Wednesday, February 17, 2010

quick update

I suppose lately our weekends have been away.

Boy we should really stay home lah this weekend. Bilaaa lah nak kemas rumah lama ni. Ada lagi barang tau, kat sana. Dah nak masuk 3 tahun dah pindah.

I have that BYJ family CNY lunch coming up this Saturday.

I don't like him the way I liked him when I first saw WinterSonata.

So what the heck am I doing attending a BYJ CNY lunch??

The people are nice, chinese and malay all gaga over this man. He's got long hair and he's old lar...never mind lah, I go and meet the gals.

Anyway yes we spent the weekend in Janda Baik. Had a whale of a time even though in theory husband cannot leave KL. It's so close to KL anyway. Now and again husband would be grumpy and remarked that I sabotaged him . He wanted to stay put in KL. His wife lah gatal take him away. But when I see him happily playing with fire setting up the BBQ and also happily terjun into the river water pool tak hingat dunia, I know it's worth the sabotage. Not that there was any lar.

Stayed at Seri Pengantin Resort, which was ok , in terms of beds , memang lah first class. But in terms of facility, thumbs DOWN. They know their resort was full. But they didn't open the restaurant. Where do they expect us to go? Not everyone wants to go out! So , facilities nothing to speak of lah. And so unfriendly! Every 5 minutes ada sign "Di larang masak" "DIlarang main bola" "Dilarang masuk" entah hapa hapa entah. Habis, kalau di larang bawak makanan luar, tolong lah masak mek!

We did go out in the end. Even better time outside. Not coming back to SeriPengantinresort that much I can tell you. We drove around Tanarimba to see the huge bungalows amidst the pine trees. And we sempat pergi Genting Highlands for a few hours and a lot of money . Then we went home for a while before we drove up again. Glad to be home though now.

Although...KL is soo hot. SO HOT that I now feel sick. Ada 2 little men sitting on my eyelids and a third man pounding on my head.

Ok will upload pics later. Unless you are on my FB in which case they are all there.

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