Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maid oh Maid episod ke 2

She wanted to talk to her agent in Indonesia.

I told the agent in Malaysia. I also asked him how much to pay if I want to change.

He said he will ask the agent in Indonesia. I asked if he would take her back to his place and see if he can sort her sakit kaki out. he said if he takes her back he would just stomp on her leg.

The agent in Indonesia called her. Despite my better judgement ,I later asked the maid what was going on. Do you want to work? She said yes, but if her body is failing her, what to do? She said. If in Indonesia she will try to find solution . I said to her, what you are saying is you cannot work, ok then I will send you home, but dont forget to pay me ! And don't forget the agent in indonesia will claim this money from you!No running away !

So I see her working as normal. I don't ask her anything now but neither am I rude to her. I did tell her to take it easy, as she is supposedly suffering from leg pain. Yelah, could be athritis or rheumatism etc

Imagine my utter horror when I came home from our CNY visit to our friend to find that she has CUT THE POKOK KARI DOWN!!!!!!!!

Waaghhh! I asked her. what the heck possessed you to cut down the POKOK KARI??? AND ALLMY LENGKUAS??? She said they seemed bushy. I asked her WEREn'T your legs supposed to be hurting you?? And is the curry leaves tree DISTURBING YOU?? It is about oh, 12 feet away from the kitchen sink so what the heck possessed her?? I showed some of the leaves I rescued from the dumpster. She honestly did not know it was curry. I told her Couldn't she ASK ME FIRST??? THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE ~!~ But of course this is not the first time , she has cut up my towels which she deemed to be buruk and made it into mats...boleh tak?? But my KARI TREE????!!!!! Ini lah maid dah berumur nih, they think u can be bullied.

I told her, since she is now OK with her legs she can jolly well pick up all the dead leaves under the banana tree etc adn clear my garden ok!! which I didn't insist that she does because of her GAMMY LEGS~!~


Kembung perut ek, ada maid nih.


MAMAMIA said...

Wah, cerita pasal maid nipun boleh buat episodes jugak ya?? & each episode is getting more interesting...

Baca cerita U ni pun, buat I kembang & senak perut. Tak kan tak kenal pokok kari kot???

I've never had a maid, but I roughly understand what U r going thro...

Anonymous said...

Sis, Kalau nak tukar maid tunggu maid baru datang dulu baru hantar balik. I kecut perut baca U mention agen Indon. Kalau U hantar maid balik dulu, be prepared nak sedekahkan aja duit U. Agen M'sia dah banyak cikadak. Agen Indon lagilah. I cerita ni dari pengalaman Okay....


Superwomanwannabe said...

Mamamia..maids...cant live without them, go crazy with them. interesting kan? but the pkok kari...habis hati tengok. gondolll!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lia- yelah its a big CON! Camana nak elak ?? yang legal yang tak legal yang ada agen dan yang masuk sendiri, semua nya dua kali lima..tapi we are the ones shouldering the blame.

Anonymous said...

cite maid ni kak shila, will never end.. and just like sinetron.. will always have new episodes with all sorts of stories.. I think depa2 ni susah nak paham apa kita cakap kot..

anyway I understand how you feel coz we are in the same boat.. apart from the buat hal yg aritu i share with you.. she also like to menceceh with all sorts of stories i.e. bapak dia kaya, bnyk tanah, kebun, kete besar, rumah besar banglo lagi, ada kilang kain, sume anak2 bapak dia dah di buatkan rumah, so that the cucu akan hidup senang..

OMGosh.. I yg dok dengar ni pun ternganga mulut.. kalau betul lah pak you kaya, apakehal lah pulak dok dtg msia jadi maid??!!! gi lah mintak pak u duit bukak bisness..

kalau once awhile cite pasal family dia yg kaya raya.. tak pe lah jugak.. ni tiap2 ari.. kita yg dgr pun naik menyampah dgr..

cam smlm, pepagi buta, pakai lawa2, dia dah kuar katanya nak gi pasar pagi nak gi betulkan hp.. tapi bila i counter check dgn maid my mom who happens to be close jugak lah dgn dia.. katanya hp my maid tak rosak pun.. dia kuar pegi pasar pagi just nak gi beli top up..

when i think back, mak aiii.. jauhnya nak jln gi pasar pagi.. sedangkan ada kedai tepi rumah jual top up..

bila kita tegur bebaik.. dia buat perangai.. tak bercakap.. monyok je.. minta tolong vacuum rumah pun tak mau.. asyik nak gosok baju je.. which I told her, baju skolah, baju jln budak2 and baju keje je kena gosok.. baju dok rumah hari2 yg menimbun tu tak payah gosok.. but STILLL SHE GOSOK ALL!!! manalah bill letrik i tak naik..


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

SW, I truly emphathise with you. I'd go crazy too if she's my maid!

But what can you do, right? Tak de maid, hidup kita susah. Ada maid pun susah jugak but surely not as susah as without one. Just weigh it that way and be contented that at least yours can do most of the housework.

Hang in there, ok!

bella said...

Episod 2 ek, I'm waiting for the full sinetron la...heheheheh...take care....

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