Thursday, February 04, 2010

Satu hari di Pri*nce C*ou*rt

Yeah well it wasn't gallstones

Yesterday the husband insisted that i go into hospital to remove what he was very sure to be gallstones. So I went, and got admitted. While I was filling up the forms he went off to do other stuff. Oh yeah he took my blood first and I must admit he was very gentle . Then they showed me to my room. Wah first time admitted to PrinceCourt,ye lah nak kena operate kan !


Wah room was very nice, although facing the road going to Bukit Bintang and the traffic. Husband was calling around to get me a KLCC view room but they were full plus I told him not to bother because I want to be just a normal patient and not a special treatment patient.

Instantly I opened up my laptop and tried to do some work. Calls were coming in lah, and there were emails to attend to.

Before I could start properly this woman came to inform me about the charges. If I were to use the sofa bed, it would be RM80. To sit, free. If I were to use the toiletries set (macam hotel punya btw) it would be RM40. I told them takpa kot, can take away. And can I please follow them to ground floor to pay the deposit of RM2,000- waaa? No special treatment ke?? They also took MEPS, so I opted for that . After they cleaned out my account for the deposit, I was sent back up.

Then some one ELSE came in to give me a tour of the room , and point out to me where the fridge was, the complimentary bed slippers and robe (hah kau) and how to operate the flatscreen tv with astro and movie (Lord of the RIngs was playing). Ada milo, coffee and lipton tea bags plus a small cute kettle.

I was starting to have a headache and asked for panadol when I was told the doctor said strictly Nil by Mouth. So tunggulaaaaaaah...


Then someone else came and said Dr wanted me to go for ultrasound and full xray to check whether there were gallstones. So off I heels and workclothes. Mula mula the Mammogram.

The thing I notice abt us Malaysians (or is it peculiar to Melayu je?) is that we love to talk to each other abt the client while the client is THERE within earshot. While I was filling up another form to do the mamogram (which by the way was not related to the gallstone investigation but hey since I was there I guess the Doc thought why not check it out) - the ladies at the counter were having a conversation that went something like this:

"tak pegi lunch ke?"

"Tu lah, nak pergi ni tapi , satu dah masuk"

"Buat apa ni? Ultrasound? "

"Taklaaa mammogram"

"Mammogram? Follow up ke baru ni?"

"Baru patient ni." pause "Eh kena chest xray sekali lahhhh! "

And this was with me RIGHT THERE...hehehe I love the nurses and the staff.

The Mammogram was ...interesting. Your breasts are put on a platter one by one and compressed. And then horizontally. Mine hardly filled half a platter, sadly. Ha ha ha.

Then off I went (again ) to another room for the ultrasound.

The ultrasound was done by this very very nice lady Dr Su*mitra who chatted to me about whether ladies abv 40 should go and have more babies or not. The nice conversation was interrupted by her occassionally pointing out rather casually, to the various cysts and fibroadenomas that I have! She kept going- oh yah, there's one rather big one, but I shouldn't worry abt it." pause, then, "But maybe you shd come in 6 months time to see if its grown". But not to worry lah . ?????

I told her, can I not remove the bumps and lumps because i have a feeling they're the ones propping my boobs up hahahaha. (boleh joke lagi tu)

Then off I went back to the room. Head was seriously pounding and felt woozy by now. Had not eaten anything since the night before. Someone came to take my ORDER , and said he was from the F&B department. What would I like to eat for dinner, breakfast and lunch tomorrow? He gave me a thick menu macam kat hotel and it was really hotel like . There is a page for "Fish" and a page for "Meat" etc. And a page for "Desserts" with items like Chocolate Orange mousse cake or something fancy and the chef recommended ones come with little chef hats next to it. I had fun ordering my herb encrusted fish and choc and orange cake with wild mushroom soup as starter. I told the guy , I had gotten so excited over the menu that I was going to come back and order the exact same things if because of the operation I couldn't have them haha.

Managed to doze off fitfully before I hear a familiar voice and a familiar face poking his head in the room and cheekily calling "Puan Shishila?"

I was so relieved to see hubbs that I immediately complained I need panadollllll can I eat nowwwwwww and he said- after the scope.

3/ WHAT SCOPE???!!!!

in the morning in the car I had jokingly argued with him that whatever he gives me in terms of tests, he'd better not scope me. Operate can, but NOT scope. I had done some internet research and it did not look nice, believe you me, to have this hose pipe macam pipe kat toilet, to go into your throat.

But, he was insistent and soon I was garbed in the backless purple gown and the blue head cap. I was asked to lie down in bed and wheeled to the scope room. I closed my eyes and covered my head throughout with the sheet. Takut beb! I can hear lah snippets of conversation- one porter said Wah doctor ikut patient ke? I heard "eh tengok lah patient sapa" ..yah hubbs kept saying- ok ye, dont worry, lepas ni boleh balik...Who wants to balik , with the dinner (steak and banana cheese cake) & breakfast (fluffy herb omellete and croissant with butter and jam) waiting for me ha ha.

So I lost and here we were at the scope room . I peeked and I was facing this nurse, who was patting my mouth area and also arranging my hands so I wouldn't smack the doctor (which I promised myself I will do later).

