Tuesday, March 30, 2010


how to pay!! Bank calling me oready!! Scared to pick up..I dont have the maahneyyy!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Maid Episod ke 4- Drama paling BEST!

Ever since we got back I've been kind of ignoring my maid. I mean, I'm polite enough, and still pepper my requests with "please" and "thanks" . Remember she is the one who complains of stabbing tummy pain and also legs that are like jelly and athritic pain? I almost sent her home until it hit me that I have spent RM8000 for her and I would need to spend another RM5000 to get another helper and really I should treat whatever ailments she has HERE in Malaysia rather than send her home. Right?

When I came back mom gave a report that when mom visited the house the maid seemed happy enough, cooking 3 types of dishes (for herself) and moving about quite nimbly. What she says she is feeling and what she does are entirely 2 different things.

So when we returned I tried my best to just get on with work. She goes about with THE MOST MASAM (sour) and THE LONGEST FACE EVER and she shuffles so slowly but I am cheerfully ignoring her. Until last night when mom and dad came and stayed and we cooked Mee Hailam and I asked her to do stuff and her SHUFFLING and her LOONGG face just irritated me and I told her "SMILE !" Goodness gracious!!

This morning I started cooking lunch, and because I don't really like being in the kitchen I moved around with lightning speed . She was nowhere to be seen, presumably in her room. (See, I don't make my diva maid do much!) Hearing the commotion she came out and when I turned to ask her to fetch something from the fridge I nearly SCREAMED! Her hair was uncombed and falling over her face, her faded white tshirt (we have bought her at least 5 new tshirts but she insists on wearing the old one a- maximum impact I guess) was splotchy and her face twisted in pain.

I had to ask her- whats wrong with you?? Go and have a bath!! I don't want you to work looking like that.!

She immediately seized the opportunity to tell me, she is in pain, and she has had this pain even when I was gone and it's not made up. Everyday she cries. To which I said "Why do you need to cry?? My mom has bad rheumatic pain but she has never behaved like you! My husband sees patients everyday and none of them wail like you! Eh malu lah!"

She sat down (while I was busy chopping stuff ok) and continued to cry , pathetically. I mean,. I am sorry. I am sure she is not well, but carrying on like that?? If it really is painful the pain would not go away, yet the pain is such to make her cry like that one minute, and then behave normally the next!

I said to her very clearly. "Bibik. listen to me. I am very sorry you feel ill. and as soon as I can I will get you admitted to GH and investigate your pains. I AM NOT SENDING YOU BACK. You are staying with us for the 2 years. I am NOT , repeat NOT, going to send you back.

And then, she ROLLED ON TO THE FLOOR!!! She sobbed "Saya kesal Ibu!!" "I feel remorseful, I regret that I cannot work" etc etc. But ,she can ! that's the point! Mom said she just does not want to be bothered je. But she can work.

I raised my voice "HOI!! You are a mother of 3 grown up children! Mengucaplah* OI! Ada ke rolling rolling on the floor ni?? Think of God , for heaven's sake! "
(recite the shahadah)

and THEN!!!


"Now, I want you to believe me, that I will send you to hospital " I said. "We will not ignore you. But in the meantime. please do not overreact like this. Remember, I DID NOT ASK FOR YOU TO COME HERE. I DID NOT FORCE YOU TO WORK HERE , YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WANTED TO COME. NOW I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF 5 KIDS, AND YOU? I will send you to hospital but YOU WILL PAY ALL THE BILLS" . After all, were she to go home to Indonesia, she would have to foot the bill herself right??

Goodness gracious. What do you think eh.

I will get her admitted. let her have the entire treatment. And investigation. See how she likes it when people here take her pains seriously. I think she is TOO MUCH!! KISSING MY FEET?????

Yikes!! Rano karno , come over and fetch your sister!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I still haven't gotten around to putting up the pictures and posting about the Trip.

In fact it feels like a dream je. That we went, and that we have come back. While we were there, we felt really jakun the first 2 days, and then somehow it felt rather normal, as if we picked up from when we were there last 11 years ago and as if we never had this other life in KL. It's the strangest thing! It was as if we visited our old life in a dream. When we return home, our life resumes and it's as if we never left KL! Sounds really weird I know. Masa mula sampai we thought of staying on but towards the end we realised we had made the right decision in coming home..

Life certainly went back to normal almost immediately. Kids had one day off school, but we both went to work. The first day was ok. we were raring to go. The second day though, we felt tired and sleepy. The third day I had to drag myself out of bed. And I would be dozing off at work and only perked up at around 3 pm- 7 am UK time. I hope today , a whole 5 days after, we'll be more alert! There are stuff still unpacked.

Sorry guys i really did not have the time to shop . The stuff I have bought are mainly food! And now I wish I had maybe spent less time eating chocolates and more shopping - I didn't even get to go to any High Street he he. BUt it was really fun meeting old friends.

