN ok. The van would be coming and they'd be moving at snail's pace, putting on their socks calmly while their mom lectures them on the ethics of making people wait and how it smacks of you thinking you are superior to the other person who you made wait for you.(kesian anak I pagi pagi dah ada ceramah). So yesterday I told them at 7.15 am (pakcik comes at 7.30- such luxury! I used to wait for my pakcik at 6.20 am in the dark !) I will chase you out of the house in whatever state you are in.Even if you are in your towel, out you will go. Of course I would not carry out the threat and they know that but every 10 mins I would yell at them that I would do so, so it kind of worked.

However, I make them smile at me before they go so that they don't start the day grumpy.I tell them to tell me if anyone bullies them and not to be afraid because I sure am bigger than any of their friends and I can sit on them. Johan is supposed to tell all the bullies that if they are mean to him he will get his mother to come and kiss them. Hahahah..Johan said "taknaklah beritau mummy!" he tried to practise saying it though- "Kalau kau (kau???!) kacau saya emak saya datang ciyooom kau". Hastily I told him NO KAU. use Awak. or You. Where learn to say Kau nih. In the end he said no lah. He told me there is this boy who constantly bothered him by poking him, or jentikking his ear.(jentik - tick?) and he dealt with it by pretending to tell teacher, or hitting the boy back . So I don't have to worry about him then yah.

As for the rest of my kiddoes...well Dahlia is the representative of her school in collecting fees for the school . She must be, she nags me every day to pay the fees for sports , takwondo etc. sabar lah dahlia..mummy pi bayar lah ni...

Sophia- well, she is now with the other sisters (Sara and Nadine) going for the tuition. Happily the teacher is nice and seem to be able to explain to them the concepts and able to hold their attention. Nadine complains that 2 hours is too long. Toobad girl, the soft and easy time of your life is ohvah! Orang lain tuition since age 7 ok, your cousin Aiman always miss out family function because he has to study for his exams and he is only 8~ ! So yeah, now PMR year cannot play play. Sophia wonders why she has to go for tuition because UPSR is next year what...yeah that's my daughter allright...leave everything to the last minute. No sophia, don't be mummy, so must study. Teacher said she catches on quick, despite looking bored all the time. (and blur)

Ok ok , time to go to work! Bye!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just unfriend this guy on FB.

He is a minor celeb (or "media personality") . Bukan member I pun. I put up status mengata kan i sedih ke, lapar ke etc. bukan dia kesah pun. Tak ambik pot pun

Oh yah what the heck does that mean ye? Tak ambik pot? Pot tu apa? Ambik bawak pi mana?

I had a look at his photos, this celeb non friend of mine. He has put up pics of him and his dear loved (boy) friend. Sweet and loving. This is the sign of the times. I don't know how come Kartina is in the spot she is now. Because drinking has become very the normal. And men loving men, is normal. Hubby tells me HKL often sees gay malays (hey that rhymes!).They are normal, like you and me, and hold steady jobs. And not flamboyant or socialite. Biasa biasa, except they love men . Army ada, polis ada, at all levels. All races. Memang lah salah. Nak kata macamana pun salah. I know I am not better than them,most likely they are better than me. Tapi I rasa ,tak patutlah kita biar kan or condone the way of life sebab (a) salah di sisi undang undang (see current circus being played out) and (b) salah di sisi agama and (c)_ tak cukup lelaki as it is! Kesianlah yang mencari pasangan...

Sorry, not liberal and probably will be called a bigot in Australia.

Anyway...why was he my friend in the first place since I don't actually know him,so I unfriend lah mamat ni..Just hope dia tak tau.

Anyway I was watching Beauty and the Geek gak ye. the bimbos are really bimbos. the nerds are seriously nerdy. but in the end the bimbo endears herself to you through her bimboness and the geeks become less annoying. Sorry I should start baking or something..otherwise I'll be watching this rubbish.

Ok ta....!

quick update

I suppose lately our weekends have been away.

Boy we should really stay home lah this weekend. Bilaaa lah nak kemas rumah lama ni. Ada lagi barang tau, kat sana. Dah nak masuk 3 tahun dah pindah.

I have that BYJ family CNY lunch coming up this Saturday.

