Monday, March 15, 2010

Cork and Dublin!

Wow. seriously lupa what cold is. I am typing in the comfort of my adek's house, suka hati guna washin machine dia macam rumah sendiri heh heh sorry ye dek. 2 hari tak basuh baju macam 2 minggu! Ye lah, 7 ppl can you imagine.(by the way dek...Hot water dah run out. cold nyeee...macam mandi dalam perigi! Are you trying to get rid of us ni ha ha)

At the moment, husband is drying the clothes outside. His favourite activity anyway when we were still living in the UK. Mine is the putting in washing machine part. No one likes the lipat folding part. Hence I have 4 girls haha. We did put them in the dryer but I think there were too many clothes so it didn't dry properly. I'm replying to work emails going please reply by 17th erks. Kids watching Fairy Godparents. Brother cooking spaghetti.

Today maybe go see Killarney.Yesterday we went to Cork and also Dublin. Jauhnya mak datok oii Dublin. walaupun actually 2 jam lebih sikit. Lalu a combination of highways and also small roads. The small roads pass through very pretty towns like Durrow. ala ala midsommer night murders gitu. Takda lah indians or turbanned ppl or chinese people. Semua nya very touristy. All the names at signs ada dua , one in Gaellic and the other one in English. Ala ala jawi lah i suppose. We stopped at the couple of gas stations and I bought HELLO and OK! (Nanti I bagi you ok Kitchen Guardian) .

Before we set off to Dublin we went to Cork. Cork the city was closed because it was a Sunday. Excited lah gak nampak Marks and Spencer, debenhams etc tapi tutup kan, so no point gak lah. Went to the university, adek berenti and we went round, MAK OI sejuknya but very pretty. Loads of people outside walking the dog, sitting with their books., or simply just sitting down. the weather was nice and sunny but the wind was pretty cold. Kids took loads of pics .

We stopped at Kildare retail outlet. satu tempat wajib , a must stop. It has 50 retail outlets, supposedly cheaper than normal. Anya Hindmarsh bags from 900 euro to 400 euro. It's still 400 euro isn't it. There are PINK shirts for 19 Euros (no size for me, have not been size 10 in yonks honey) . Other brand outlets were Cath Kidston, Ralph Lauren, Clarks, Monsoon, Le Creuset, Bally (ada nice offers but not so nice design), DKNY, bedroom things. etc etc etc.

We were there for quite a while. Hubby was choosing shoes, he took absolutely ages. he complained to the kids that I take too little time to make decisions. He takes absolutely ages. ABSOLUTELY. Belek kiri and kanan. He was about to buy then he said "but then I have too many shoes allready". THEN WHY DID YOU GO INTO A SHOE SHOP in the first place??? Wagh. In the end we all waited in the car. Clarksgood bargain, mahal but if you consider that the price in KL is 6 times more, macam worth it.

Didn't get to Dublin sampai lah petang..then went to look for FOOD first. Dublin has its slum area, and that's where banyak tempat halal dekat Dublin rupanya so we got the ayam goreng halal and huge chips. Puas lah hati husband , he's been wanting those huge chips like forever. Then we drove to PHOENIX PARK and stopped when we saw huge herds of DEER macam lepak je without any gate or fencing etc. So the kids all stopped and went out. Princess Gunung Ledang mummy sat in the car where it was warm and toasty. Sophia was also asleep. How on earth did Husband ever do the Pennine walk in this weather.

When we got to Dublin there was a carnival - fun fair going on. Yelah it was St Patrick's day. But NOWAY hose I was going to let the kids go there as they were allready sniffling and showed all signs of having a cold. We stopped at Hood's place, my brother's almost brother. Whom he knew since sekolah rendah . Hood gave us coffee thank you and a place to lepak.

balik by abt 11 kot. I wanted to go wee but then I thought takpalah we stop at some Petronas station or what. Would you believe it TAKDA gas station open?? I had to hold it all the way home. We actually stopped and banged at one ESSO station and the lady said that she is not allowed to OPEN the door! patut buat je drama kat situ..hehehe

reach home cannot go sleep. had to reply to emails. So in the end slept at 6 am? But it was all in all a good day.
Ok gotta go and get ready. Have to go see cousin Anny and husband in about -er NOW.


nizamohamed said...

sounds like you are having fun in the chilly weather...:)

Anonymous said...

you haven't any pictures?

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