Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maid Episod ke 5- Where IS she?

For the last few weeks it has been quite nice and problem free with the domestic helper. She did not complain of tummy pains, and she no longer walked around with a hangdog expression (muka seriously mintak kesian)

So I thought, hey, things are looking up! Husband however, has taken a dislike to her (and this guy does not form any sort of opinion one way or the other otherwise) - how do I know this? Just now when I told him the gas dah habis he said- gives her an excuse not to cook then!

Anyway JUST when I thought things are ok- guess what. Sara called and said she is missing. Sara is at home, after pleading a severe headache. I came home for lunch just now actually with husband (one of the rare occasions when he said he had a few hours free would I like to go back for a while and I said YES!!- he had a very overdue nap, poor guy, all these late hours at GH and preparing to give seminars etc beginning to take its toll . Also I could check on sara . Who was doing well , well enough to ask me if she can have a friend stay over. the answer is no , if you have a cold you better rest .

Anyway WHERE IS THE MAID NOW??? She is not in the bathroom, not upstairs, not in her room, not outside, not anywhere! Sara is teary cause now she is ALL ALONE in the house. Taulah she is 13 but this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE .

- Update: She has come back. She was talking to her friend. ERR????????? At least tell lah my daughter why don't you?????

Need more time

I have not seen my parents for over a week, which is a record time. Calls to the house went unanswered and I was thinking where they could be, and lo and behold, yesterday dad called at the office and asked where I was. When told that I was at a lunch appointment my dad told the staff that I was allready too fat and no need to eat such a long lunch ha ha

Anyway there was just no time! I owe Madam Tai Tai a visit, my god I think I promised her 2 days ago that I would visit her THAT NIGHT and the first night I couldn't because I had no car and Mr Husband couldn't pick me up and in the end I got a lift and the other night I came home v late. I WILL get there ok Mdm!

So last SAturday we did go out in the end, I booked HowToTrainYOurDragon and we went to see that in 3D at the worstplaceonearth- MIDVA*LLEY. RAMAINYAA!!! I had to think happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts as we waded through the crowds. The movie was great and I saw hubby wiping a tear or 2...! But the happy ending was a bit disturbing- in the end the wild animals, the dragons, became their pets. Submission much?? hehe -overanalysing again

That Sunday, we went to visit my uncle no 3 (my dad is no 4) . He was admitted for not being able to breathe. He came back from Umrah, caught a virus, refused to go to hospital and of course lah, had to go in because he soon had problems breathing. It was so sad to see him at the hospital, he was quiet , and sleeping half the time we were there. I hope he's better now. He's supposed to go home today.

Before that, we went to have breakfast. Hubby was looking for a nasi lemak stall but susah nya nak jumpa one that opens on a Sunday and in the end we ate at the Dome at the Hospital! Good nasi lemak although can buy 10 nasi lemak outside lar. But rendang daging given was a lot so berbaloi gak lah.

Rest of the day was spent accidentally socialising! I had lunch with one friend, and then b umped into 2 more friends and stayed in the end for several hours chatting!

Er ,macam mana nak jumpa parents ?? He he...!

Ok better catch you later..taaaa

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A slow saturday

This morning I took the 3 younger girls to the hairdresser- I lopped off about 6 inches of my own fraying locks, Sophia about 2 of hers, although she sulked to high heaven. Dahlia and Sara both got themselves a cute bob style thing. I was persuaded to buy amende spray to lock in moisture and also for scalp repair. Yes I am gullible.

Johan is now masam muka because he can't go to Cosmos world as we promised. Esok lah pulak ok.. pikir kepala nak enjoyyyy je lah budak budak ni but on the other had they are only kids. And i have to be thankful for everyday that they are with me.

I read to them the headlines today in the STAR- aiyoo the 16 year old kid who died being dragged by the bus, the 14 year old who died playing truant and found in the jungle. He must have fallen and hit his head.

Why are kids falling off buses and dying?? Never broken arms or legs or what, straight on DEATH. And such a stupid death too! Due to the automatic door closing on her strap. Question, why did the driver press the automatic door without checking she was safely out?? All machines ada operator nya kakak oiiiiiiii..

In the car on the way back Sara and Dahlia exchanged mean words. I made them tell me what they liked about each other. In the hope that they will remember that they are sisters and that they love each other. Sara thinks "Daya is very good at making sarcarstic comments" tu good answer lah ye. I made her do another one. She came up with "She helped me with poptrop*ika (game)" . Verhry fahniee sara. Dahlia's was "she helped me in a computer game" . dua kali lima sepuluh. Oh yeah I remember why they started. I asked them to clean the back of the car. Daya was doing and said "Sara tak buat pun!" And Sara did it and said "Dahlia is not doing it mummy!" And i flipped and said "WAARGGGHHHH ARE YOU TWO GLUED TO EACH OTHER!! MUST YOU WAIT TILL THE OTHER ONE DOES SOMETHING BARU NAK BUAT?????" .... Entah apa apa! I yang traumatised lar when they do this, but of course, they are now ok and laughing together . (or is that my threat abt not taking them out today?)

Soooo today it looks like a quiet afternoon- have got that movie to go to - How to train your dragon in 3d . I pi book kat Midvalley forgetting what a horrible place it is for parking! Mana aku nak park ye..gardens ke??Abang of course potong orang...he is operating and did not appreciate his kids (ohkay- me) calling him to check what time he can join us to How to train a dragon.

Ok lah so far this has been such a dullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnn post. I will now go get a nap in my (OH YA!) new DOWN quilt - macam ohtel lerrrrrrr.. (Is that husband telling me no more dok hotel?)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok kengkawan, I have joined this networking group. It's called BNI.