I don't like him the way I liked him when I first saw WinterSonata.

So what the heck am I doing attending a BYJ CNY lunch??

The people are nice, chinese and malay all gaga over this man. He's got long hair and he's old lar...never mind lah, I go and meet the gals.

Anyway yes we spent the weekend in Janda Baik. Had a whale of a time even though in theory husband cannot leave KL. It's so close to KL anyway. Now and again husband would be grumpy and remarked that I sabotaged him . He wanted to stay put in KL. His wife lah gatal take him away. But when I see him happily playing with fire setting up the BBQ and also happily terjun into the river water pool tak hingat dunia, I know it's worth the sabotage. Not that there was any lar.

Stayed at Seri Pengantin Resort, which was ok , in terms of beds , memang lah first class. But in terms of facility, thumbs DOWN. They know their resort was full. But they didn't open the restaurant. Where do they expect us to go? Not everyone wants to go out! So , facilities nothing to speak of lah. And so unfriendly! Every 5 minutes ada sign "Di larang masak" "DIlarang main bola" "Dilarang masuk" entah hapa hapa entah. Habis, kalau di larang bawak makanan luar, tolong lah masak mek!

We did go out in the end. Even better time outside. Not coming back to SeriPengantinresort that much I can tell you. We drove around Tanarimba to see the huge bungalows amidst the pine trees. And we sempat pergi Genting Highlands for a few hours and a lot of money . Then we went home for a while before we drove up again. Glad to be home though now.

Although...KL is soo hot. SO HOT that I now feel sick. Ada 2 little men sitting on my eyelids and a third man pounding on my head.

Ok will upload pics later. Unless you are on my FB in which case they are all there.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Diet is busted.

Monday I puasa can ah. Ooops cannot oso. Cuti. Wednesday?

Anyway yesterday we took kids to the creative minds workshop. A very nice lady called Howling (Or is that How Lin?) took the class. I think the kids enjoyed it immensely judging from the howls of laughter and boisterousness I can hear from my position outside (I was waiting -earlier visions of me having tea with husband while kids are occupied went out the window with him having to go to HKL) . Very the expensive lar.RM245 for 7 kids (2 were imported-Sara's friends). Not something I would do every weekend.

Then when hubby came he took us to SWENSENS! He had found Swensen on the way back to KL and was soo excited! We thought it had died out. This was from OUR youth! Plus I had long ago voiced out my longing for tall fancy icecreams with ladles of whipped cream and tonnes of cherries and streams of chocolate fudge with names like "knickerbockerglory". Now that I'm on a diet of course he remembered what I said. Hmmph. So all 9 of us went and pigged out on stuff called "gold rush" and "double berry" and "frosted chocolate malt with caramel and whipped cream". Yummmmmm...Again, not something I would do every weekend.

Then we rushed home as we had promised dad dinner out. Tried to contact Bro no 1 and he was way in much for meeting at his house. Mom and dad dah confident je nak pi rumah dia. . Plans were made to meet in Alam*anda. But dad called to say no way, we were to go to his house first, and we will leave togethergether.

Arrived in Putrajaya(hope Mumsie doesn't read this, we have not managed to pop in for eons..what happened to that getogether mumsie?) and did our maghrib at the pink mosque. With a total of 12 ppl praying , it was a good 45 mins gaklah before we left.

I had a brilliant idea then, why not go for dinner at....Pullman Putra*jaya?? I had seen signs for it, had heard so much abt it, and what better occassion than my dad's birthday . Dad said no, too expensive. Hokay, off we went to Alamanda but can I just have a quick look at Pulman? Hubby obligingly drove us all the way there (quite far gak)

We reached the hotel and I went out, thinking dad may have just changed his mind. But! No go. Dad said..apa ada kat sini pun?? Toksahlah girl, nanti mahal! Alaaah babah....along nak rasa..bukan dapat valentine dinner pun bah! Heh hehe.

Ok off we went to -yup Alamanda. But brother no 1 called and said you all ni kat mana...and how about going to CYBERJAYA instead. He knows a place. Pulaak.