There was Uncle Tejinder. family dentist, family friend
Then there was Sara : Family friend and fellow Korean Drama fan!
And Edward and Sara with their kids Henry and Lauren
And then there was Mr Peshek the 85 year old Music teacher who took husband to Kettering HOspital all those years ago when he broke his arm
And there was Mr and Mrs Green , husband's housemasters
And there was Helen M- flatmate, friend
And there was Iki (dr iskandar) and Hayley, former housemate of husband (and he says, mine too. ha ha Iki) and now father of 2 and a half.
and of course my lovely family: there was in Ireland, my brother Sazzli and then my cousin Angah. Also my cousin Aizad . Then my cousin Baby (whom I met at the airport on the very last day) with her husband Zizan.

Where got time to shop waaaaannnn....

Anyway insyallah ada rezeki pergi lagi ek>>Tapi kalau boleh nak pi Mecca lah dulu...karang kena "panggil" mengadap God without ever having the chance to visit the Holy city, that would be a waste!

Ok lah I better sort my kids out now and maybe start the posts about the trip.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Let me tell you about my kids

A quick one because theoretically I am very busy but let me get this off my chest

I have five children, as you all know.

So 4 of them are girls.

One is and has been made aware that she needs to be responsible bla bla and on her we pin her all our hopes. Nama pun means Hope kan...

Another one is always feeling overshadowed and everytime she does not perform she will beat herself down and her self esteem is not on the high side. She thinks we do not love her as much as the others. I know this. I know she tries very hard to please but she always feel that we pick on her, and we are not as nice to her as to the others. She has this angst all inside her and if you ever read her diary ( I never understand what the fuss is about moms reading kids' diaries. It's a right I got from having to push you guys out a small opening and the price of loose pelvic muscle ok?) she has this tough chick exterior> She hangs out with her friends all with this attitude of "me against the world". I want so much to tell her that she does not need to be so prickly and since i know you read my blog, please know that you do not be so defensive, we are not picking on you, the others get whacked as well and just because you get told off does not mean anyone is playing favourites against you. Having said that even I am conscious of always having to tell this one off because she is the one who will use violence against her siblings. She has a temper and she is very stubborn but she is the passive aggressive nature which always manage to get my goat. I just need this daughter to relax, chill and trust that we all love her. I feel she is a tight prickly little ball and she feels undefended in the family and she is most comfortable with her friends. I need to prevent her from going into herself and not think she has a family.

Another is a happy go lucky one always thinking of herself and what she wants to do and what she likes , shewill sulk till kingdom comes and her mulut so muncung and I will end up giving her what she wants and gets very irritated with her. She is always getting scoldings from me for being so self absorbed ! She loves girly stuff and she is absolutely adorable when she is not being irritatingly stubborn. She is another one I can anticipate going " YOu never let me do anything" or "I hate you!" . As it is her favourite words is WHY MEEEE????

Another is a very efficient doer and when she wants something she wants something and you had better go and do whatever it is you promised her you would do. She is a negotiator and I have drilled it in the kids that you do not fight, you make a deal. She is a real expert at this and she loves to play with her siblings. She is also real tenacious and if she has an idea she will get you to help her. She always gets her way because she wears you out frankly.

And another is mature, responsible , at the same time a kid still and remembers all promises and try to make mummy and daddy feel better when tired. A baby but a big person

These are the things I have always instilled in my kids and I wish they can really appreciate this:











Boley tak kiddoes??

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My first born

Picture was taken by friend and former flatmate Helen, she came to visit us in Chelmsford and I took her to the park with Nadine. I remember carrying her for most of the time. Actually i remember being very cold and my friend wanted the loo!

Nadine was a good baby and being my first born I had a lot of time for her and to layan everylittle quirks and whims. Ahh those were the times..Now nak cakap dengan anak pun macam tak sempat and there is certainly more than one! Family is fun though..!

Then and now

Kids waiting to go home...
Husband fulfilling long fantasy ha ha


Dulu dan sekarang...can you tell who is who??

Boy we are so heavy! looking at the recent pictures, hubby and I look really rolypoly!

I have always said I don't really mind, but this is ridiculous!

We must be the heaviest we have ever been!

So tomorrow we are BOTH going to go on a diettt.. and perhaps rejoin a gym..? the problem is he is now so busy !

I therefore have to say a sad farewell for the moment to my stash of jaffacakes and aeromints chocs that no one is supposed to touch and also a bye bye to the salt and vinegar , cheese and onion crisps that my bibik has set aside. Sob sob.

Like Sister in law says..if you don't make time for exercise now, you have to make time for being sick later.

Anyway the kids are all back in school, I don't know if they are still jetlagged or what but I certainly fell asleep many times yesterday> Strange, the first day back I was absolutely fine, but the 2nd day I kept falling off and snoozing. I'm sure the driver when sending me to see client heard me snoring like a champion . Ah never mind larh.

Ok lar i better go back to bed. I have the most horrendous sleeping habits. I thought I'd blog about the trip but it was just SO MUCH! I have to set aside a specific 2 hours to upload pics and do justice to all the kind people whom we visited. what I know however is it was very much like balik kampung , or going back home, not to sound like a pratt or implying I am secretly english but in the sense that we were spending the time to see family and friends! There was v little time to shop actually but it was still very nice nevertheless.

ok then tata...talk to you later...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home sweet home

We are so very very very very happy to be home!

