Sunday party

So we had Johan's party in the end.

I mean, even this was pretty lastminute for us. Fantastic!! We found a place that has a bouncy castle spare and can deliver the very nextday. Food, we decided was going to be bought. Party packs, well, we just had to improvise. Games- we stopped at a local kedai mamak and bought sacks for the sack race. Needn't have bothered as kids did not come out of the castle. Guests- well ,most of the guests were ok with the very last min invitation. Cake- Secret lah whatelse. One hour into the party and it rained and I thought what a waste of money, cause the bouncy castle can't be used now! But then it cleared up soon enough and kids went on to have fun. What is it that they liked so much? We went on it ourselves. but got tired after a few bounces!

In the end , he said it was the best 8 year old party he's ever had. Ha ha!


MrsNordin said…
Tak ajak pun.... :)

Anyway, happy birthday Johan!! I'm sure he had a blast!
Lan0stZz said…
wow a castle!!? bestnye..where to sewa kak shila?
Anonymous said…
'In the end , he said it was the best 8 year old party he's ever had. Ha ha!'

its the only 8 year old party he's ever had, isn't it? :)
Lana- i can give you the number ! Haiqal is a bit small for that, but ada baby punya bouncy castle! Cute giler.
BJ- today I am fielding calls from those who I should have invited but tak sempat ajak!!! I hope you takdalah kecik hati..seriously all I could think of was his school friends and my immediate family je! Food pun instant je he he..tkpa next time for sure kena jemput ~!
Anon- yeah thats what I thought too! He he!
Cik Kiah said…
Dear Superwoman,

I have been a regular reader of your blog. Please keep up the stories which are always, always entertaining! Btw, i pun nak tau jugak kat mana boleh sewa bouncy castle tu..hehe.
Hi Cik Kiah..Im glad! THanks for reading..and keep on reading!

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