Sooooo in the end , we had dinner at INDIANKITCHEN. It was really good actually, with dishes like Butterchickenmasala, mutton hydrabadi, sweetlassi,butternan, etc etc...Lamanya tak makan indian and it was fantastic and authentic. if I could eat spicy food I'd have wallaped it all. The chapati was really soft. The chicken tender. Tummy did not like all that spice and made its protest known later!!

Ok lah bye for now,. Later going for Aida's aftermerisik party. ...

Blogger won't let me post comments!

I cannot respond to comments. Why ah? This computer is cr*p. It won't let me comment. I can't publish it. Hmmm this is tricky.

So in response to your comments:

1. You can rent the bouncy castle at 017- 333 7227 / 03-9132 0227 | person in charge is this very young chinese guy named Daniel Wong > They will send, assemble, then collect and they are very nice. It's RM650 for five hours which is ok I guess considering I didn't order any clowns etc.

2. Sarimah does sound weirrrrdddddd...and she was so nice when she first started kan?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi there !!

1. Sometimes you drive to work or elsewhere and you see students in school uniforms walking around. I always wonder where the heck are they going? Are they playing truant? Did they say bye to their parents in the morning, got themselves dropped off at school and then go off to malls etc? maybe the girls have another set of clothes into which they would change to meet their paktoh or bf? That's why we have uniforms , to identify school for us grown ups, what are we supposed to do when we see them? Are we supposed to stop them and ask? Even in my own office building at 711 there'd be kids loitering around and I'd be tempted to ask- eh tak sekolah ke?? Hahahha I'm turning into a real auntie. Of course what would really happen is I'd give them my deathly stare that I hope says "Eh tak sekolah ke?"

2. So anyway I started this new diet thingy. New Image all protein thingy. It's being weighed and getting to know my real weight that did it. I'm not very good though, I'm supposed to stay off coffee and carbo. I still have my coffee but only once now, in the morning (instead of 6 cups a day). The rice , I can forgo but the I do cheat . So I will lose weight a bit slower lah kot. I think overall I've been good (you be quiet, you. Yes you know who you are)I need to double on the protein. No more milo...awwww..that was my crutch. I took this quiz- do you
emo eat? Do I ever!

You know what can also motivate you? Other people losing weight and getting fit. My sis in law is now in love with getting fit and the result is amazing. Watching "the biggest loser" is also motivating (although why does Sar*mah sound so fake?) . I am plenty motivated. Now all I have to do is get my body to listen.

3. Sara is at her friend's ,she wanted to sleep over but I said no, I don't know this woman and the family and I don't feel comfortable. Then the mother called and now I had to say yes. Sigh.Of course husband doesn't mind and said Sara can stay till Sunday. HallooooO!! I should not let my kids go stay at other ppl's houses right? I wasn't allowed to do so when I was younger and I'm sure there was a very good reason to that (other than not letting me do anything fun)??

4. Today going to take kids to some Creative Mind workshop in PJ. Hope hubby comes back in time as I know I will not be able to get to that place in time. The person at La*ra's Pl*ace (the organiser) is so rajin, she has been calling me like every other day. So now I've caved.

5. Tonight I hope I can take dad out for his birthday dinner. Hope ,because I have to gauge his mood first. He can be very moody or very happy. What if he wants to stay home? I allready have plan B. We'll cook at home. How does steamboat sound..?

Ok whatever you do , have fun today!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kuantan Pics

Hey I am so technosavvy now!

I nak gi balik lah. Hmm can husband be on call from Kuantan??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Women only post

My husband finally finally finally finally got me an appointment to see the gynae to remove the IUD which has expired.

Six months ago.

I wouldn't worry except the fact that I have a metal thingy that no longer works is a bit creepy plus there is that risk of infection.

So the apptment, he said, was today at 10 am. He told me like yesterday and also this is the only time to see the doctor as she is very busy and she only has her clinic on Wednesdays. Wish I can tell MY clients that, Sorry, I can only see you on Monday.

I had another apptment, but never mind, that was rescheduled.

At 10 I was at the doctor's reception. Hubby wanted to join me later. The receptionist looked at me in surprise and said- er Doctor takda! She only comes in at 12.30!