Johan said, looking out the window of the plane as we land- wooah, trees with leaves!!

And they have missed the warmth.

And I miss my own bed.

Although a BIG HUG goes out to our hosts especially to cousin FIFI and ABBAR who put us up and gave us such a royal treatment and also indulged in my need to bring back stuff no one puts on their shopping list like SHAMPOO and also three types of COFFEE. Nearly late checking in and almost missing the plane.

Still cannot sleep and will zonk out tomorrow I'm sure.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A very long summary. (pics separate)

kids have started sniffling! Waaah! it's all this going into the car- hot, and getting out- cold!

Although must say everyone's been saying how the weather had been absolutely AWFUL until just a few days ago, coincidentally, after we arrived! So we must have brought KL weather with us.. Now if only I can bring some of UK weather home..I just read in the STAR that water levels of dams are low!

We're now in Holiday Inn Oxford- darn expensive and would not have chosen to go here especially walk in rate, but what to do, we went to see Ed, husband's friend and the dinner took longer than we thought, it ended abt 11am! Anyway I have work to do so I bought the internet connection but now I am distracted by blogging and etc etc !!!

Ok ok I better rewind.


We arrived back in London on Monday night, with my brother. Rupanye if you arrive from Ireland you only need to show your boarding pass to be let into UK and not have to go through passport control again. Anyway went to Travelodge Stansted and let me tell you it was GREAT!! For just GBP19 per room, it was big and comfy and the complimentary stuff were very good- at least takda bagi kokak kopi or what- it was proper twinnings and nescafe.

Eh ok ok husband is rushing me now. I have to do a separate blog lar for UK - macam Mumbai punya. I will make it very long and full of pictures ok

For now, just to summarise, and remind me of what we did:

Monday night- arrived , lepak at Travelodge, sesat first, went to GT dunmow town proper and very nice, etc etc. I got up at 4 in the morning and was looking for my laptop which was with hubby and for some reason I thought hubby was next door (he was in a totally different room) and so I went out, barefoot and pantless (in night shirt) and of course tudung less, and knocked insistently on the door and imagine my HORROR when this matsalleh BOTAK opened the DOOR! I said SORRY and fled back to my room! This was, yes 4 in the am.

Tuesday morning- melantak had full breakfast at Travelodge, GBP 21 for about 8 of us, fantastic value , although i could not enjoy it so much because kept seeing bald mat salleh man around! That must be the guy who I had woken up!!!

Tuesday pm- went to London and drove around to London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Buckingham etc. Decided to find JaneAsher's shop in the very nice district of Chelsea, stopped and found Marks and Spencer was having a sale and I nearly got 40 bottles of handcream until my brother stopped me and made me put them all back. Oh yeah when we got to JaneAsher's shop it was closed and there was a man there behind the counter and I knocked and knocked after all it only closed like 15 mins before so they should be able to open it and let me have the list of stuff i wanted right. Seeing that I refused to leave even though he made signs that the shop was closed, he reluctantly came out and I then explained that I had travelled 10000 miles to get the stuff and pppppppleeeeeeeeeeeasssse can he let me in?? He said "love Ive been up since 7 am" (Like that's my worry?) and he said the best thing to do is to leave the list with him and to get it again the next morning. I shd not have spoken in english accented english.

Oh yeah you know something, I now have a fake accent. I can't help it. seriously. I am soo empathetic (or is it pathetic??) that I will adopt unconsciously without even trying, the accent of whoever I am speaking to. If indian, indian lah I. Hai why ah? Im sure i sound like a real pratt. Nanti balik sure jadi makcik kiah youuuu!!!

Tuesday night was at Days Inn Hotel another surprisingly good value hotel it was definitely 4 star as well! Although a bit annoying as they put us on different floors and I had to go all lawyerly on them and told them that I had called earlier and confirmed that we were supposed to be in adjoning rooms hello!! There ARE 8 of us and I booked the rooms together why on earth would you think I would not want adjoining rooms? anywayy they were ok , I was apologetic after blowing my top as usual. And the next day they gave us rooms next to each other. The rooms were very big, they gave us 2 extra mattresses on the floor and it was VERY NICE.

Wednesday morning we went out to catch some guards looking for change/ changing of the guard thing at Buckingham Palace also known as waiting around behind a lot of people for a long time and analysing the back of their coats/jeans. Everyone stood facing the road or facing the gate and there were SO MANY people just waiting and when I asked the American next to me she said she had NO IDEA what was happening. and when I asked the ITALIAN beside me she said the same thing, so everyone was basically waiting for something they ABSOLUTELY HAD NO CLUE ABOUT. hahah. Kids were of course bored as anything and also could not see anything. I kept nagging my brother to just leave lah, we'll look it up on Youtube or something haha. We had not had breakfast yet and it was nearly noon. Husband could not find parking place at all so he left us by the road side to find a space and the next thing i knew he had texted brother to say he was in Jane Asher' s place (in chelsea 40mins away) and he would meet us at Madm Tussaud's.

