Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No, not a Prada handbag.

or breakfast in bed (that would be lovely)

it was the sight of my daughter Sara being ready before 6.45 for a change and getting everyone ready too.

For once the kids were all waiting outside for the van instead of the other way round. They had their drinks (no food though , too early for them to eat they say) . Yayyyy! Next time boleh buat lagi ok??

Yesterday I slept hugging my 2 kiddies , Daya and Jojo. Yelah, bapak dia kat OT kan , nak hug pun tak boleh. Haha!( I terjaga at 4 am and immediately called his name out figuring he's probably still at OT but turned out he just arrived, the noise probably got me up) . Anyway as usual I love the moments when we chat before they sleep. For eg I find out that Johan is "the only 8 year old who sleeps with his mom" and he gets teased for it at school. I told him to say this- "Reeeeeallllly?" in a drawl. Like, really, are you sure? and I told him that they are all secretly JEALOUS. Like if they make fun of kids drinking milk from a bottle, actually they really want to do the same thing. Betul tak??

But on the other hand, maybe I should get him his own room now.

His sister yaya pulak ajar dia main batu seremban semalam. Ada baling aci (aci kat India, said Johan..eh mana pulak dia tau ye) and baling apa lagi lar I tak tau. It figures that Daya would be the one playing the traditional games. Sara has her friend and they chat all the time on the phone, gossiping about other kids, Sophia has her book and her computer. Nadine has her books and her computer and her baking and her many ideas on what to do with parents' money, and Johan bugs everyone. But Dahlia is very outgoing and reminds me of her Auntie Ati from her dads side. Daya IS her grandmother kan. Sophia and Sara takes from my side, Nadine and Daya from hubby's side and johan is ....his uncle Ep*a (according to his former schoolmate!)

Ramai kids ni memang very expensive , but when you hear them chat and play and NOT fight...it's all worth it.

We shall think about the cost of education later.


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