Friday, March 19, 2010

A very long summary. (pics separate)

kids have started sniffling! Waaah! it's all this going into the car- hot, and getting out- cold!

Although must say everyone's been saying how the weather had been absolutely AWFUL until just a few days ago, coincidentally, after we arrived! So we must have brought KL weather with us.. Now if only I can bring some of UK weather home..I just read in the STAR that water levels of dams are low!

We're now in Holiday Inn Oxford- darn expensive and would not have chosen to go here especially walk in rate, but what to do, we went to see Ed, husband's friend and the dinner took longer than we thought, it ended abt 11am! Anyway I have work to do so I bought the internet connection but now I am distracted by blogging and etc etc !!!

Ok ok I better rewind.


We arrived back in London on Monday night, with my brother. Rupanye if you arrive from Ireland you only need to show your boarding pass to be let into UK and not have to go through passport control again. Anyway went to Travelodge Stansted and let me tell you it was GREAT!! For just GBP19 per room, it was big and comfy and the complimentary stuff were very good- at least takda bagi kokak kopi or what- it was proper twinnings and nescafe.

Eh ok ok husband is rushing me now. I have to do a separate blog lar for UK - macam Mumbai punya. I will make it very long and full of pictures ok

For now, just to summarise, and remind me of what we did:

Monday night- arrived , lepak at Travelodge, sesat first, went to GT dunmow town proper and very nice, etc etc. I got up at 4 in the morning and was looking for my laptop which was with hubby and for some reason I thought hubby was next door (he was in a totally different room) and so I went out, barefoot and pantless (in night shirt) and of course tudung less, and knocked insistently on the door and imagine my HORROR when this matsalleh BOTAK opened the DOOR! I said SORRY and fled back to my room! This was, yes 4 in the am.

Tuesday morning- melantak had full breakfast at Travelodge, GBP 21 for about 8 of us, fantastic value , although i could not enjoy it so much because kept seeing bald mat salleh man around! That must be the guy who I had woken up!!!

Tuesday pm- went to London and drove around to London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Buckingham etc. Decided to find JaneAsher's shop in the very nice district of Chelsea, stopped and found Marks and Spencer was having a sale and I nearly got 40 bottles of handcream until my brother stopped me and made me put them all back. Oh yeah when we got to JaneAsher's shop it was closed and there was a man there behind the counter and I knocked and knocked after all it only closed like 15 mins before so they should be able to open it and let me have the list of stuff i wanted right. Seeing that I refused to leave even though he made signs that the shop was closed, he reluctantly came out and I then explained that I had travelled 10000 miles to get the stuff and pppppppleeeeeeeeeeeasssse can he let me in?? He said "love Ive been up since 7 am" (Like that's my worry?) and he said the best thing to do is to leave the list with him and to get it again the next morning. I shd not have spoken in english accented english.

Oh yeah you know something, I now have a fake accent. I can't help it. seriously. I am soo empathetic (or is it pathetic??) that I will adopt unconsciously without even trying, the accent of whoever I am speaking to. If indian, indian lah I. Hai why ah? Im sure i sound like a real pratt. Nanti balik sure jadi makcik kiah youuuu!!!

Tuesday night was at Days Inn Hotel another surprisingly good value hotel it was definitely 4 star as well! Although a bit annoying as they put us on different floors and I had to go all lawyerly on them and told them that I had called earlier and confirmed that we were supposed to be in adjoning rooms hello!! There ARE 8 of us and I booked the rooms together why on earth would you think I would not want adjoining rooms? anywayy they were ok , I was apologetic after blowing my top as usual. And the next day they gave us rooms next to each other. The rooms were very big, they gave us 2 extra mattresses on the floor and it was VERY NICE.

Wednesday morning we went out to catch some guards looking for change/ changing of the guard thing at Buckingham Palace also known as waiting around behind a lot of people for a long time and analysing the back of their coats/jeans. Everyone stood facing the road or facing the gate and there were SO MANY people just waiting and when I asked the American next to me she said she had NO IDEA what was happening. and when I asked the ITALIAN beside me she said the same thing, so everyone was basically waiting for something they ABSOLUTELY HAD NO CLUE ABOUT. hahah. Kids were of course bored as anything and also could not see anything. I kept nagging my brother to just leave lah, we'll look it up on Youtube or something haha. We had not had breakfast yet and it was nearly noon. Husband could not find parking place at all so he left us by the road side to find a space and the next thing i knew he had texted brother to say he was in Jane Asher' s place (in chelsea 40mins away) and he would meet us at Madm Tussaud's.

