Saturday, March 06, 2010


Dia Isabella
Lambang cinta yang lara
Terpisah kerana
Adat yang berbeza
Cinta gugur bersama
Daun daun kekeringan...

Confession. I like to sing rock songs at karaoke. You can have your "greatest love of all" and the like, give me "Fantasia Bulan madu", "Sejati" and the perennial favourite which my husband will choose for me, "Kejoraku Bersatu"!! Whether or not I can sing them that's another matter, I may be screeching away like a cat being beaten off with penyapu lidi, but I'd be having fun.

Another singer I love is- SHARIFAHAINI! haha her songs are so melodious and beautiful that I never miss my chance to totally ruin them. Ha ha.

Also 1960s song! Ever since MrsN sang SanisahHuri's Sejak ku bertemu dengan mu, I love that song!

Thanks girls (ex work place) for the karaoke sessions yesterday. Just as I'm sure I surprised you with the liking of rock songs, some of you also surprised me with your Orang Puteh Pop songs choices! Pink?? heh heh.

I have friends from all walks of life. But somehow strangely more comfortable with the clerks rather than the top top bosses. I can really be a makcik kiah, ha ha. I really like makcik Kiah! I can also be a datinwannabe but its really tiring. I'm happy that my friends are real, warm, and never seem to mind my merapuness (or at least, too polite to mention it). It's hard to be merapu when you are trying to "maintain" a cool and elegant front. I do try to "channel" my cool and elegant friend you know who you are, but I always fail miserably and in the end revert back happily to being merapu (what the heck is the english word- a bit mad?) See, you CAN be a graduate of University of Nottingham and be mad.

Ok post done. off to get my kids now.


tireless mom said...

So bila nak pergi karaoke with this group of Cik Kiahs pulak? You know who we are :) Balik holiday, chop ok.

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Eeee dah lama tak berkaraoke lah! I pun nak ikut. Tapi can we do it lah during the daytime over the weekend tak? I have this great fear now of driving home alone at night. Dekat rumah I ada kubur!

MrsNordin said...

Oohh.. now I know why you chose rock songs masa karaoke!! But you know what? Only you can carry "Kejoraku Bersatu" very well! Seriously! You can hit the high notes effortlessly!

When I go for karaoke, selalu cari lagu ni but I tak ingat the title. Next time when we do it, must sing this song, ok?

P/s And Jab likes to sing Sudirman songs, kan? "Di mana kah nilai cinta mu... " Hee.. hee...

aida yurani said...

kaklong mmg sedap nyanyi kejoraku bersatu. Suara mmg sedap pun....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tireless Mom- bolehhh! The last time was ages ago in Bangsar KTV remember?? With my hsband and family sewa bilik lain!

Superwomanwannabe said...

MTT- can choose one saturday to go nak about sometime in April..april 15 ke..hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said... lar tu..sedap lah kalau tutup telinga ha ha

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J-

sejak ku ..bertemu pada mu..fikiran - ku jadi tak menentu something something,

JOM Karaoke!

Yah Jab is the sudirman/broery/mawi/suhaimi mior hassan. Jangan ajak dia nanti dia tak lepas mike haha

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