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Yesterday I caught Jerry Seinfeld's short skit and he was talking about BB.. yeah he's got a point, how people on BB seem to be addicted to it? heh heh. Are you? do you find your eyes constantly drawn down to it? He said it's as rude as a person who suddenly holds up a magazine in front of your eyes and starts reading it while you speak!

I think it's not just BB. It's handphones generally. Getting notified of your emails etc. Is that good? Why do we have the URGE to go and check it out? like, NOW?? I have actually taken my hp into the shower and I'm not that important! Would it be so bad if it waits for a while ? Another thing I do not know how to do is when I'm on line and then the land line rings. Er?? Do I talk to both? I've been on the receiving end as well and I didn't like it much having to wait while the other person finish up the conversation! But I've been guilty of doing that too! So I think from now on, whatever I have to say to Person no 2 will have to wait till I'm done with person no 1. Heh heh.

Or getting a call while you are chatting with some friends? Especially if the friends are old friends and the gathering has been one in along while, and suddenly you get a call. They would not be in on it, and you are the only one who would know what you are talking about. I suppose then one goes out to chat on the hp? OR ignore the call?

Oh well, I better get back to bed. Am awake but need to go sleep as have to get up in an hour's time. Kids have sports day (girls' only) at UIA. What am I going to do with Jo then since I can't take him. Daddy will of course be working. Then we are going to the pakcik van's daughter's birthday. He sends the kids to school. And then we have a charity concert at UMMC to attend. for cancer patients' benefit. Do you know how much money cancer consumes! It's a worthy cause. The fact that Jaclyn V will be there and my madu in my other life, T. Zara aka Mrs Raja Naz*rin, will grace the event, are all bonus factors! hi hi hi. Oh yeah before that we have to drop by our other bestest friend 's house for his daughter's birthday too.

Another typical weekend eh> Bila laaa I can start cleaning out the other house. Yang dok kosong tu. Yang I moved out of like THREE YEARS AGO. Yang sekarang jadi haven to animals from the zoo / wild . Sorrrrrrryy neighbour. See, what say you if you take the key.

Ok then catch you later!


alamak.BB tu apa ya?
Check out la new things at my blog k?hehe..drool..(cheh perasan kan I ni kak shila?)
Anonymous said…
Yes, I am addicted to my BB. I chose to have lunch with it so i won't be rude by ignoring others. Can ah like that?
BB tu Blackberry lah Putri..all the cool ppl have them nowadays! kecuali saya ler
Anonymous...perhaps we should accept BB into our lives and no longer view it as rude if ppl read it while talking to us. Whole new social etiquettes must be formed! Yay for BB! (having said that I dont have one)
Mimi said…
Salam, I enjoyed reading all your entries. Thank god people like you still exist and that's a compliment. Whether its good or bad you practically take it in your stride and always look at it from the fun and positive side. We need more souls like you to make this world a better one. Stay 'real'. Mimi
Wooot! You made my day Mimi! Don't know how to pretend so this is what you get....Take care!

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