Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long time no see

So...I've been unwell lately. Since wednesday , actually. Sniffling, cold, headache. Today voice is sengau pulak . So nasal.

Got no idea what to write about. Am starting to book stuff over the internet for the upcoming trip. Trying to remain calm and not jakun. (TWO MORE WEEKS YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!) Pay by credit card lah whatelse. Bank so good, the instant the payment went through they call to check if you really did make that payment. I actually did but since the Vendor was displayed as a Xmas product thing instead of hotel I said no lah. Rupanye yes it was my payment and I had to call the Bank to say sorry, you can charge us for that. It wasn't fraud. Darn.

Book online ni really at your own risk kan. I booked accommodation but then I remember MadamTaiTai's horrendous experience booking online! This particular apartment though was via an agency and the guy Robert*oBerga*ntino also registered with other agencies so it looked pretty legitimate. I even googled "Is Ro*bert Ber*gan*tino a scam artist?" I googled him and found one that was appointed as the CFO of Redcell. Hmm? Someone raised this question on TripAdvisor and apparently his IP address checked out and the agency where he registered said he's been on their books for 2 years. I also read the reviews of his apartment and they are quite good! So I think I will gamble hor? the place is in Soho btw. Hubby upset sbb he spent a lot on winter stuff sekali tengok tengok ada bundle shop jual RM10 je satu..Tulah...tak dengar cakap I....he he.

Kids all well...mummy je yang dok shrot shrot ...Johan had his sports day recently. I was going to come but then dahlia said it was only rehearsal mum so I tak lah pergi. Tengok tengok ada prize giving etc rehearsal hamende,tu?? Ralat nye.

Nadine and I ponteng Japanese class today. I'm not up to it lar really. Maybe I will change the date to Wednesday petang. She doesn't think she can continue the Saturday class because she'll behaving her special extra classes for her PMR exams coming up. Ok we shall see how we can complete the course cause I do want to reach some level of fluency here. I can't bake but I can whisper sweet nothings in Japanese. Hahahaha. I can understand but I feel so shy to speak. Also cannot remember as well as before.

Talking about Japanese , kelakar nye semalam Hubby sat with us to watch HanaYoriDango which the kids put on. He was really into it as well! Hehehehe..yeah, they can really write dramas.

Ok talk to you soon.


sikecik said...

kak long...nanti g sana jumpa baby tak???

Superwomanwannabe said...

sapa sikecik ni......?? Jumpa insyallah tapi dia macam bz ler.

tireless mom said...

Get well soon dear. If I lupa nak wish in future, hope you all have a blast trip!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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