Maid Episod ke 4- Drama paling BEST!

Ever since we got back I've been kind of ignoring my maid. I mean, I'm polite enough, and still pepper my requests with "please" and "thanks" . Remember she is the one who complains of stabbing tummy pain and also legs that are like jelly and athritic pain? I almost sent her home until it hit me that I have spent RM8000 for her and I would need to spend another RM5000 to get another helper and really I should treat whatever ailments she has HERE in Malaysia rather than send her home. Right?

When I came back mom gave a report that when mom visited the house the maid seemed happy enough, cooking 3 types of dishes (for herself) and moving about quite nimbly. What she says she is feeling and what she does are entirely 2 different things.

So when we returned I tried my best to just get on with work. She goes about with THE MOST MASAM (sour) and THE LONGEST FACE EVER and she shuffles so slowly but I am cheerfully ignoring her. Until last night when mom and dad came and stayed and we cooked Mee Hailam and I asked her to do stuff and her SHUFFLING and her LOONGG face just irritated me and I told her "SMILE !" Goodness gracious!!

This morning I started cooking lunch, and because I don't really like being in the kitchen I moved around with lightning speed . She was nowhere to be seen, presumably in her room. (See, I don't make my diva maid do much!) Hearing the commotion she came out and when I turned to ask her to fetch something from the fridge I nearly SCREAMED! Her hair was uncombed and falling over her face, her faded white tshirt (we have bought her at least 5 new tshirts but she insists on wearing the old one a- maximum impact I guess) was splotchy and her face twisted in pain.

I had to ask her- whats wrong with you?? Go and have a bath!! I don't want you to work looking like that.!

She immediately seized the opportunity to tell me, she is in pain, and she has had this pain even when I was gone and it's not made up. Everyday she cries. To which I said "Why do you need to cry?? My mom has bad rheumatic pain but she has never behaved like you! My husband sees patients everyday and none of them wail like you! Eh malu lah!"

She sat down (while I was busy chopping stuff ok) and continued to cry , pathetically. I mean,. I am sorry. I am sure she is not well, but carrying on like that?? If it really is painful the pain would not go away, yet the pain is such to make her cry like that one minute, and then behave normally the next!

I said to her very clearly. "Bibik. listen to me. I am very sorry you feel ill. and as soon as I can I will get you admitted to GH and investigate your pains. I AM NOT SENDING YOU BACK. You are staying with us for the 2 years. I am NOT , repeat NOT, going to send you back.

And then, she ROLLED ON TO THE FLOOR!!! She sobbed "Saya kesal Ibu!!" "I feel remorseful, I regret that I cannot work" etc etc. But ,she can ! that's the point! Mom said she just does not want to be bothered je. But she can work.

I raised my voice "HOI!! You are a mother of 3 grown up children! Mengucaplah* OI! Ada ke rolling rolling on the floor ni?? Think of God , for heaven's sake! "
(recite the shahadah)

and THEN!!!


"Now, I want you to believe me, that I will send you to hospital " I said. "We will not ignore you. But in the meantime. please do not overreact like this. Remember, I DID NOT ASK FOR YOU TO COME HERE. I DID NOT FORCE YOU TO WORK HERE , YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WANTED TO COME. NOW I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF 5 KIDS, AND YOU? I will send you to hospital but YOU WILL PAY ALL THE BILLS" . After all, were she to go home to Indonesia, she would have to foot the bill herself right??

Goodness gracious. What do you think eh.

I will get her admitted. let her have the entire treatment. And investigation. See how she likes it when people here take her pains seriously. I think she is TOO MUCH!! KISSING MY FEET?????

Yikes!! Rano karno , come over and fetch your sister!


eeeii geram nya pagi pagi ni...tak sedar diri betul maid you ni...patut menang oscar ni sebagai pelakun terbaik...

ko sepuk sekali shila..dia ingat nak kerja jadi mem besar ke kat sini...
wannor said…
Mdm Shila, the performance from ur maid will surely guarantee her as the next oscar winner. He..he..Kesian u, used to have this 'species' of maid 10 yrs ago. Mmg pening kepala!
Kak Ezza. takut gak apa yang dia kata sakit tu betul betul karang cancer ke apa ke..tu yang nak masukkan hospital tu..tapi i was thinking takda sakit yanng orang baring baring on the floor lah berguling guling!
Wannor- what did you do 10 years ago?? Nak sabar lar ni!
MrsNordin said…
I think, she wants to live in your house, ALONE! Hee.. hee... why is she like that? Strange...
daddy_128 said…
OMG...the best drama ni

Uncle Y
kay_leeda said…
Sorry to hear this. But percaya lah, ITU SEMUA LAKONAN BELAKA!!! At times I eavesdrop the maids yg berkumpul kat belakang my house. And you know what are the things they talk about?? Cara-cara meminta belas kasihan majikan!!

Ada lah one or two ring laeder who will teach the juniors what to do. Bab faking being serious or terminally ill ni perkara biasa. They want the money but they don't want to do tasks we ask them to do. Tu yg bangun lambat, muka basi and nampak ala-ala so sick.

Yes, you must get her checked, nonetheless. Mana lah tau kot-kot dia "padam" je kat situ (mintak pada Tuhan tak ler kan..) If she's really, really sick then kena consider sending her back lah. No point keeping a sick person. Lagi susah and menyampah (and sakit jiwa too) dibuatnya nanti. Plus it will be difficult for you to renew her work permit once the first year is up.

Any chance of getting a replacement, btw? I think you & I already know the answer to that huh *sigh*
Lan0stZz said…
i think these ppl mmg menghayati sungguh drama kat tv sampai bleh apply in real life. drama indon kan overreacting all the way!! hebats sungguh lah your maid excel the study or acting.
MrsN- sometimes I pun suka duk rumah sorang!
Hi Aziah, how's the maid problem at your end?? Yah lah she berguling2 on the floor. serious!! terkezut tol..and today macam ok pulak~!~
wanshana said…

I had a similar experience with a maid once - berlakon macam kena rasuk hantu, guling-guling atas lantai. Masa tu kat rumah my MIL, so my MIL's maid berlari-lari panggil I turun bawah to help her. I knew dia berlakon coz' she wanted to go back to Indonesia (after only working for 7 months, but, we didn't want to send her back.

So, when I saw her macam kena rasuk kat atas lantai tu, I just couldn't be bothered and just screamed at her and asked her to stop acting, or else I would call the police to come and take her away because I knew she was faking it.

Within 20 seconds tetiba dia "tersedar", and then sambung berlakon as if she wasn't aware what was happening before that. Macam si*l... Geram betul I. Sent her back within 4 days, and potong gaji dia for ferry tickets, etc and she was left with only RM200+ to bring home.
nizamohamed said…
OMG!!!! Drama Minggu Ini betul la!!! and she kissed your foot???...I can't help myself but to laugh..kesian kat you, pening ngan maid ni tak abih2 lagi. I hope when she is in the hospital and nothing is wrong, Insya Allah, then she would have no more excuse to berdrama and instead do her job!!!! I pulak yang naik geram...hope everything goes well..take care...

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