Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I caught up on latest gossip today about malaysian artists. (FOCUS !!!!)


1. nabil kutuk film sendiri- what do you think. Nabil was taken to act as lead actor in this film loosely on his life, but ended up so disappointed in the lack of quality of the film and announced his disappointment in the news. So now he's being sued. On the one hand, he was being honest and perhaps next time producers don't just use famous comedians/names to make a quick buck (*the film was completed in 2 weeks I hear?) but on the other hand- er..why spit in your ricebowl, bite the handthat feeds you etc etc?

2. Our artists being sexy- the funny thing about these gossip columns are that they vilify the artists who dress sexily, pose sexily or caught having fun at some nightclub . I agree that they are public figures and should behave moderately and not lah show that you are a drunk clotheschallenged person. However I feel its just as unislamic to comment and judge these artists with harsh language - hello! this is considered mengumpat and mengata and if not true, then fitnah . Slander. But since we never see our own flaws when we comment....this will go on.

3. er..that's basically all I have time for. TATA!

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