I mean, actually i wanted to at least tangkap gambar /take pics at the typical tourist places like big ben etc but it was decided that we shd go see London Dungeon and Madam Tussaud so that took the later half of the day away. Come to think of it. though, kids were getting a bit bored allready no matter how many times I told them they should be soo appreciative of London after all not everyone can see what they are seeing right?? But kids lah, they tried their best to be grateful but after awhile started to argue lah, gaduh lah so I know it was time to get them entertained!

Mdm Tussaud- great, took pics with every statue , got pic with the Obamas. ramainye orangputihhhh..The guards noticed us, and spoke malay to us "Apa kabar" etc i think because we were the only non -orang puteh there. Hahah.

London Dungeon hahahaha kelakar nye sebab Sophia point blank refused to go in, she had done some research and was scared witless. She kept saying I am NOT going in so THERE and stopped in front of the entrance. But in the end we forced her to go in and she enjoyed it! Dahlia was picked as one of the "criminals" to be tried in front of the judge and she had to go into the dock and was accused of peeing in the river of london hahahah. So the kids had fun there. The best part was the ride where we were "dropped" as if we were hung from the gallows. The actors and actresses were fantastic! The gift shop was fantastic too and I had to drag the kids away. Dahlia: "Mummy can i get 18 pens for my friends?" Waah??

Then it was night and we went to see Uncle tejinder, old family friend and family dentist. Brother could not remember him but went along anyway and we brought dinner along . Kids slept though and didn't eat. Uncle just lost his wife recently and I don't know how he is coping living alone...When we went home I reminded adek that this was THE DOCTORTEJINDERSINGH the dentist and he said "I only know one kat Kinrara kem" and I said yeah thats the same one and something clicked and he yelped and said "OOOHHH DOCTOR TEJINDER TUUUU KEEE??? OH MY GAWD!!" or something like that. Heh heheheheheheh. it was very funny. er yes, we don't have good memories of the dentist hahaha. Having said that he was a very good dentist.

Thursday morning we packed up and went off , to send my brother off to Heathrow, before heading to see a very lovely lady called Sa*ra who is mak z's friend. We got there a bit late abt 1.30 - she had prepared a HUGE SPREAD all Iranian food and I am still salivating from the thought of it, Sara can you pls let me know what the dishes are called again? She has a lovely country house and 2 acres of land behind the house and the kids were very embarrassingly NOT SHY AT ALL!! They went exploring the "garden" and they also gawked and ooh and ahhed over the house. Dahlia of course wants our house to look like that now. S*ara showed me her AMAZING korean drama collection and what is amazing is we were discussing Korean actors and Korean dramas in the heart of a typical english village !

Then we finally left (minutes before we were booted out I have a feeling we were getting a bit too comfortable in her house ha ha!).. off to Oxford for tea with hubby's old friend Ed! Ok this warrants an entire blog because it was great catching up! They cooked us jamieoliver's cod and prawn in cheese sauce , Their children Lauren (5 but so grown up like 10) and Henry (3) went to bed at abt 8 pm like this- "mummy, i'm tired. can you put me to bed??" and mom went up, and changed them into pajamas, and then said night night and they were fast asleep!! HEY What's the secret Sara!!(Ed's wife was also called Sara!)

This is ME putting the kids to sleep- "WOOOIITT GO TO SLEEP LAR! IT's 11 PM NOW !! If you don't sleep in 10 seconds I am seriously going to LOSE IT!"


Ed asked us where we were sleeping that night and we did not book anything so he called travelodge for us and everything was full so he called Holiday Inn and husband said OKAY !! Although I'm going what the heck>> Mahal lar oit!

Anyway here we are still and we shd really go as we need to go and eat breakfast. Although husband has bought strawberries/ raspberries/ sponge pudding/ taramasalata/ soreen /breakfast milk etc for us to eat. I am now slowly becoming a balloooooooonnnn..

Later on we are going off to Uppingham and then Shrewsbury (otherwise Sara will merajuk as she was born there) and then up to Nottingham to see cousin FIFI!! Yayyy!!!!

Then tomorrow I plan to go round Nots and check out lace although I was told that there are NO MORE LACE in the LACE MARKET! Aparah..!! Then Sunday home...maybe I can squeeze in London again? Macam tak puas lar..

Ok that's it so far- I will post in a separate blog so as not to bore more people ha ha.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cork and Dublin!

Wow. seriously lupa what cold is. I am typing in the comfort of my adek's house, suka hati guna washin machine dia macam rumah sendiri heh heh sorry ye dek. 2 hari tak basuh baju macam 2 minggu! Ye lah, 7 ppl can you imagine.(by the way dek...Hot water dah run out. cold nyeee...macam mandi dalam perigi! Are you trying to get rid of us ni ha ha)

At the moment, husband is drying the clothes outside. His favourite activity anyway when we were still living in the UK. Mine is the putting in washing machine part. No one likes the lipat folding part. Hence I have 4 girls haha. We did put them in the dryer but I think there were too many clothes so it didn't dry properly. I'm replying to work emails going please reply by 17th erks. Kids watching Fairy Godparents. Brother cooking spaghetti.

