Monday, March 01, 2010

Ok cancelled the earlier booking. Now have chosen a place in Wembley. Has all the modcons, the facilities , and free parking!! Will drive into the city then.

Anyway it was good yesterday. Kids got what they wanted which was to go to Lake Garden to play. The reality was a lot harsher than the imagined. It was 500 degrees out there yesterday and all of us for the first time ever, were throwing the frisbee around while secretly trying to find a shade. Meanwhile my headache was throbbing insistently haha. After a bit , the kids got fed up and wanted to go to the playground. And then Nadine wanted to go boating by herself and said last time she was here (during cross country racing) she was allowed, ie no one said no, although the teachers were "around". Sigh, tak kuasa nak argue, a simple NO you are not going to the lake by yourself order was issued followed by a disappointed face. But it was hot anyway!

Then we went to visit Mak M, Husband's aunt. Her son let us in as she wasn't home. She came back soon after and we gorged on the fried currypuff and keropok lekor she fried. After a few HOURS we left to see my brother's new house, he just finished renovating it. Ended up staying till 10 pm.

Now waiting for kids to get ready. On the telly someone has defected from PKR to UMNO citing loss of confidence. Sigh..whatever. I KNOW PKR at the very top is probably clean and believes in its principles. But everywhere else? They are all the same. Everyone is in it for their cut. It's terrible.

Ok byeee for today and have a good day!

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