Monday, March 08, 2010


Oh well

We can only plan eh?

The concert charity tu, tak dapat pergi. Because it clashed with the birthday party of the bestest friend's daughter. My husband's best friend since he was 18 , yang actually macam bini dia, whom I had to impress when he first flew from Belfast to Nottingham to meet his friend's "girlfriend". Itulah dia Dr BNLB, a very baik hati punya orang...prone to being sensitive, and boleh merajuk, and definitely someone you do NOT want to tell you cannot go to his 2nd daughter's birthday because you have a RM100 each ticket to some measly concert. hahaha..friendship is too important so we sacrificed lah going to see Jaclyn V and instead munched happily on agar agar pandan (pandan jelly) with such gusto that the hostess finally packed some back for me (unashamedly I accepted ha!)

Then unplanned sleepover at mom and dad, purely because we haven't seen them for so long (about 3 days) and we were summoned. Haha. Dad started again on his favourite topic as in why are you not staying with me" and no amount of "Dad, I'm 40 and we have 5 kids" will convince him that us moving in with him is not such a great idea. At the end of it I grinned and said OK! Let's move in! Heh heh.Panic sat dia..biar lah atok layan cucu dia 247..

Oh yea, the sports day! I went to get the kids at 11 am, and missed half of it, I am definitely the world's WORST MOM. Sorry lah kids, too hot to go out lar. Am glad that they had their sports thingy indoors, at the UIA sports complex (ladies). I met this lady , fellow mom and we now have a date this Thursday (!) and plus! I was roped into taking part in the parents event, and for the first time ever, had to SKIP seven times, pick out beans from a jar (20 kidney beans, 20 red beans etc- er where is daddy when you need him) and I got a juicer! (The manual type) yay!! Kids were all over the place, they had their friends and refused to go home except for Sophia who wanted to go back to mandi and was very hot and very melekit moan moan complain complain. haha

The maid- she is very heaty and cold and the day after we slept over at mom's i found her curled up in stockings so I took her to GH for a thorough medical checkup. Biarlah dia duduk ward kejap and get all the tests done and blood taken (wahahahaha) But before I arrived at GH I called the agent who advised me to basically send her back. She basically wants to go back so she will continue to be "ill". I had scolded her and told her I would never forgive her for all the trouble she has put me through due to her lying about her age (no one forced her right) and she will have to answer to God for what she has done. Her face is stone lah of course. This kind of maid, never mind, can go home. I felt strangely happy and calm once we made the decision to do without her. Bayar BAYAR LAH~!!!!!

Ok! Byeeee!


Cik Puan Kamil said...

I hope the agent will ganti another one for you ! Kalau dak melampau le dah bayar mahal2.

Lagi satu maid ni tak tahu ke sekarangs he owes money to the agent... Macamana nak bayar balik ? Kerja lah sekejap.. setakat nak bayar hutang...

nathrah said...

kak shila..aja..aja..fighting!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Puan.. aunties and uncles told me not to be so stupid and waste some more money wiht this agent, and stick with the maid sampai lah dia pengsan. Apparently they all think she is pretending. NO exception, everyone thinks that.And memang maid will be made to work somewhere else, sure punya.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Nathrah- yaaaa! aja aja hwaiting!!!!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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