Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Maafkan kami , jeng jeng jeng

Dear dear....have I landed myself in it.

Quite a lot of my neighbours saw Johan's party and wondered whether they were invited and if they weren't how come..

I expect we won't be invited to any more of their birthday parties now. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

I was busy assuring everyone today that I did not invite anyone except Johan's former and present classmates -itu pun some, because he did not have all of their numbers, and immediate family. Husband called a couple of his friends, tops. Edry, Johan's friend whose birthday was last week, pun tak kena jemput cause Johan didn't bring his number back.

Anyway I thought that calling ppl up on Saturday to ask if they want to come to a party the very next day could be termed last minute and ppl probably had plans.

And we had only KFC and the pizza- we sure didn't do any laksa /lasagna like last time.

Today I was told by Sara that Ra*zl&n's daughters were sulking cause they saw the thingy and they didn't get invited. The minute I heard that I slapped my forehead and thought "Of COURSE!! Raz&&n!!" How come I didn't invite HER? Oh dear..~!

So to all, especially to cousins yang tak kena jemput...

Jangan ambik haatii! Next time we do a proper get together ok!


MrsNordin said...

Hey, you don't have to explain. It's ok lah... saja usik you..

I think a lot a people wanted to be invited because they saw the Spiderman thingy! Cool giler! I pun nak try!

Next year buat lagilah and this time ajak ramai2!!

mumsie said...

i pon kecik ati nih! your husband invited some friends and not me? hhhmmmppph!


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