What I am looking forward to

1. Sainsbury

2. Soreen Maltloaf

3. Easter eggs

4. Jaffa cakes

5. the Chocolates

6. Sainsbury

7. the Campus

8. Lace market!! (didn't appreciate it first round and now hope got space in luggage to squeeze in at least 1 table cloth)

9. Breakfast Milk

10. Fog

11. Any temperature lower than 50 degrees, which we have been experiencing over here.

12. Wearing jumper (this is true for my anglophile husband)

13. Sainsbury(ha ha! Memang kaki makan)

14. Walkers' Crisp (and none of this tomato flavoured chips here)

15. Charity Shops!(my source of all Bally/balenciaga etc etc shoes over there!)


MrsNordin said…
Fish & Chips?? That would be the first on my list!

Anyway, you have a great time. Will surely miss you!
ooops. yes!

16. Fish and Chips

17. (halal) donner kebab
ps will have to get together after return ! But will try to update blog! Miss you adn be good!
anedra said…
Sainsbury!! Sighhhhhhh, miss that place! Bestnya!!! Have a good trip!
Thanks Dena! its epic trip for us because we dont normally go that far!
Anonymous said…
Bestnya!!! Mine would be fish & chips too, and Twix (kat Giant dah tak ada).

Have a great holiday!

oh my gawd Jah jab said the same thing!he wants to go buy TWIX sbb kat malaysia tak real punya. Ha ha!
Cik Puan Kamil said…
thornton's strawberry chocs. walauoub the packaging ada gambar oink oink but it has no oink oink inside.

If u ever go to pretty orchid at the city (a Thai restaurant owns by a Malysia) peluk cium Aaron Kong for me..

Err... i am assuming u pergi notts because u mentioned lace market

Have fun !
Meeeemaaang akan ke Notts..oh rindunya pakcik kebab kat Lenton Lane tu...masa Paktor, sampai anak satu, pas tu anak dua, and anak tiga, we all pi makan sana..sekarang anak dah ..er ramai...teringin nak pi tengok!

Banyak tempat kenangan woohh...
Cik Puan, nak I peluk cium Aaron?? I nak kata sapa cium dia?? hehehe
Anonymous said…
ahhhh.. besh nya.. yes.. fish & chips on my list, sainsbury, yes.. jaffa cakes too! and selfridges, and lots of visiting carboot sales..

welp, have a safe trip to all of you! take care

bella said…
Have fun Mrs SW and family!!!....
Aida said…

I miss marks & sparks' lemon cheesecake!!!!!!!

Have fun u!!!!!
Hi Superwomanwannabe. I'm one of your silent readers. Yours is a must read, everyday dok tunggu you update. Anyway, I know Jab from A-Level days, Fina is my name. Am now in Hannover, secondment for 2 years. Since you all dah di UK, ajak la Jab singgah Germany. Only an hour away via Air Berlin fr Stansted. You guys have fun yer.
M&S Food Market! Go there and memborong at the cakes and desserts section!
Anonymous said…
Hi Shila!
We're off to LHR too this Friday but duduk kat area Paddington (senang cari nasi!ha!ha!). kalau nampak you (as if la London tu kecik)I'll give you a shout.

hi Fina! Jab is here and he says hi and weren't you at tabunghaji? How I wish we can pop over, nanti lah satu hari kalau ada rezeki but thats wht we said when Muzal went over to Geneva! Thanks for visiting the blog and take care!!
Aziah..haa car boot sales! Yes i got a lot of the kids' toys there! Plus lots of other knick knacks. Husband sold his golf clubs there ..he was very sad but he had to do it as we were packing up for home...
hi Bella

Thanks !!!! Take care and eat at Porto and think of me..!
Aida..must try that! How about cheese and onion pasty!? mmmmm
MadamTT,That sounds wonderful, Jab ni nak main golf so maybe i can ask to be dropped at the M&S food section ..another thing i miss is Taramasalata!
Khairina! Shall we meet on Tuesday dinner kat Paddington area?? haa how abt that? email me if you want to! shishila@gmail.com
Cik Puan Kamil said…
Superwoman... er... betul jugak yeah...

Tell him Myra and Dan... ha ha....

Btw.. to eat dekat Notts please go to that restaurant... Superb okay ? Dia kat atas bukit, sama level dengan.. alah the only shopping mall kat Notts city tu punya side entrance... he he.. Saja buat confuse..

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