Today maybe go see Killarney.Yesterday we went to Cork and also Dublin. Jauhnya mak datok oii Dublin. walaupun actually 2 jam lebih sikit. Lalu a combination of highways and also small roads. The small roads pass through very pretty towns like Durrow. ala ala midsommer night murders gitu. Takda lah indians or turbanned ppl or chinese people. Semua nya very touristy. All the names at signs ada dua , one in Gaellic and the other one in English. Ala ala jawi lah i suppose. We stopped at the couple of gas stations and I bought HELLO and OK! (Nanti I bagi you ok Kitchen Guardian) .

Before we set off to Dublin we went to Cork. Cork the city was closed because it was a Sunday. Excited lah gak nampak Marks and Spencer, debenhams etc tapi tutup kan, so no point gak lah. Went to the university, adek berenti and we went round, MAK OI sejuknya but very pretty. Loads of people outside walking the dog, sitting with their books., or simply just sitting down. the weather was nice and sunny but the wind was pretty cold. Kids took loads of pics .

We stopped at Kildare retail outlet. satu tempat wajib , a must stop. It has 50 retail outlets, supposedly cheaper than normal. Anya Hindmarsh bags from 900 euro to 400 euro. It's still 400 euro isn't it. There are PINK shirts for 19 Euros (no size for me, have not been size 10 in yonks honey) . Other brand outlets were Cath Kidston, Ralph Lauren, Clarks, Monsoon, Le Creuset, Bally (ada nice offers but not so nice design), DKNY, bedroom things. etc etc etc.

We were there for quite a while. Hubby was choosing shoes, he took absolutely ages. he complained to the kids that I take too little time to make decisions. He takes absolutely ages. ABSOLUTELY. Belek kiri and kanan. He was about to buy then he said "but then I have too many shoes allready". THEN WHY DID YOU GO INTO A SHOE SHOP in the first place??? Wagh. In the end we all waited in the car. Clarksgood bargain, mahal but if you consider that the price in KL is 6 times more, macam worth it.

Didn't get to Dublin sampai lah petang..then went to look for FOOD first. Dublin has its slum area, and that's where banyak tempat halal dekat Dublin rupanya so we got the ayam goreng halal and huge chips. Puas lah hati husband , he's been wanting those huge chips like forever. Then we drove to PHOENIX PARK and stopped when we saw huge herds of DEER macam lepak je without any gate or fencing etc. So the kids all stopped and went out. Princess Gunung Ledang mummy sat in the car where it was warm and toasty. Sophia was also asleep. How on earth did Husband ever do the Pennine walk in this weather.

When we got to Dublin there was a carnival - fun fair going on. Yelah it was St Patrick's day. But NOWAY hose I was going to let the kids go there as they were allready sniffling and showed all signs of having a cold. We stopped at Hood's place, my brother's almost brother. Whom he knew since sekolah rendah . Hood gave us coffee thank you and a place to lepak.

balik by abt 11 kot. I wanted to go wee but then I thought takpalah we stop at some Petronas station or what. Would you believe it TAKDA gas station open?? I had to hold it all the way home. We actually stopped and banged at one ESSO station and the lady said that she is not allowed to OPEN the door! patut buat je drama kat situ..hehehe

reach home cannot go sleep. had to reply to emails. So in the end slept at 6 am? But it was all in all a good day.
Ok gotta go and get ready. Have to go see cousin Anny and husband in about -er NOW.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Cork is cold. so far has not seen any of it, except on the way back to my brother's house. Hubby insists on getting a car walaupun my brother has 2 cars (one is his MIL's) . Anyway arrived, ate pastawhich Adek cooked, played with gorgeous Jood, went to sleep, kids played wii, then they went to Tesco and picked up ayam halal, then adek's wife cooked nasi and kari ikan salmon and then went to sleep again and now I'm awake but kids are all zonked out and husband is zonked out too. I came down to the kitchen and Mas masaklagi nasi ayam! Seriously rajin ! And now guess what- I want to sleep again!!

PS dad dapat main golf dengan adek tadi, hence the need for the rest of us to rest at home. tomorrow we are going around to cork and maybe dublin.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi from Stansted Airport [updated]

This post is costing me 3 pounds and I have about 5 mins left yikes. Anyway we arrived safely, and Air Asia X ROCKS!!! (puts up 2 fingers ala ala peace sign macam rocker)

LCCT pun dah ok lar..Firstly the checkin area kat LCCT is separated from therest so macam tak crowded, then now ada restaurants macam Marrybrown and Theobroma! We all checked in really early, then had lunch at Theobroma, while I quickly lepas idam kat Marrybrown, and Husband makan kat Mc D (anak anak je makan mahal). Lepas tu pi solat pas tu pi shopping buku lepas tu suddenly LAST CALL!

lari terus and finally got in, orang tu tanya kat mana tadi kak?? rupanya kena be at the gate 20 mins before.

Sampai in the plane, what a lovely surprise, it was spacious and exactly like MAS. jumpa db*urn husband's friend and family there. He sat alone and I sat with kids in 3 rows seblah tingkap. Because we were late ada dah couple duduk tempat we all but they graciously moved and anyway I told them they do not want to sit between my kids maaan.

