Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just unfriend this guy on FB.

He is a minor celeb (or "media personality") . Bukan member I pun. I put up status mengata kan i sedih ke, lapar ke etc. bukan dia kesah pun. Tak ambik pot pun

Oh yah what the heck does that mean ye? Tak ambik pot? Pot tu apa? Ambik bawak pi mana?

I had a look at his photos, this celeb non friend of mine. He has put up pics of him and his dear loved (boy) friend. Sweet and loving. This is the sign of the times. I don't know how come Kartina is in the spot she is now. Because drinking has become very the normal. And men loving men, is normal. Hubby tells me HKL often sees gay malays (hey that rhymes!).They are normal, like you and me, and hold steady jobs. And not flamboyant or socialite. Biasa biasa, except they love men . Army ada, polis ada, at all levels. All races. Memang lah salah. Nak kata macamana pun salah. I know I am not better than them,most likely they are better than me. Tapi I rasa ,tak patutlah kita biar kan or condone the way of life sebab (a) salah di sisi undang undang (see current circus being played out) and (b) salah di sisi agama and (c)_ tak cukup lelaki as it is! Kesianlah yang mencari pasangan...

Sorry, not liberal and probably will be called a bigot in Australia.

Anyway...why was he my friend in the first place since I don't actually know him,so I unfriend lah mamat ni..Just hope dia tak tau.

Anyway I was watching Beauty and the Geek gak ye. the bimbos are really bimbos. the nerds are seriously nerdy. but in the end the bimbo endears herself to you through her bimboness and the geeks become less annoying. Sorry I should start baking or something..otherwise I'll be watching this rubbish.

Ok ta....!

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