Monday, February 01, 2010

Kuantan ROCKS

Went to the beach in the end. Kuantan rocks!! Those who live in Kuantan are so blessed!

What happened -

We got up v early and started to peek into the next door's apartment - dah bangun ke blom ni?? Finally when we heard a baby crying we went over and knocked! Turned out my sister inlaw and family were also getting ready to "terjah" us!

They came over to our aptment, we had a chat then they went for breakfast at the resort cafe while we munch on our roticanai and milo panas courtesy of Gambangkedaimamak. Then we all went horseriding (sans me, stuck in the room with my lappie) and then we checked out.

I came down to check us out (I had the room key kan) to find all of them at the lobby, Nadine had tears in her eyes? What happened Nadine?? Apparently she was bitten by a horse! She was stroking its head and then it bit her underarm and there was a huge bruise. My poor baby. Uncle F*airu*s said that was because the horse was a boy horse and it was very miang. Ha ha. Nadine laughed weakly at that while swiping her tears.They never show horses biting ppl on telly kan? (or stinking to high heaven, either)

Anyway What was next? Well, since sisterinlaw had not yet seen cousin Noni's new baby it was unanimously decided by me that we should go to Kuantan! Sisin law also wanted to check out ikanpatinmasaktempoyak in termerloh but since we were going to Kuantan we thought we'd just go there.

Calls to Noni the cousin yielded that the best place for ikan patin was along the sungai so off we went. Hubby stopped at this nice looking spot at this restaurant called "Restaurant Sungai Kita" (our river restaurant) which turned out to have absolutely NO river fish at all (and patin is one famous river fish) . Almost wanted to just sit and have lunch there but since we came here for patin, stuck it out and went on (guided by cousin Noni and hubby who came along just in time to prevent us from going round the streets the 4th time) until we found this place by the river- it was not a proper restaurant, there were plastic chairs and tables on the grass, it was not exactly a stall, the food part was in a shoplike place...I suck at describing places kan. It was by the river though, which made it perfect to eat. At 3 there were still ppl coming in to eat lunch.

Anyway hurray it had my ikan patin and we ordered like mad- there was KETAM my favourite and TELUR IKAN (fish roe and crab) and my favourite vegetable, PUMPKIN. Plus fried chicken for the kids. Boy was I in heaven. We had a LOT of food for about 6 adults and 9 kids and it came to only RM140. I like Kuantan...

After that kind of meal the best thing would be to SLEEP but we decided to go see Teluk Cempedak instead. I was a bit put off by the packed car park - so full that we had to go to the other car park at the end of the road like sooo far from the entrance but hey! Whaddayaknow, it was so very close to the sea!

Spent about 2 hours there and I am totally IMPRESSED at how clean the BEACH was!! The changing room was decent although there were some brainless Malaysian women who had left some sanitary pads stuck by the wall. WHYYYYYYY?? DO YOU THINK IT WOULD EVAPORATE??????

(Cleanliness in toilets is my pet peeve. As a people we are so polite yet we show how uncaring and irresponsible we are when we say, litter, or forget to flush or leave diapers here there and everywhere. My kids pun tau NOT to litter and when they ask THEIR friends why do you litter and who do you think will pick it up, their friends answer- masyarakat lah! Or cleaning lady laH!!! )

Anyway I digress. At Teluk Cempedak the kids had a gala time playing by the edge of the sea. waves were too strong for me to let them go in proper. Nadine and Aiman played with the kite we bought from Kota Bharu. After watching the kids for about 1 hr, hubby came over and I walked to the rocks. (nak lean back on the rocks lah, kaki penat!) The tide was out so I could see mussels at the rocks and I was soo tempted to take them home to eat! Would have done it too had the mussels been less firmly stuck on the rocks. Ha ha. It was soo hard to get the kids out but finally we did it! After the kids changed, we had hot keropok lekor and hot fried bananas, with steaming cups of coffee and milo..and sisinlaw bought us all icecream too!

At last it was time to go home....We left Kuantan with a happy heart with a promise to come back again!

Came home and hubby insisted I cook so we cooked Kueyteow goreng and that was the end of our night. Kids was moaning this morning because the father and I sent them out to school! Hey, we are going on a date today!

Have a good day !


Lan0stZz said...

Best kan kuantan??? we should all go together one day. The Hyatt Regency @ TC we all stay best. TNBee pun ada banglo situ but not so near the pantai. see how lorr ok.

Superwomanwannabe said...

tht would be GREAT Lana! The sea was a bit choppy though tapi better lar from er..PD for eg

mamasita said...

Hey..You came to Kuantan?? I am so delighted to know you had a great time..come back soon.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Mamasita! I had a fantastic time..! Will definitely come again!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

I have a pet peeve for toilets god, sanitary pads stuck to the wall.
That's the worst form of graffiti kan?hahhahahah..
anyway, pantai teluk cempedak tu dangerous for swimming..ramai org dah drown there.but still its a nice place to hang out.
love kuantan too but that's where I turned dark skinned.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
spent the good last 2 yrs of high school there at SMART.

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