I hated the AIRASIAX flgt to Gold Coast but I love this one. Banyak space utk kaki, food sedap, and i boleh order apa apa- half way between lunch anddinner I bought krispy creme for the kids (yeah the kids, betoll...!) and milo. Malam dapat chicken pasta and nasi lemak . Although next time TAKYAH book online because the meal on board is CHEAPER. Except no guarantee ada lagi lar since the food sold out pretty fast! Also rented the movie player that cost RM30 each but can last for 6 hours so that was good for a couple of movies- kids watched Madagascar and Alvin. Sewa about 3 sbb duduk lain lain.

Sampai kat London last last....wooohooooott! Going to Cork next. 5 hours in between yikes. Quick reshuffling of bags, so that we only carry handluggage, then out we went . Ingat kan boleh lah lepak as a family on proper seats but then ramainya tourists etc yang baring terus atas kerusi kau. Kalau wangi takpa tapi busuk smelly ! In the end pilih je spot yang tak ramai lepak and just sat down. Kids had to overcome their standard lah, kenalah lepak sekali. nadine taknak tido sbb malu lah tido atas lantai. daya and johan boh je. I told them they HAVE to sleep.

Oh lupa, i dah selamat makan AEROMINT- heheh ..and WALKERS CRISP Cheese and Onion!! and Salt and Vinegar!! and malteasers!! hahahaha..tak lak rasa mahal sbb otak dah tak convert haha

Ok will catch you soon. 2 minutes more je... bilaaa lah si counter Ryan Air nak bukak laar.

PS update- we managed to catch our flight at 6.20 am. But the boarding gate felt like it was in another timezone it was sooo far . And it was certainly a challenge trying to get 7 bags up the plane with only 2 adults managing it! Ryanair is very strict , there were signs everywhere to say that if your bag is not this and this size and not this or this weight, you may be refused flight. or something. So imagine rulefollower me, being so very worried and myhusband got very irritated taht I was worried. In the end they all lepas, the only thing is the bags the kids takdapat nak carry sebab kena naik tangga onto the plane. We were the last to go in and last to go out. Flight was good, very very sunny flying to ireland, thats because we were flying above a thick CARPET of clouds. once we landed i realised that the clouds meant NO SUN haha.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Packing is hell

More than communication skills or lack thereof, I'm sure packing for a trip must be close to being the top reasons for divorce/family disputes. Over stating it a bit? You wouldn't say so if you were here not a few minutes ago.

At9 pm I arrived home, having tried to squeeze work that I should have gotten done last week, into 2 hours. I would have succeeded too, had I not suddenly smelt this jasmine fragrance..very light indeed but since I was alone and it was a Malam Jumaat (eve of Friday) it was good enough reason to cabut home .

Came home to find husband STILL not home, despite his calls earlier telling me to come back as we had to do a lot of packing. We have been packing, really,if you count dumping all the kisd' clothes on the floor and then scrounge around for available suitcases as Packing. Rupanye my husband was picking up laundry and BUYING TUDUNG for his kids. Yesterday he was late coming back and he was BUYING JEANS for his kids. Did I tell you he's the shopper in the family? He came back soon after cause my auntie N and hubby arrived at 10. They offered us a couple of coats. Oh auntie, tidakkah you tau husband saya sudah BELI baru??

At 10.30 my parents came. Mom had a glint in her eye, in full "packing" mode,. She packs all the stuff for all of us masa student, and she has a precision found only in the military ha. And she must miss packing for her kids , since youngest brother coming home for good means she has no one to pack for anymore...So she came, only to find that we had done NOTHING in terms of packing, clothes were still on the hangers, and various keropoks etc still in their boxes.

Oh you wanna hear something funny? My aunties had given some foodstuff to bring over for their respective children, and I had put to one side outside, and my maid, in a moment of sudden rajin ness, decide to unpack and keep all the stuff in the cupboard! I only found out when I spied her looking at the spices pack! I thought "hmm, that looks strangely familiar" and then it hit me that eh this is from Auntie N , who asked us to pass to her son! (who had better cook something with it while we're there ok Aizad apa you think postal services ni free ke ha ha ha) . Anyway I asked the maid hat happened to the ikan bilis (anchovies) that auntie N gave , rupanye, she had kept in in the fridge! I asked her to reassemble the packs and I just pray that she has gotten everything right. If not, sorry ok cousins, you come home and I will buy you the keropok/ikanbilis etc.

Anyyyyyway. ...back to the packing . Dad in law and mom in law then also arrived soon after! Also asking us why we were so relaxed! Did we not realise we had a trip to go on? Again proving my mother in law is the sweetest person ever, she gave us all hand stockings and also head scarves so we can pray without having to wear formal telekung!

I felt like orang pergi haji lak. Yesterday Mak B and Mak Z, mom in law's sisters, and their lovely husbands came over. Mak B generously brought sate and also mihoon! How thoughtful and how timely! I would say langkah kanan but I was the host he he tak malu tol kan, wallap je.