The nurse sprayed something into my throat. It tasted bitter but still bearable. Hubby put on an apron and took hold of this black shiny tube thingy.(Seriously he looked like a market trader about to hose down the floor) He said he was going to put it in and I was supposed to swallow it when it hit the back of my throat. I had this thing to bite to allow the pipe to go through. Then the pipe/hose thingy came in. I swallowed. I gagged. I tried to breathe through the nose. I couldn't because my nose was blocked.

Basically, to cut a long story was the most horrible 2 mins (I think) of my life, while I gagged and spit and burped and basically tried to dislodge the painful pipe off, and made longer because husband had found some inflammation and also erosions and stomach polyps etc which he then had to lance. Lance ok, by inserting some tool inside the tube to lance it. Can or not.

After that ended I was soooo tired, head was pounding, throat was hurting, felt shocked and shed tears under the sheet and when they sent me back to the room I was basically out of it. Until I decided to use the HOT shower and that made me feel 100000 times better.

And I don't know why,but I was soo upset that night , because I had to go through such a horrible painful suffocating experience when a sedative was an available option and which was not given to me because other ppl are ok with it and never i'm a big baby, we all know THAT right. Everytime I thought about the experience I would bawl like one. Don't know why I found it to be SO traumatic. I blamed hubby actually I was soo upset with him for putting me through it without a sedative when he was supposed to not hurt me ! Apa lah agaknya dia geram dengan I he hehehe....

We went home just before maghrib and I slept till 11!! back at work with a glowering boss who had to cope with me out of office since Tuesday.



Lan0stZz said...

oh em ji kak shilaaaa kinda scary to hear the scope part. ouch! i hope u r feeling better now. ape laaa che pi ni sakitkan kak shila kita iish ish ishhh.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi lana..always ask for sedative haha. epi dah selalu sangat buat, so he also allready feeling better thanks but rasa macam tertelan tulang ikan..sore!

MrsNordin said...

I didn't know you were going through such an ordeal. No wonder you didn't answer my call yesterday!

Jahat lah Jab... he shouldn't have done that to you. Kalau I pun, I akan nangis. That's why orang kata, it's best to let other doctors to work on you rather than your own husband (if husband is a doctor) because :

1) your pain threshold would be higher with other doctors;

2) other doctors would be more gentle on you.

Ohh.. sorry! I hope you are feeling better now.

jana said...

Puan shila,

saya dah pernah buat scope ni dihospital Putrajaya,tapi saya minta yang sedative,sebenarnya mereka tak galakkan pun yang tak sedar punya,sebab katanya sekejap je buat benda tu,tapi saya berdegil juga nak buat scope yang tak sedar .Saya yang nak kena scope bukan mereka,saya yang akan rasa tak selesa bukan mereka kan.At least bagilah pilihan.

Superwomanwannabe said...


*sob*. wish you were there to give me a hug. He's feeling v bad because I kept crying everytime i remember it . Boy I told him it was very invasive. And you are helpless while ppl do stuff that hurt you. I don't think he expected me to react so badly. Tu lah doctor's wife always get the worst treatment or the over the top treatment. (usually the former by her own husband and the latter by other doctors)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jana, what a good line. Have these ppl actually done it on their own self without sedatives?? Its all about choice isn't it. (steamed up still)

fifi said...

Halamak Shila.. so sorry you had to go through that.. my dad needed that doing again last December..and he reminded Mom (dengan alphabet chart dia) to tell the dr berkali2 dia nak sedation. Serik habis dia after the first time kena OGD without one. Ayoyo.. like long big snake what, that tube..

Must have been pretty goddamn awful for you too!..sigh... you take care..

Superwomanwannabe said...

PS I feel bad if this is putting him in a bad light. He's an excellent doctor and very skilled, if viewed objectively.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Fifi- haha Uncle pun dah terror. It was pretty horrible and hopefully I can forget abt it soon! But Im sure there are ppl who take it well ! Can't imagine how!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Salam... I did the scope tapi from down under... Dunno which is worse.. Ha ha... Btw can I ask if ur problem is just polyps ? I have been bloating for years and Doc kat England kata IBS but talking to my Doc brother he said probably polyps....

Not looking forward to doing more scopes, from both regions !!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Cik Puan Kamil...he's been asking me to do that as well! IBS huh...the thing is, I don't actually have constant symptoms.Im just an IB -irritable bitch hahaha...

My diagnosis was er..inflammations and polyps which I was told should disappear when the erosions go away. And the reason for the erosions?? Too much coke and coffee!

Aiyaa how to not have it lah

bella said...

Hi SW,
hope you are feeling much better now. let's have some baskin robbins for your throat??? about that?take care ok...

wanshana said...


Hope you're feeling better now, dear.

I so understand your feelings and why the extra mile emotional outbursts. I think I'll probably react the same way - if Haizal does a procedure on me (Nauzubillah lah kan? I tak nak sakit jantung!!!), I would expect it to be a pain-free or at least minimum-pain process. And I would tunjuk perasaan maksima if otherwise.

Hope the weekend will give you time to recuperate.

Take care, Shila.

Superwomanwannabe said...


Let's !! Baskin Robbins sound delishhhhhh

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana..yeah, rodok rodok orang ni memang Jab's specialty ha ha ha..but he said if he had to do it on other doctors' wives he would definitely have given them sedatives! Ada ke??

One week on I feel a bit sheepish as if I totally overreacted ..he did say I fought the darn thing. Haha these docs...nampak senang so ingat senang...If I was not married to him I would have complained ha ha. I bless my bad memory because now I can't remember how bad it actually felt.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...