I mean, actually i wanted to at least tangkap gambar /take pics at the typical tourist places like big ben etc but it was decided that we shd go see London Dungeon and Madam Tussaud so that took the later half of the day away. Come to think of it. though, kids were getting a bit bored allready no matter how many times I told them they should be soo appreciative of London after all not everyone can see what they are seeing right?? But kids lah, they tried their best to be grateful but after awhile started to argue lah, gaduh lah so I know it was time to get them entertained!

Mdm Tussaud- great, took pics with every statue , got pic with the Obamas. ramainye orangputihhhh..The guards noticed us, and spoke malay to us "Apa kabar" etc i think because we were the only non -orang puteh there. Hahah.

London Dungeon hahahaha kelakar nye sebab Sophia point blank refused to go in, she had done some research and was scared witless. She kept saying I am NOT going in so THERE and stopped in front of the entrance. But in the end we forced her to go in and she enjoyed it! Dahlia was picked as one of the "criminals" to be tried in front of the judge and she had to go into the dock and was accused of peeing in the river of london hahahah. So the kids had fun there. The best part was the ride where we were "dropped" as if we were hung from the gallows. The actors and actresses were fantastic! The gift shop was fantastic too and I had to drag the kids away. Dahlia: "Mummy can i get 18 pens for my friends?" Waah??

Then it was night and we went to see Uncle tejinder, old family friend and family dentist. Brother could not remember him but went along anyway and we brought dinner along . Kids slept though and didn't eat. Uncle just lost his wife recently and I don't know how he is coping living alone...When we went home I reminded adek that this was THE DOCTORTEJINDERSINGH the dentist and he said "I only know one kat Kinrara kem" and I said yeah thats the same one and something clicked and he yelped and said "OOOHHH DOCTOR TEJINDER TUUUU KEEE??? OH MY GAWD!!" or something like that. Heh heheheheheheh. it was very funny. er yes, we don't have good memories of the dentist hahaha. Having said that he was a very good dentist.

Thursday morning we packed up and went off , to send my brother off to Heathrow, before heading to see a very lovely lady called Sa*ra who is mak z's friend. We got there a bit late abt 1.30 - she had prepared a HUGE SPREAD all Iranian food and I am still salivating from the thought of it, Sara can you pls let me know what the dishes are called again? She has a lovely country house and 2 acres of land behind the house and the kids were very embarrassingly NOT SHY AT ALL!! They went exploring the "garden" and they also gawked and ooh and ahhed over the house. Dahlia of course wants our house to look like that now. S*ara showed me her AMAZING korean drama collection and what is amazing is we were discussing Korean actors and Korean dramas in the heart of a typical english village !

Then we finally left (minutes before we were booted out I have a feeling we were getting a bit too comfortable in her house ha ha!).. off to Oxford for tea with hubby's old friend Ed! Ok this warrants an entire blog because it was great catching up! They cooked us jamieoliver's cod and prawn in cheese sauce , Their children Lauren (5 but so grown up like 10) and Henry (3) went to bed at abt 8 pm like this- "mummy, i'm tired. can you put me to bed??" and mom went up, and changed them into pajamas, and then said night night and they were fast asleep!! HEY What's the secret Sara!!(Ed's wife was also called Sara!)

This is ME putting the kids to sleep- "WOOOIITT GO TO SLEEP LAR! IT's 11 PM NOW !! If you don't sleep in 10 seconds I am seriously going to LOSE IT!"


Ed asked us where we were sleeping that night and we did not book anything so he called travelodge for us and everything was full so he called Holiday Inn and husband said OKAY !! Although I'm going what the heck>> Mahal lar oit!

Anyway here we are still and we shd really go as we need to go and eat breakfast. Although husband has bought strawberries/ raspberries/ sponge pudding/ taramasalata/ soreen /breakfast milk etc for us to eat. I am now slowly becoming a balloooooooonnnn..

Later on we are going off to Uppingham and then Shrewsbury (otherwise Sara will merajuk as she was born there) and then up to Nottingham to see cousin FIFI!! Yayyy!!!!

Then tomorrow I plan to go round Nots and check out lace although I was told that there are NO MORE LACE in the LACE MARKET! Aparah..!! Then Sunday home...maybe I can squeeze in London again? Macam tak puas lar..

Ok that's it so far- I will post in a separate blog so as not to bore more people ha ha.

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