Something happy

What to write about ....

hmm anyone has something happy to share?

We are healthy, that's one. Someone I know is very sick and we all pray for you and trust in God that He knows best.

Solat for 2010. Hmph masih lagi nak kena paksa, kalau tak lengah sampai last minute..And the kids are also like that (hehe!)

Trip- sorry Boss ! My mind have checked out and is currently on vacation even before the trip ha ha! I Know, I know, I have to bring my laptop.

Hubby- alhamdullillah sehat dah (kong kong batuk) could it POSSIBLY have anything to do with the SMOKING???

Nadine- head of rounders team, tak pasal pasal. My kids do not show any interest in sports. Either that or we don't send them to training grounds . To Sophia blogging is a sport. It is , by the way. Dahlia counts money for sport.

Ok lah byee


nizamohamed said…
Hi there...just want to share with you the things that I am happy about...

Health...Alhamdulillah, kids, hubby and me are healthy for now..

Exercise..did my exercise today (after a looonnnggg time tak buat) even though I know my body is going to be so sakit tomorrow..

Work, well..housework la for me, I am SAHM,..dah buat (to my standard) kids are happy at the new school, great teachers and friends..

Happy family..we are not perfect but we are happy together..

Have a nice day!!!
Alhamdulillah......happiness tu mahal tau! Some people duit berkepok but still you are very lucky indeed...

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