Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi from Stansted Airport [updated]

This post is costing me 3 pounds and I have about 5 mins left yikes. Anyway we arrived safely, and Air Asia X ROCKS!!! (puts up 2 fingers ala ala peace sign macam rocker)

LCCT pun dah ok lar..Firstly the checkin area kat LCCT is separated from therest so macam tak crowded, then now ada restaurants macam Marrybrown and Theobroma! We all checked in really early, then had lunch at Theobroma, while I quickly lepas idam kat Marrybrown, and Husband makan kat Mc D (anak anak je makan mahal). Lepas tu pi solat pas tu pi shopping buku lepas tu suddenly LAST CALL!

lari terus and finally got in, orang tu tanya kat mana tadi kak?? rupanya kena be at the gate 20 mins before.

Sampai in the plane, what a lovely surprise, it was spacious and exactly like MAS. jumpa db*urn husband's friend and family there. He sat alone and I sat with kids in 3 rows seblah tingkap. Because we were late ada dah couple duduk tempat we all but they graciously moved and anyway I told them they do not want to sit between my kids maaan.

I hated the AIRASIAX flgt to Gold Coast but I love this one. Banyak space utk kaki, food sedap, and i boleh order apa apa- half way between lunch anddinner I bought krispy creme for the kids (yeah the kids, betoll...!) and milo. Malam dapat chicken pasta and nasi lemak . Although next time TAKYAH book online because the meal on board is CHEAPER. Except no guarantee ada lagi lar since the food sold out pretty fast! Also rented the movie player that cost RM30 each but can last for 6 hours so that was good for a couple of movies- kids watched Madagascar and Alvin. Sewa about 3 sbb duduk lain lain.

Sampai kat London last last....wooohooooott! Going to Cork next. 5 hours in between yikes. Quick reshuffling of bags, so that we only carry handluggage, then out we went . Ingat kan boleh lah lepak as a family on proper seats but then ramainya tourists etc yang baring terus atas kerusi kau. Kalau wangi takpa tapi busuk smelly ! In the end pilih je spot yang tak ramai lepak and just sat down. Kids had to overcome their standard lah, kenalah lepak sekali. nadine taknak tido sbb malu lah tido atas lantai. daya and johan boh je. I told them they HAVE to sleep.

Oh lupa, i dah selamat makan AEROMINT- heheh ..and WALKERS CRISP Cheese and Onion!! and Salt and Vinegar!! and malteasers!! hahahaha..tak lak rasa mahal sbb otak dah tak convert haha

Ok will catch you soon. 2 minutes more je... bilaaa lah si counter Ryan Air nak bukak laar.

PS update- we managed to catch our flight at 6.20 am. But the boarding gate felt like it was in another timezone it was sooo far . And it was certainly a challenge trying to get 7 bags up the plane with only 2 adults managing it! Ryanair is very strict , there were signs everywhere to say that if your bag is not this and this size and not this or this weight, you may be refused flight. or something. So imagine rulefollower me, being so very worried and myhusband got very irritated taht I was worried. In the end they all lepas, the only thing is the bags the kids takdapat nak carry sebab kena naik tangga onto the plane. We were the last to go in and last to go out. Flight was good, very very sunny flying to ireland, thats because we were flying above a thick CARPET of clouds. once we landed i realised that the clouds meant NO SUN haha.


Nur said...

kak shila!!!bestnyerr..already @ UK huh?happy holiday..

smelly eh?mmg depa ni lepak x mandi eh?

tireless mom said...

Wowwww.... I pulak excited baca your postings Shila. Enjoy yourself dear!

Yati said...

keep writing shila..enjoy a few tips from ur posting as well..

Anonymous said...

shila enjoy your trip !! how long is it for ? look forward to more postings :)- anonny

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi NONI!ni tourists backpacker yang smelly. yang lawa ada gak...!

Superwomanwannabe said...

TM- thanks yatt...hee hee everytihng looks new but at the same time familiar you know!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Yati! Thanks! Yeah I wish also someone had written abt airasia you know, i tak tau where to check in etc haha

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anony- next monday i sampai balik kl..boohoo..

MrsNordin said...

Nice to hear your chatting here. Feels like you're still in KL, not 10,000 miles away!

Walker's crisps salt & vinegar? God, i miss that! The salt & vinegar crisps in KL just don't taste the same lah, kan?

Keep on writing! I'll be following you!

(looks like this trip has a good start, ayy? That's great!)

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi BJ

sebenarnye its only one short we'll catch up once we get back ok..

yah ada ke makan macam tak ingat dunia..hehe

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