Hah? Didn't she know I was coming? Annoyed , I texted hubbs what was going on. He said he didn't know, that was the time she said to come. Never mind lah he said, he'll send me back to work, and he'll go, and then he'll come back here and pick me up at 12.30 . In case you think I am a real diva, I allready told him no I am happier to go catch a cab but the same dialogue that took place in the past, were replayed (Him: no need take cab, I am JUST about finished! Me: You are busy, I am gone, BYE. Him: Eh I am walking to you lar! Me: Ok Ok! ) Maybe he's really free today??

So I rearranged everything again, seing that my lunch time was now NOT going to be free. Halfway back to office (traffic was bad) I got a call, Doctor said can I go see her NOW. eh? Ok, we turned back. She was there this time.Apparently she DOESN'T have a clinic till 12.30 but then she made time for meeeeee.......wahhh so spesel lah I nih......

So we waited at her reception, and got weighed (I weigh HOW MUCH??????!!!!) and then got my bp taken again and then ushered to the VIP waiting room (got such place huh) and then finally got to see her.

This gynae was really really nice! I was babbling away 100000 words a minute, I was so nervous. As I recall,last time there was some discomfort involved in putting in new IUD.Discomfort the way you have root canal without any pain relief type of discomfort. But never mind, this was just to take out only no sweat. Ee malunye I thinking back what the heck I was talking about to her..i was telling her she was gorgeous lah (She was), I wanted to sue my husband lah (for the scope haha). I should really have a "mute" button. Ok no comments please on this cause I know its going to be a "like". !!

I had told hubby, no need to put new one lah, we try one last hurrah ok. Number SIX. Nak tak? Cepat! He looked at the women who came for check up and said nooooooo lah. tak penat ke? (Maybe his answer was motivated by the fact that he had come back home from OT at 5 am that morning and he was half zombied and he was no way going to be coerced into doing the sleepless routine again) (He is at home now sleeping!)

So when the doctor asked me "...and we're putting a new one in??" I said no, he said yes. So in the end, since he had been so nice driving me here there everywhere, it was yes lah. ( I respond well to bribery)

I told the doctor that it reallllllly hurt last time, having my insides pinched to put the coil in and she said it was because it was not done during your menstrual cycle. Ye ke? I never knew that you had to have your period before you can remove or put in your IUD. see, last time was a male doctor. he was lovely. But still , a man.

She then fiddled around, took the old one out (and showed me -eeeuuuuu) and then put one in, Me babbling at supersonic jet speed I was er-slightly nervous.Takut nak masuk tu sakit. Memang lah tapi I would not say pain like fire pain, or sakit gigi pain, but like you have a cramp pain or urat tersepit pain. It was over in a minute and soon my husband and I thanked her and we left...him 20 strides ahead. Me clutching my back and hobbling gently cause I was told to watch it in case it doesn't settle in the right place. Heh?? Can ah. Where is IT going to go?

The funny thing is, the doctor told me, she has not removed her own for 2 years!!!Laaa ye ke!!

I have 3 years now, and now I cannot ter pregnant or tersurprise kan my husband with me being ter pregnant. Baguslah kot. Nadine would be 18 in 3 years , mak dia nak lagi baby??Issh issh issh issh...

Ok lah that's it. I am still clutching my back but otherwise life is as normal. Hubby can put off that BIG SNIPSNIP I want him to go for, for another 3 years.. Let's see how men like having their insides messed about. He he.


Today's rambling

Whaddya think of the new lay out?

Sophia helped me out with it. My 3 daughters Sophia, Sara and Dahlia have blogs ok and their blogs are very very "With it". I know lar because I open the "recently closed pages" and voila all the pages that my kids go to , will be I found their blogs with their slides and their songs and their sparkly things and their pink layouts. Mine looked so boring in comparison. So I asked Sophia if she can help me out so she gave me this pyzam website..But i had to argue with her and insist I do NOT want the sparkly animated thingy nor do I want it to have loves and stars etc . Hallo Sophia...Mummy's forty ok not 10.He he. Please don't ask what their blogs are!

