Today's headlines: Whipping in public? Whipping in secret? Is whipping rotan? Should rotan be used? Does it work? I threaten my kids every day with whipping- karang mummy rotan karang!!! But truth be told I don't hit them . I yell at them, and nag them and smack them but I don't actually pinch or hit them. Hello, gave birth to them , endured pain to get them, now want to simply hit them? but believe me there are days....! But let me tell you now if any of my kids had "illicit sex" no need to go to court to get rotan. I'd be rotanning them happily. what the heck is "Illicit sex"?.Sounds kind of kinky. as in- "hmm I don't mind some illicit sex! Those "licit" ones are getting boring" haha !

Today they were good, they made the pakcik van wait only 5 minutes instead of the customary 10. TEN ok. The van would be coming and they'd be moving at snail's pace, putting on their socks calmly while their mom lectures them on the ethics of making people wait and how it smacks of you thinking you are superior to the other person who you made wait for you.(kesian anak I pagi pagi dah ada ceramah). So yesterday I told them at 7.15 am (pakcik comes at 7.30- such luxury! I used to wait for my pakcik at 6.20 am in the dark !) I will chase you out of the house in whatever state you are in.Even if you are in your towel, out you will go. Of course I would not carry out the threat and they know that but every 10 mins I would yell at them that I would do so, so it kind of worked.

However, I make them smile at me before they go so that they don't start the day grumpy.I tell them to tell me if anyone bullies them and not to be afraid because I sure am bigger than any of their friends and I can sit on them. Johan is supposed to tell all the bullies that if they are mean to him he will get his mother to come and kiss them. Hahahah..Johan said "taknaklah beritau mummy!" he tried to practise saying it though- "Kalau kau (kau???!) kacau saya emak saya datang ciyooom kau". Hastily I told him NO KAU. use Awak. or You. Where learn to say Kau nih. In the end he said no lah. He told me there is this boy who constantly bothered him by poking him, or jentikking his ear.(jentik - tick?) and he dealt with it by pretending to tell teacher, or hitting the boy back . So I don't have to worry about him then yah.

As for the rest of my kiddoes...well Dahlia is the representative of her school in collecting fees for the school . She must be, she nags me every day to pay the fees for sports , takwondo etc. sabar lah dahlia..mummy pi bayar lah ni...

Sophia- well, she is now with the other sisters (Sara and Nadine) going for the tuition. Happily the teacher is nice and seem to be able to explain to them the concepts and able to hold their attention. Nadine complains that 2 hours is too long. Toobad girl, the soft and easy time of your life is ohvah! Orang lain tuition since age 7 ok, your cousin Aiman always miss out family function because he has to study for his exams and he is only 8~ ! So yeah, now PMR year cannot play play. Sophia wonders why she has to go for tuition because UPSR is next year what...yeah that's my daughter allright...leave everything to the last minute. No sophia, don't be mummy, so must study. Teacher said she catches on quick, despite looking bored all the time. (and blur)

Ok ok , time to go to work! Bye!


Cik Puan Kamil said…
Aiyoo !! Why lah that boy jentik2 anak u !!!! I really benci dengar perkara2 macam ni... But u r right tak masuk campur sebab kalo masuk campur, lagi teruk jadinya....

Good luck to your son.

PS : I like the threat u ajar ur son... I will teach my son the same thing... ha ha
hahaha yah i think that threat is probably a littleboy's worse have someone else's mom come and smother them with kisses!
Anonymous said…
talking about maid.. i am having maid problem too.. seems that the problem never end! this time I found out dia main cinta with indonesian married guy with kids next door who renovate neighbour's house. fashion baju pun dah lain.. asyik pakai baju jarang2, nipis2, ketat..mind you she is in her 40s.. and she even when to the house and make sure to feed them all instead of cook and feed my children before they go off for afternoon school.. not only that she even when to rumah kongsi who happens to be at the end of the road.. and her handphone keeps on ringing and ringing mengalah kan org keje pejabat boss2 gitu.. dah lah tu, bila kita minta tolong buat keje, memanjanglah lah sakit.. sakit perut, sakit kepala.. but bila phone rings.. tak pulak sakit nak jwp.. lagi bergayut adalah.. dari dlm bilik sampai ke dapur.. tengah2 mlm pun bergayut lagi.. dah lah tu.. since ada bf ni asyik keje menipu kita je.. panjang tangan pun ya juga.. brg2 kita kalau tak simpan elok2.. sume ada dlm bag baju dia.. bila kita minta tolong buat keje rumah sume bagi macam2 alasan.. sedangkan, my kids skolah pagi petang.. dia ada bnyk masa.. keje rumah pun tak buat.. but asyik complaint penat.. howlah? am so pening and tahan ati saja lah..


p/s: my dotter adilah sent regards to your daughter dahlia..

My heart also sick baca your comment ..geramnyeeeeeee! Rasa macam nak pi confront and jerit jerit je...someone told me that when we get rid of ppl like this jiwa will be so tenteram. walaupun duit melayang,.some maids think they are soo indispensable and we rely so much on them - pi---rah! Maybe you should threaten to fire her. See if there's any change.!

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