Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Women only post

My husband finally finally finally finally got me an appointment to see the gynae to remove the IUD which has expired.

Six months ago.

I wouldn't worry except the fact that I have a metal thingy that no longer works is a bit creepy plus there is that risk of infection.

So the apptment, he said, was today at 10 am. He told me like yesterday and also this is the only time to see the doctor as she is very busy and she only has her clinic on Wednesdays. Wish I can tell MY clients that, Sorry, I can only see you on Monday.

I had another apptment, but never mind, that was rescheduled.

At 10 I was at the doctor's reception. Hubby wanted to join me later. The receptionist looked at me in surprise and said- er Doctor takda! She only comes in at 12.30!

Hah? Didn't she know I was coming? Annoyed , I texted hubbs what was going on. He said he didn't know, that was the time she said to come. Never mind lah he said, he'll send me back to work, and he'll go, and then he'll come back here and pick me up at 12.30 . In case you think I am a real diva, I allready told him no I am happier to go catch a cab but the same dialogue that took place in the past, were replayed (Him: no need take cab, I am JUST about finished! Me: You are busy, I am gone, BYE. Him: Eh I am walking to you lar! Me: Ok Ok! ) Maybe he's really free today??

So I rearranged everything again, seing that my lunch time was now NOT going to be free. Halfway back to office (traffic was bad) I got a call, Doctor said can I go see her NOW. eh? Ok, we turned back. She was there this time.Apparently she DOESN'T have a clinic till 12.30 but then she made time for meeeeee.......wahhh so spesel lah I nih......

So we waited at her reception, and got weighed (I weigh HOW MUCH??????!!!!) and then got my bp taken again and then ushered to the VIP waiting room (got such place huh) and then finally got to see her.

This gynae was really really nice! I was babbling away 100000 words a minute, I was so nervous. As I recall,last time there was some discomfort involved in putting in new IUD.Discomfort the way you have root canal without any pain relief type of discomfort. But never mind, this was just to take out only no sweat. Ee malunye I thinking back what the heck I was talking about to her..i was telling her she was gorgeous lah (She was), I wanted to sue my husband lah (for the scope haha). I should really have a "mute" button. Ok no comments please on this cause I know its going to be a "like". !!

I had told hubby, no need to put new one lah, we try one last hurrah ok. Number SIX. Nak tak? Cepat! He looked at the women who came for check up and said nooooooo lah. tak penat ke? (Maybe his answer was motivated by the fact that he had come back home from OT at 5 am that morning and he was half zombied and he was no way going to be coerced into doing the sleepless routine again) (He is at home now sleeping!)

So when the doctor asked me "...and we're putting a new one in??" I said no, he said yes. So in the end, since he had been so nice driving me here there everywhere, it was yes lah. ( I respond well to bribery)

I told the doctor that it reallllllly hurt last time, having my insides pinched to put the coil in and she said it was because it was not done during your menstrual cycle. Ye ke? I never knew that you had to have your period before you can remove or put in your IUD. see, last time was a male doctor. he was lovely. But still , a man.

She then fiddled around, took the old one out (and showed me -eeeuuuuu) and then put one in, Me babbling at supersonic jet speed I was er-slightly nervous.Takut nak masuk tu sakit. Memang lah tapi I would not say pain like fire pain, or sakit gigi pain, but like you have a cramp pain or urat tersepit pain. It was over in a minute and soon my husband and I thanked her and we left...him 20 strides ahead. Me clutching my back and hobbling gently cause I was told to watch it in case it doesn't settle in the right place. Heh?? Can ah. Where is IT going to go?

The funny thing is, the doctor told me, she has not removed her own for 2 years!!!Laaa ye ke!!

I have 3 years now, and now I cannot ter pregnant or tersurprise kan my husband with me being ter pregnant. Baguslah kot. Nadine would be 18 in 3 years , mak dia nak lagi baby??Issh issh issh issh...

Ok lah that's it. I am still clutching my back but otherwise life is as normal. Hubby can put off that BIG SNIPSNIP I want him to go for, for another 3 years.. Let's see how men like having their insides messed about. He he.



Cik Puan Kamil said...

Good luck in asking ur hubby to get the snip snip. My hubby promised me on my daughter's delivery bed that he was gonna do it tapi sampai la tak dak pun. Kawan tu dah darjah satu dah pun...

But kalau u berjaya... please write it here so I can show my hubby ... ha ha

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ok my husband said, he can do it for your husband, no problem.

On himself. taknak. On other people, boleh volunteer service.

Boleh tak..hehehe

MrsNordin said...

Hee.. hee... men are always like that!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...