And yeah , now they know I know that they DON'T go to the internet to search NASA or DIscovery Channel. There's just so many clubs..winx club, clup penguin lar, neopets lah..all of it apparently highly addictive and sooner or later will lead to whines of can I join...and pay so much USD to join? I asked Johan what can you do once you join? He said, he can buy stuff for his pet. Hallo that is a virtual pet, darling. Buy stuff pun takda pekdah.

Oh yah, Johan will now officially be a prefect. He came back beaming. Apparently he has no malu at all that his mom forced the school to accept him as a prefect ha ha. Apa dia nak kesah right ...When I asked exactly what happened he said Ustaz came and saw him, hugged him and said "Johan nak jadi prefect ye....(so you want to be a prefect, do you) and then asked him why and what he would do if faced with naughty students and my "belia" son gave all the right answer (such as counting to 5 before taking down their names- the way I do it with them - how else do you think they learnt how to count so fast? hee hee) . So the ustaz said, ok , he has to get new uniforms (it's money again!) and me sign the letter to give permission and he'll be a prefect after CNY. (ada deadline nih). That's because I think Jo asked - when?

So yesterday I kept saying I won't sign the letter until you mandi, or you semayang or you makan etc hehehehe

As for my other adorable kiddoes, Sara has hurt her arm , she fell during the bouncy castle thingy and it only hurt AFTER the party. So she was off school yesterday. Sorry lah mummy macam tak sympathetic ye's just that dah berapa lama baru sakit ke. Daddy made a make shift sling out of her old tudung and she was going around with her arm bent . Hope you feel better soon Sara! (or rather as Jojo called her before he could speak, "Wawa")

As for Sophia, can I NOT start each morning yelling for them to get ready? I mean, I always remember the incident in Scotland where the kindi kids got shot by a mad man, and I always thought that it must have been horrible for the parents who had yelled at the kids earlier to get ready etc, only to find that that was their last memory with the kids! So I try to be pleasant but how to be pleasant when all your kids wait until the van is IN THE PORCH before actually PUTTING ON THEIR SCARFS. I mean, that pakcik also human right, I keep telling them, he is someone's dad and don't do this to another person, plus there are other kids in the van allready, who are YOU to make them wait for you.Then I force them to smile before I kiss them and send them off. (ye lah dah kena leter muka masing masing masam kan)

Dahlia and Nadine- Dahlia is of course very diligent in her schoolwork...and Nadine!! Can we PLEASE hurry up in the mornings????

Tata..have a nice break guys...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Maafkan kami , jeng jeng jeng

Dear dear....have I landed myself in it.

Quite a lot of my neighbours saw Johan's party and wondered whether they were invited and if they weren't how come..

I expect we won't be invited to any more of their birthday parties now. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

I was busy assuring everyone today that I did not invite anyone except Johan's former and present classmates -itu pun some, because he did not have all of their numbers, and immediate family. Husband called a couple of his friends, tops. Edry, Johan's friend whose birthday was last week, pun tak kena jemput cause Johan didn't bring his number back.

Anyway I thought that calling ppl up on Saturday to ask if they want to come to a party the very next day could be termed last minute and ppl probably had plans.

And we had only KFC and the pizza- we sure didn't do any laksa /lasagna like last time.

Today I was told by Sara that Ra*zl&n's daughters were sulking cause they saw the thingy and they didn't get invited. The minute I heard that I slapped my forehead and thought "Of COURSE!! Raz&&n!!" How come I didn't invite HER? Oh dear..~!

So to all, especially to cousins yang tak kena jemput...

Jangan ambik haatii! Next time we do a proper get together ok!

Sunday party

So we had Johan's party in the end.

I mean, even this was pretty lastminute for us. Fantastic!! We found a place that has a bouncy castle spare and can deliver the very nextday. Food, we decided was going to be bought. Party packs, well, we just had to improvise. Games- we stopped at a local kedai mamak and bought sacks for the sack race. Needn't have bothered as kids did not come out of the castle. Guests- well ,most of the guests were ok with the very last min invitation. Cake- Secret lah whatelse. One hour into the party and it rained and I thought what a waste of money, cause the bouncy castle can't be used now! But then it cleared up soon enough and kids went on to have fun. What is it that they liked so much? We went on it ourselves. but got tired after a few bounces!

In the end , he said it was the best 8 year old party he's ever had. Ha ha!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Johan

Happy birthday to my babyyyyyy- Johan is 8 today!

