Saturday, March 27, 2010


I still haven't gotten around to putting up the pictures and posting about the Trip.

In fact it feels like a dream je. That we went, and that we have come back. While we were there, we felt really jakun the first 2 days, and then somehow it felt rather normal, as if we picked up from when we were there last 11 years ago and as if we never had this other life in KL. It's the strangest thing! It was as if we visited our old life in a dream. When we return home, our life resumes and it's as if we never left KL! Sounds really weird I know. Masa mula sampai we thought of staying on but towards the end we realised we had made the right decision in coming home..

Life certainly went back to normal almost immediately. Kids had one day off school, but we both went to work. The first day was ok. we were raring to go. The second day though, we felt tired and sleepy. The third day I had to drag myself out of bed. And I would be dozing off at work and only perked up at around 3 pm- 7 am UK time. I hope today , a whole 5 days after, we'll be more alert! There are stuff still unpacked.

Sorry guys i really did not have the time to shop . The stuff I have bought are mainly food! And now I wish I had maybe spent less time eating chocolates and more shopping - I didn't even get to go to any High Street he he. BUt it was really fun meeting old friends.

There was Uncle Tejinder. family dentist, family friend
Then there was Sara : Family friend and fellow Korean Drama fan!
And Edward and Sara with their kids Henry and Lauren
And then there was Mr Peshek the 85 year old Music teacher who took husband to Kettering HOspital all those years ago when he broke his arm
And there was Mr and Mrs Green , husband's housemasters
And there was Helen M- flatmate, friend
And there was Iki (dr iskandar) and Hayley, former housemate of husband (and he says, mine too. ha ha Iki) and now father of 2 and a half.
and of course my lovely family: there was in Ireland, my brother Sazzli and then my cousin Angah. Also my cousin Aizad . Then my cousin Baby (whom I met at the airport on the very last day) with her husband Zizan.

Where got time to shop waaaaannnn....

Anyway insyallah ada rezeki pergi lagi ek>>Tapi kalau boleh nak pi Mecca lah dulu...karang kena "panggil" mengadap God without ever having the chance to visit the Holy city, that would be a waste!

Ok lah I better sort my kids out now and maybe start the posts about the trip.

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