Sunday, March 14, 2010


Cork is cold. so far has not seen any of it, except on the way back to my brother's house. Hubby insists on getting a car walaupun my brother has 2 cars (one is his MIL's) . Anyway arrived, ate pastawhich Adek cooked, played with gorgeous Jood, went to sleep, kids played wii, then they went to Tesco and picked up ayam halal, then adek's wife cooked nasi and kari ikan salmon and then went to sleep again and now I'm awake but kids are all zonked out and husband is zonked out too. I came down to the kitchen and Mas masaklagi nasi ayam! Seriously rajin ! And now guess what- I want to sleep again!!

PS dad dapat main golf dengan adek tadi, hence the need for the rest of us to rest at home. tomorrow we are going around to cork and maybe dublin.


fifi said...

Hoooray, dah selamat sampai. Sooo looking fwd to see you all nxt week. Salam to all in Cork!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi fifi! Yes, dah sampai, thank you...will see you soon although sad that it means its closer to us going home waaa

MRSHUSiN said...

jelesnya! have fun kaklong, epi & the kiddoes!
n kirim salam to all there!
ambik gambar byk2 tauuuuuu! :D

Kitchen Guardian said...

mas sounds like ME!hv fun shila!

bella said...

cool!nice to know you are having fun write some more...betul cakap mrsN macam u ada dekat2 sini aje...enjoy your time...savour and indulge in the food there...bila lagi kan...more pics...more pics...heheheh

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