He's been asking for a party. We've been distracted by recent events. Today I'm researching where to get inflatable bouncy castles on short notice. or maybe I will take a few of his close friends somewhere. Where? Any ideas???

Anyway we'll figure something out. Tomorrow is our day with him - petrosains, maybe, and then cake and present buying trip. He wants books, snoooker set. I asked him if he wants a new bike and he said his old one just need repairing , why does he need a new one. Boy is this MY son??

He's a big boy now. When I told him he said proudly, I sleep in my own bed now. His bed is next to mine, but that's a big step away from being in my arms. But I miiiiissss you I said. He said, it's hot sleeping with you mummy.

And his handwriting is better now . He's holding the pencil properly now. Better motor skills. He said "Mummy, I'm almost eight" as if I don't understand.

The wisdom of the young...

Today I took Dahlia and Johan for a drive somewhere. They were chatting and suddenly Dahlia said "Mummy, I think it's time for you to take Johan to a mental hospital". Why Dahlia??? Because he talks to himself, mummy. It seems he was enacting a play with many characters. Ha ha.

Johan is so much fun to be around with ,really. He is so mature for his age, He speaks so properly all the time. you can actually reason things out and also confide all your deepest darkest secret to him

He is also that naughty 8 year old who can't sit still and have to poke his sisters at every given opportunity, as they can testify.

And he is that energetic son who would force the dad to play with him and box with him and also his mom to play board games with him. He'd patiently wait for you until you are done with whatever it is that is taking your time from him

Jojo! Happy Birthday to you baby! We Love youuuuuu!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Satu hari di Pri*nce C*ou*rt

Yeah well it wasn't gallstones

Yesterday the husband insisted that i go into hospital to remove what he was very sure to be gallstones. So I went, and got admitted. While I was filling up the forms he went off to do other stuff. Oh yeah he took my blood first and I must admit he was very gentle . Then they showed me to my room. Wah first time admitted to PrinceCourt,ye lah nak kena operate kan !


Wah room was very nice, although facing the road going to Bukit Bintang and the traffic. Husband was calling around to get me a KLCC view room but they were full plus I told him not to bother because I want to be just a normal patient and not a special treatment patient.

Instantly I opened up my laptop and tried to do some work. Calls were coming in lah, and there were emails to attend to.

Before I could start properly this woman came to inform me about the charges. If I were to use the sofa bed, it would be RM80. To sit, free. If I were to use the toiletries set (macam hotel punya btw) it would be RM40. I told them takpa kot, can take away. And can I please follow them to ground floor to pay the deposit of RM2,000- waaa? No special treatment ke?? They also took MEPS, so I opted for that . After they cleaned out my account for the deposit, I was sent back up.

Then some one ELSE came in to give me a tour of the room , and point out to me where the fridge was, the complimentary bed slippers and robe (hah kau) and how to operate the flatscreen tv with astro and movie (Lord of the RIngs was playing). Ada milo, coffee and lipton tea bags plus a small cute kettle.

I was starting to have a headache and asked for panadol when I was told the doctor said strictly Nil by Mouth. So tunggulaaaaaaah...


Then someone else came and said Dr wanted me to go for ultrasound and full xray to check whether there were gallstones. So off I heels and workclothes. Mula mula the Mammogram.

The thing I notice abt us Malaysians (or is it peculiar to Melayu je?) is that we love to talk to each other abt the client while the client is THERE within earshot. While I was filling up another form to do the mamogram (which by the way was not related to the gallstone investigation but hey since I was there I guess the Doc thought why not check it out) - the ladies at the counter were having a conversation that went something like this:

"tak pegi lunch ke?"

"Tu lah, nak pergi ni tapi , satu dah masuk"

"Buat apa ni? Ultrasound? "

"Taklaaa mammogram"

"Mammogram? Follow up ke baru ni?"

"Baru patient ni." pause "Eh kena chest xray sekali lahhhh! "

And this was with me RIGHT THERE...hehehe I love the nurses and the staff.

The Mammogram was ...interesting. Your breasts are put on a platter one by one and compressed. And then horizontally. Mine hardly filled half a platter, sadly. Ha ha ha.