MakZ surprised us by giving a packet of POUNDS for the kids, and I made the mistake of TELLING the kids, So now I have Johan writing in his "journal".."what to buy with xx pounds that Atok Z gave" .( Aiyah. So mummy cannot pow lah hah). Thank you so very much Mak Z! BTW husband is actually quite worried abt Uncle Y's condition and hope it goes away soon. It's been a bit too long lar.

Back to the packing....we finally got off our backside to casually flip through the clothes.Then, panic lah kan. Wow banyak nye baju! So many clothes! So little time! Although we have 105 kg to bring over to Stansted, we have to leave 30kg cause we'll be going straight to Cork and I was too cheap to buy baggage allocation on RyanAir so we now have to make sure we carry only 10kg of hand luggage each and measuring a certain dimension. So to avoid the need to repack nanti, I thought what a clever idea it would be if I pack 7 handluggages yang menepati criteria now! But from KL,check them all in as baggage!Sampai stansted, wallah, thats your handluggage! The huge bag kena tinggal though and that's going to cost me about GBP30 .

It did get a bit noisy as mom, me, dad and hubby all argued over the best way of packing .And hubby was upset that I left all the kids' cotton blouses home...honey, i think cotton blouses when the temp is 5 degrees outside would probably not be a good idea what say you. And mom why do we need to bring so many tops for the kids??

Finally all is done....although i must say I did not expect it to be a family project! he he . Thank you mom..!

Phew. Mom could go home and I can now go to sleep. OOOPS sorry, I mean, I can now continue to draft what ever this is that I'm looking at.

Bye guys..catch you later!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I am looking forward to

1. Sainsbury

2. Soreen Maltloaf

3. Easter eggs

4. Jaffa cakes

5. the Chocolates

6. Sainsbury

7. the Campus

8. Lace market!! (didn't appreciate it first round and now hope got space in luggage to squeeze in at least 1 table cloth)

9. Breakfast Milk

10. Fog

11. Any temperature lower than 50 degrees, which we have been experiencing over here.

12. Wearing jumper (this is true for my anglophile husband)

13. Sainsbury(ha ha! Memang kaki makan)

14. Walkers' Crisp (and none of this tomato flavoured chips here)

15. Charity Shops!(my source of all Bally/balenciaga etc etc shoes over there!)

Just to let you know

That we haven't packed.

That we have booked 2 cabs because hubby does not trust the driver from office with his car.

That we now have about 20 tonnes of ikan bilis and keropok hahaha!

That I'm also praying the airzamzam will not burst during journey. Can you actually take liquid even though its checked in?

That i have not finished my work yet!

That I am panicking.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dont be mad, Edward fans

I actually love the Twilight saga...and I don' t mean any disrespect, but I came across this long ago and it totally cracked me up and sorry if I posted this before -!

Ps it's a bit rude. and no one under 18 shd read this.


the rest can CLICK below:


Found at bee mp3 search engine

Monday, March 08, 2010


Oh well

We can only plan eh?

The concert charity tu, tak dapat pergi. Because it clashed with the birthday party of the bestest friend's daughter. My husband's best friend since he was 18 , yang actually macam bini dia, whom I had to impress when he first flew from Belfast to Nottingham to meet his friend's "girlfriend". Itulah dia Dr BNLB, a very baik hati punya orang...prone to being sensitive, and boleh merajuk, and definitely someone you do NOT want to tell you cannot go to his 2nd daughter's birthday because you have a RM100 each ticket to some measly concert. hahaha..friendship is too important so we sacrificed lah going to see Jaclyn V and instead munched happily on agar agar pandan (pandan jelly) with such gusto that the hostess finally packed some back for me (unashamedly I accepted ha!)

Then unplanned sleepover at mom and dad, purely because we haven't seen them for so long (about 3 days) and we were summoned. Haha. Dad started again on his favourite topic as in why are you not staying with me" and no amount of "Dad, I'm 40 and we have 5 kids" will convince him that us moving in with him is not such a great idea. At the end of it I grinned and said OK! Let's move in! Heh heh.Panic sat dia..biar lah atok layan cucu dia 247..

Oh yea, the sports day! I went to get the kids at 11 am, and missed half of it, I am definitely the world's WORST MOM. Sorry lah kids, too hot to go out lar. Am glad that they had their sports thingy indoors, at the UIA sports complex (ladies). I met this lady , fellow mom and we now have a date this Thursday (!) and plus! I was roped into taking part in the parents event, and for the first time ever, had to SKIP seven times, pick out beans from a jar (20 kidney beans, 20 red beans etc- er where is daddy when you need him) and I got a juicer! (The manual type) yay!! Kids were all over the place, they had their friends and refused to go home except for Sophia who wanted to go back to mandi and was very hot and very melekit moan moan complain complain. haha

The maid- she is very heaty and cold and the day after we slept over at mom's i found her curled up in stockings so I took her to GH for a thorough medical checkup. Biarlah dia duduk ward kejap and get all the tests done and blood taken (wahahahaha) But before I arrived at GH I called the agent who advised me to basically send her back. She basically wants to go back so she will continue to be "ill". I had scolded her and told her I would never forgive her for all the trouble she has put me through due to her lying about her age (no one forced her right) and she will have to answer to God for what she has done. Her face is stone lah of course. This kind of maid, never mind, can go home. I felt strangely happy and calm once we made the decision to do without her. Bayar BAYAR LAH~!!!!!

