Friday, March 12, 2010

Packing is hell

More than communication skills or lack thereof, I'm sure packing for a trip must be close to being the top reasons for divorce/family disputes. Over stating it a bit? You wouldn't say so if you were here not a few minutes ago.

At9 pm I arrived home, having tried to squeeze work that I should have gotten done last week, into 2 hours. I would have succeeded too, had I not suddenly smelt this jasmine fragrance..very light indeed but since I was alone and it was a Malam Jumaat (eve of Friday) it was good enough reason to cabut home .

Came home to find husband STILL not home, despite his calls earlier telling me to come back as we had to do a lot of packing. We have been packing, really,if you count dumping all the kisd' clothes on the floor and then scrounge around for available suitcases as Packing. Rupanye my husband was picking up laundry and BUYING TUDUNG for his kids. Yesterday he was late coming back and he was BUYING JEANS for his kids. Did I tell you he's the shopper in the family? He came back soon after cause my auntie N and hubby arrived at 10. They offered us a couple of coats. Oh auntie, tidakkah you tau husband saya sudah BELI baru??

At 10.30 my parents came. Mom had a glint in her eye, in full "packing" mode,. She packs all the stuff for all of us masa student, and she has a precision found only in the military ha. And she must miss packing for her kids , since youngest brother coming home for good means she has no one to pack for anymore...So she came, only to find that we had done NOTHING in terms of packing, clothes were still on the hangers, and various keropoks etc still in their boxes.

Oh you wanna hear something funny? My aunties had given some foodstuff to bring over for their respective children, and I had put to one side outside, and my maid, in a moment of sudden rajin ness, decide to unpack and keep all the stuff in the cupboard! I only found out when I spied her looking at the spices pack! I thought "hmm, that looks strangely familiar" and then it hit me that eh this is from Auntie N , who asked us to pass to her son! (who had better cook something with it while we're there ok Aizad apa you think postal services ni free ke ha ha ha) . Anyway I asked the maid hat happened to the ikan bilis (anchovies) that auntie N gave , rupanye, she had kept in in the fridge! I asked her to reassemble the packs and I just pray that she has gotten everything right. If not, sorry ok cousins, you come home and I will buy you the keropok/ikanbilis etc.

Anyyyyyway. ...back to the packing . Dad in law and mom in law then also arrived soon after! Also asking us why we were so relaxed! Did we not realise we had a trip to go on? Again proving my mother in law is the sweetest person ever, she gave us all hand stockings and also head scarves so we can pray without having to wear formal telekung!

I felt like orang pergi haji lak. Yesterday Mak B and Mak Z, mom in law's sisters, and their lovely husbands came over. Mak B generously brought sate and also mihoon! How thoughtful and how timely! I would say langkah kanan but I was the host he he tak malu tol kan, wallap je.

MakZ surprised us by giving a packet of POUNDS for the kids, and I made the mistake of TELLING the kids, So now I have Johan writing in his "journal".."what to buy with xx pounds that Atok Z gave" .( Aiyah. So mummy cannot pow lah hah). Thank you so very much Mak Z! BTW husband is actually quite worried abt Uncle Y's condition and hope it goes away soon. It's been a bit too long lar.

Back to the packing....we finally got off our backside to casually flip through the clothes.Then, panic lah kan. Wow banyak nye baju! So many clothes! So little time! Although we have 105 kg to bring over to Stansted, we have to leave 30kg cause we'll be going straight to Cork and I was too cheap to buy baggage allocation on RyanAir so we now have to make sure we carry only 10kg of hand luggage each and measuring a certain dimension. So to avoid the need to repack nanti, I thought what a clever idea it would be if I pack 7 handluggages yang menepati criteria now! But from KL,check them all in as baggage!Sampai stansted, wallah, thats your handluggage! The huge bag kena tinggal though and that's going to cost me about GBP30 .

It did get a bit noisy as mom, me, dad and hubby all argued over the best way of packing .And hubby was upset that I left all the kids' cotton blouses home...honey, i think cotton blouses when the temp is 5 degrees outside would probably not be a good idea what say you. And mom why do we need to bring so many tops for the kids??

Finally all is done....although i must say I did not expect it to be a family project! he he . Thank you mom..!

Phew. Mom could go home and I can now go to sleep. OOOPS sorry, I mean, I can now continue to draft what ever this is that I'm looking at.

Bye guys..catch you later!!


nizamohamed said...

Wow..going to UK..bestnye..haven't been there ever since graduated zillion of years ago!!!! For me, I missed the banoffee pie, rice pudding (i know, some people would say yuck!!! but i love it!!!), fish and chips, edgware road kebabs, M&S viennese cookies, ect etc..

Totally agree with with the packing part..the most hated part fo travelling. My hubby always complains that I pack so slow, hello..he is packing for himself for three i'd take as long as i like..haha..hopefully all your ikan bilis and keropok and what not lepas imigration..What I always did was went through the green lane and buat muka selamba dek...Alhamdulillah lepas...
Have fun and a safe trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shila!
Alamak, Tues we'll be in Paghee. Back to London late Wed. Anyway, just call me la whenever you're free k. U have fun!
(I dah terbayang2 baked potatoes with shrimp :-))


Lan0stZz said...

wahhhh kalau i pun comfirm pening kepala nak pack untuk 2 + 5 kids . haruuuu!! nways happy holidays kak shila and the gang.

mamasita said...

Happy Holidays! So nice to hear you're off to the UK..
Luckily mum you tolong lead the packing..hehe..leader of the pack?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Niza hi!! yelah kan, kids punya pun bukan senang kan..

yah buat muka toya je..I know they know but I think they malas je nak ambik pot..hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Khairina..Paris too?? You cuti berapa lama ni, best nyaaaa...! baked potatoes..mmmmm

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lana, thanks very much dear. See u when we get home

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Mamasita! Nasib baik lah dia pack, masuk punkuih raya tu! Kalau tak memang tak muat..she muatkan!

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