Sunday, February 14, 2010


Diet is busted.

Monday I puasa can ah. Ooops cannot oso. Cuti. Wednesday?

Anyway yesterday we took kids to the creative minds workshop. A very nice lady called Howling (Or is that How Lin?) took the class. I think the kids enjoyed it immensely judging from the howls of laughter and boisterousness I can hear from my position outside (I was waiting -earlier visions of me having tea with husband while kids are occupied went out the window with him having to go to HKL) . Very the expensive lar.RM245 for 7 kids (2 were imported-Sara's friends). Not something I would do every weekend.

Then when hubby came he took us to SWENSENS! He had found Swensen on the way back to KL and was soo excited! We thought it had died out. This was from OUR youth! Plus I had long ago voiced out my longing for tall fancy icecreams with ladles of whipped cream and tonnes of cherries and streams of chocolate fudge with names like "knickerbockerglory". Now that I'm on a diet of course he remembered what I said. Hmmph. So all 9 of us went and pigged out on stuff called "gold rush" and "double berry" and "frosted chocolate malt with caramel and whipped cream". Yummmmmm...Again, not something I would do every weekend.

Then we rushed home as we had promised dad dinner out. Tried to contact Bro no 1 and he was way in much for meeting at his house. Mom and dad dah confident je nak pi rumah dia. . Plans were made to meet in Alam*anda. But dad called to say no way, we were to go to his house first, and we will leave togethergether.

Arrived in Putrajaya(hope Mumsie doesn't read this, we have not managed to pop in for eons..what happened to that getogether mumsie?) and did our maghrib at the pink mosque. With a total of 12 ppl praying , it was a good 45 mins gaklah before we left.

I had a brilliant idea then, why not go for dinner at....Pullman Putra*jaya?? I had seen signs for it, had heard so much abt it, and what better occassion than my dad's birthday . Dad said no, too expensive. Hokay, off we went to Alamanda but can I just have a quick look at Pulman? Hubby obligingly drove us all the way there (quite far gak)

We reached the hotel and I went out, thinking dad may have just changed his mind. But! No go. Dad said..apa ada kat sini pun?? Toksahlah girl, nanti mahal! Alaaah babah....along nak rasa..bukan dapat valentine dinner pun bah! Heh hehe.

Ok off we went to -yup Alamanda. But brother no 1 called and said you all ni kat mana...and how about going to CYBERJAYA instead. He knows a place. Pulaak.

Sooooo in the end , we had dinner at INDIANKITCHEN. It was really good actually, with dishes like Butterchickenmasala, mutton hydrabadi, sweetlassi,butternan, etc etc...Lamanya tak makan indian and it was fantastic and authentic. if I could eat spicy food I'd have wallaped it all. The chapati was really soft. The chicken tender. Tummy did not like all that spice and made its protest known later!!

Ok lah bye for now,. Later going for Aida's aftermerisik party. ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila!

Next time you 're in Cyberjaya, call me la. We can go makan nasi arab (if you like Arab food that is!)at this Yaman Restaurant right opposite Streetmall where the Indiankitchen is.

019-383 2277

Superwomanwannabe said...

Khairina! Hii! Next time I definitely will call you..i did once try an Arab place there..sedapnye balik terus tidor..punyelah sedap.take care!

mumsie said...

MUMSIE did read this!! hmmmppphh! mujur I tak der kat umah! hehe

yes, i will re-plan the get together..bila ek??

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh you takdake? yalah, when can we all meet. pot luck je mumsie...!

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