Ok! Byeeee!

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Dia Isabella
Lambang cinta yang lara
Terpisah kerana
Adat yang berbeza
Cinta gugur bersama
Daun daun kekeringan...

Confession. I like to sing rock songs at karaoke. You can have your "greatest love of all" and the like, give me "Fantasia Bulan madu", "Sejati" and the perennial favourite which my husband will choose for me, "Kejoraku Bersatu"!! Whether or not I can sing them that's another matter, I may be screeching away like a cat being beaten off with penyapu lidi, but I'd be having fun.

Another singer I love is- SHARIFAHAINI! haha her songs are so melodious and beautiful that I never miss my chance to totally ruin them. Ha ha.

Also 1960s song! Ever since MrsN sang SanisahHuri's Sejak ku bertemu dengan mu, I love that song!

Thanks girls (ex work place) for the karaoke sessions yesterday. Just as I'm sure I surprised you with the liking of rock songs, some of you also surprised me with your Orang Puteh Pop songs choices! Pink?? heh heh.

I have friends from all walks of life. But somehow strangely more comfortable with the clerks rather than the top top bosses. I can really be a makcik kiah, ha ha. I really like makcik Kiah! I can also be a datinwannabe but its really tiring. I'm happy that my friends are real, warm, and never seem to mind my merapuness (or at least, too polite to mention it). It's hard to be merapu when you are trying to "maintain" a cool and elegant front. I do try to "channel" my cool and elegant friend you know who you are, but I always fail miserably and in the end revert back happily to being merapu (what the heck is the english word- a bit mad?) See, you CAN be a graduate of University of Nottingham and be mad.

Ok post done. off to get my kids now.
Dia Isabella
Lambang cinta yang lara
Terpisah kerana
Adat yang berbeza
Cinta gugur bersama
Daun daun kekeringan...

And another thing...

Yesterday I caught Jerry Seinfeld's short skit and he was talking about BB.. yeah he's got a point, how people on BB seem to be addicted to it? heh heh. Are you? do you find your eyes constantly drawn down to it? He said it's as rude as a person who suddenly holds up a magazine in front of your eyes and starts reading it while you speak!

I think it's not just BB. It's handphones generally. Getting notified of your emails etc. Is that good? Why do we have the URGE to go and check it out? like, NOW?? I have actually taken my hp into the shower and I'm not that important! Would it be so bad if it waits for a while ? Another thing I do not know how to do is when I'm on line and then the land line rings. Er?? Do I talk to both? I've been on the receiving end as well and I didn't like it much having to wait while the other person finish up the conversation! But I've been guilty of doing that too! So I think from now on, whatever I have to say to Person no 2 will have to wait till I'm done with person no 1. Heh heh.

Or getting a call while you are chatting with some friends? Especially if the friends are old friends and the gathering has been one in along while, and suddenly you get a call. They would not be in on it, and you are the only one who would know what you are talking about. I suppose then one goes out to chat on the hp? OR ignore the call?

Oh well, I better get back to bed. Am awake but need to go sleep as have to get up in an hour's time. Kids have sports day (girls' only) at UIA. What am I going to do with Jo then since I can't take him. Daddy will of course be working. Then we are going to the pakcik van's daughter's birthday. He sends the kids to school. And then we have a charity concert at UMMC to attend. for cancer patients' benefit. Do you know how much money cancer consumes! It's a worthy cause. The fact that Jaclyn V will be there and my madu in my other life, T. Zara aka Mrs Raja Naz*rin, will grace the event, are all bonus factors! hi hi hi. Oh yeah before that we have to drop by our other bestest friend 's house for his daughter's birthday too.

Another typical weekend eh> Bila laaa I can start cleaning out the other house. Yang dok kosong tu. Yang I moved out of like THREE YEARS AGO. Yang sekarang jadi haven to animals from the zoo / wild . Sorrrrrrryy neighbour. See, what say you if you take the key.

Ok then catch you later!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Something happy

What to write about ....

hmm anyone has something happy to share?

We are healthy, that's one. Someone I know is very sick and we all pray for you and trust in God that He knows best.

Solat for 2010. Hmph masih lagi nak kena paksa, kalau tak lengah sampai last minute..And the kids are also like that (hehe!)

Trip- sorry Boss ! My mind have checked out and is currently on vacation even before the trip ha ha! I Know, I know, I have to bring my laptop.

Hubby- alhamdullillah sehat dah (kong kong batuk) could it POSSIBLY have anything to do with the SMOKING???

Nadine- head of rounders team, tak pasal pasal. My kids do not show any interest in sports. Either that or we don't send them to training grounds . To Sophia blogging is a sport. It is , by the way. Dahlia counts money for sport.

Ok lah byee

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...