Then off I went (again ) to another room for the ultrasound.

The ultrasound was done by this very very nice lady Dr Su*mitra who chatted to me about whether ladies abv 40 should go and have more babies or not. The nice conversation was interrupted by her occassionally pointing out rather casually, to the various cysts and fibroadenomas that I have! She kept going- oh yah, there's one rather big one, but I shouldn't worry abt it." pause, then, "But maybe you shd come in 6 months time to see if its grown". But not to worry lah . ?????

I told her, can I not remove the bumps and lumps because i have a feeling they're the ones propping my boobs up hahahaha. (boleh joke lagi tu)

Then off I went back to the room. Head was seriously pounding and felt woozy by now. Had not eaten anything since the night before. Someone came to take my ORDER , and said he was from the F&B department. What would I like to eat for dinner, breakfast and lunch tomorrow? He gave me a thick menu macam kat hotel and it was really hotel like . There is a page for "Fish" and a page for "Meat" etc. And a page for "Desserts" with items like Chocolate Orange mousse cake or something fancy and the chef recommended ones come with little chef hats next to it. I had fun ordering my herb encrusted fish and choc and orange cake with wild mushroom soup as starter. I told the guy , I had gotten so excited over the menu that I was going to come back and order the exact same things if because of the operation I couldn't have them haha.

Managed to doze off fitfully before I hear a familiar voice and a familiar face poking his head in the room and cheekily calling "Puan Shishila?"

I was so relieved to see hubbs that I immediately complained I need panadollllll can I eat nowwwwwww and he said- after the scope.

3/ WHAT SCOPE???!!!!

in the morning in the car I had jokingly argued with him that whatever he gives me in terms of tests, he'd better not scope me. Operate can, but NOT scope. I had done some internet research and it did not look nice, believe you me, to have this hose pipe macam pipe kat toilet, to go into your throat.

But, he was insistent and soon I was garbed in the backless purple gown and the blue head cap. I was asked to lie down in bed and wheeled to the scope room. I closed my eyes and covered my head throughout with the sheet. Takut beb! I can hear lah snippets of conversation- one porter said Wah doctor ikut patient ke? I heard "eh tengok lah patient sapa" ..yah hubbs kept saying- ok ye, dont worry, lepas ni boleh balik...Who wants to balik , with the dinner (steak and banana cheese cake) & breakfast (fluffy herb omellete and croissant with butter and jam) waiting for me ha ha.

So I lost and here we were at the scope room . I peeked and I was facing this nurse, who was patting my mouth area and also arranging my hands so I wouldn't smack the doctor (which I promised myself I will do later).

The nurse sprayed something into my throat. It tasted bitter but still bearable. Hubby put on an apron and took hold of this black shiny tube thingy.(Seriously he looked like a market trader about to hose down the floor) He said he was going to put it in and I was supposed to swallow it when it hit the back of my throat. I had this thing to bite to allow the pipe to go through. Then the pipe/hose thingy came in. I swallowed. I gagged. I tried to breathe through the nose. I couldn't because my nose was blocked.

Basically, to cut a long story was the most horrible 2 mins (I think) of my life, while I gagged and spit and burped and basically tried to dislodge the painful pipe off, and made longer because husband had found some inflammation and also erosions and stomach polyps etc which he then had to lance. Lance ok, by inserting some tool inside the tube to lance it. Can or not.

After that ended I was soooo tired, head was pounding, throat was hurting, felt shocked and shed tears under the sheet and when they sent me back to the room I was basically out of it. Until I decided to use the HOT shower and that made me feel 100000 times better.

And I don't know why,but I was soo upset that night , because I had to go through such a horrible painful suffocating experience when a sedative was an available option and which was not given to me because other ppl are ok with it and never i'm a big baby, we all know THAT right. Everytime I thought about the experience I would bawl like one. Don't know why I found it to be SO traumatic. I blamed hubby actually I was soo upset with him for putting me through it without a sedative when he was supposed to not hurt me ! Apa lah agaknya dia geram dengan I he hehehe....

We went home just before maghrib and I slept till 11!! back at work with a glowering boss who had to cope with me out of office since Tuesday.


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...