Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's rambling

Whaddya think of the new lay out?

Sophia helped me out with it. My 3 daughters Sophia, Sara and Dahlia have blogs ok and their blogs are very very "With it". I know lar because I open the "recently closed pages" and voila all the pages that my kids go to , will be I found their blogs with their slides and their songs and their sparkly things and their pink layouts. Mine looked so boring in comparison. So I asked Sophia if she can help me out so she gave me this pyzam website..But i had to argue with her and insist I do NOT want the sparkly animated thingy nor do I want it to have loves and stars etc . Hallo Sophia...Mummy's forty ok not 10.He he. Please don't ask what their blogs are!

And yeah , now they know I know that they DON'T go to the internet to search NASA or DIscovery Channel. There's just so many clubs..winx club, clup penguin lar, neopets lah..all of it apparently highly addictive and sooner or later will lead to whines of can I join...and pay so much USD to join? I asked Johan what can you do once you join? He said, he can buy stuff for his pet. Hallo that is a virtual pet, darling. Buy stuff pun takda pekdah.

Oh yah, Johan will now officially be a prefect. He came back beaming. Apparently he has no malu at all that his mom forced the school to accept him as a prefect ha ha. Apa dia nak kesah right ...When I asked exactly what happened he said Ustaz came and saw him, hugged him and said "Johan nak jadi prefect ye....(so you want to be a prefect, do you) and then asked him why and what he would do if faced with naughty students and my "belia" son gave all the right answer (such as counting to 5 before taking down their names- the way I do it with them - how else do you think they learnt how to count so fast? hee hee) . So the ustaz said, ok , he has to get new uniforms (it's money again!) and me sign the letter to give permission and he'll be a prefect after CNY. (ada deadline nih). That's because I think Jo asked - when?

So yesterday I kept saying I won't sign the letter until you mandi, or you semayang or you makan etc hehehehe

As for my other adorable kiddoes, Sara has hurt her arm , she fell during the bouncy castle thingy and it only hurt AFTER the party. So she was off school yesterday. Sorry lah mummy macam tak sympathetic ye's just that dah berapa lama baru sakit ke. Daddy made a make shift sling out of her old tudung and she was going around with her arm bent . Hope you feel better soon Sara! (or rather as Jojo called her before he could speak, "Wawa")

As for Sophia, can I NOT start each morning yelling for them to get ready? I mean, I always remember the incident in Scotland where the kindi kids got shot by a mad man, and I always thought that it must have been horrible for the parents who had yelled at the kids earlier to get ready etc, only to find that that was their last memory with the kids! So I try to be pleasant but how to be pleasant when all your kids wait until the van is IN THE PORCH before actually PUTTING ON THEIR SCARFS. I mean, that pakcik also human right, I keep telling them, he is someone's dad and don't do this to another person, plus there are other kids in the van allready, who are YOU to make them wait for you.Then I force them to smile before I kiss them and send them off. (ye lah dah kena leter muka masing masing masam kan)

Dahlia and Nadine- Dahlia is of course very diligent in her schoolwork...and Nadine!! Can we PLEASE hurry up in the mornings????

Tata..have a nice break guys...


MrsNordin said...

I like the new layout. I wanna change mine too lah!

ms hart said...'s nice, SW. Suits kan suuuuuka nau beach!;-)

Superwomanwannabe said...

pyzam I think. Nice kan??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Tati!! Yah lah memang suka na kat beach. if only KL sebelah beach.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...