A friend invited me with 3 words- bring your cards. Of course, mana ada lawyer yang taknak work right so I pun attended. Dia jemput pukul 7 pagi, I sampai pukul 8. Haloooo so pagi lar. Anyway when I went I saw a room full of people who sat down round a U shape table, and everone was taking turns to talk. I was given a list of the members and their numbers and next to it their occupation and what they were looking for that week .

What they do is they refer business to each other! They get to stand up and give referral to one another. After each person spoke, we all clapped! IT was a very happy place! I loved it!! The most interesting thing was how there were so many different professions- (they only take one of each )- there is a cctv specialist, a lock specialist, computer hardware specialist, soft ware, general insurance, life insurance, feng shui specialist, dental cosmetic surgeon(!) , educationalist (my friend who sells Score A basically), a Korean guy who sells advertising space in his directory to koreans (sumpah I thought he meant he was selling the directory to Koreans) , there's a guy who is an event manager, tour manager, real estate agent! You get the drift. 35 members.

Then I got whisked off by this auditor who sat me down and told me about the benefits of joining. Really the only down side is gotta get up at dawn for their meeting. Ok you get up anyway right but this is to GO OUT. Anyways. I joined. Hopefully get more work lor hah. The only thing is I feel so much under the pressure to find referral for these people! I don't know you oso! Don't know you how to refer you? If you do bad job i oso malu and why am I having this chinese slang btw.?

Rupanya I am supposed to do a 1 to 1 dance with them- or group dance. Meaning, we take time to call each other and get to know each other's business so that we can speak with some authority. I mean, if you want lighting, I can refer to you Mr Muru of Kapoor Lampshades, no job too small , from 1 lampshade to lighting the condominium common area. If you are looking for laundry for your business?? Mr Kenneth, of wangsa walk. Fengshui no good? Call Belinda, the specialist. Of course lah I cannot believe in feng shui but other people may do! Corporate gifts? Filing system? name it I know someone who can! (That's the idea lar but I ni shy actually.)

A lot of them say 70% of their business come from the networking word of mouth thing. Out of 35, ada lah 4 melayu. Aiyaaa where are the malays?? If anyone out there wants to come and see what its all about, or if you think it can help your bizness, tell me, I can bring you. I am supposed to bring visitors anyway. They want florists, architects, designers. etc etc.... At least got free food what. Ha ha. I liked the positivity but sometimes macam penat gak lah nak happy happy all the time.

So tu lah kerja I .....nak ikut tak?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday I finally washed the car. Seriously it was crying "wash me". No, actually that was my daughter's handwriting all over the car going "wash me!".

Anyway I sat down waiting for these 7 guys to attack my car (their pride is they take only 10 mins, which is a really good thing if you are washing your car at 9.10 am and need to go to work )- there was a guy waiting there. He was the "owner" he said. He was only 28 actually but never mindlah, maybe you can be that age and own a car wash at a prime location. We got to talking and he soon was telling me that he used to work with M*ercede*s Be*nz and also he liked to fish and also that he can't get chicks because girls look down at him, when actually you can earn about RM4000 a month as a car wash man. And as the owner, the takings can be as high as RM1,000 per day.

So what he said about the Mercedes was very interesting. He looked at my car and he said - why don't you buy a Merc? (by the way its pronounced MERK and not Merz so I was told by hubby). I said Oit mahal lar! And he said..beli lah kakk....akak ingat orang bawak mercedes tu ada duit ke?? Dorang beli untuk bisness je....orang percaya kalau tengok you bawak mercedes kaak. macam bzness akak bagus lar! (do you think the people who bought mercedes have money?? they only bought it for their business-- they have more confidence in you and think your business is doing well!) ke?? Someone long ago told me that her chinese friend would rent a luxury car to meetings just to create a good impression.

I guess people ARE that superficial heh heh. Anyway the car wash was done pretty quickly and I left the guy with his number etc (he wants despatch work if he can get some) but what he said made me think- do you need to pretend to get people to have confidence in you?

Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend away

Ahaks ..takda lah jadi I kalau takda duduk hotell kannnnnnn

Although it was meant to be a berdua-dua an break for the Husband and I, in the end it was purely for REST ...meaning that I actually SLEPT at the hotel for 12 hours straight. It turned out that that was a precursor to feeling rotten, as I do today.

WOTIF, by which I swear, had this secret deal where you pay abt RM300 you get 1 nite away in a 5 star hotel in KL , right in the middle of KL, very near Pavi and etc etc. They won't tell you what it is until you actually pay. So despite every time telling the creditcard company that I am going to PAY THEM OFF AND CANCEL THE CARD, YOU SCUMBAGS (for not increasing my credit limit etc) i find myself still "tenyehing" to get that one night. I thought it was Marriott, or Westin...however it was PRI*NCE Hotel...memang lar dekat sangat dengan Pavi...

We didn't check in till very late..because we had the small matter of MERISIK to go to!! Id*wan, cousin to Husband, finally decided to end his bachelorhoodness (pretend there is such a word ok) and we went to a small merisik. I know I know, a merisik is a simple "parent to parent how do you do , can my son marry your daughter" , event , right. But as the groom refused point blank to get engaged, the mother very sneakily turned the simple merisik into a fullblown engagement ha ha. Got you there, Idwan! So we called it merisik but we had 5 silver (real ok none of this costume silver stuff) trays, with one tray carrying PATCHI choc, one carrying RM200 worth of FAT STRAWBERRIES , one carrying the mother's ENGAGEMENT RING (which she is giving to the daughter in law to be...sweet eh) and one cake and one sirih. The men from Adom clan all came with proper bajumelayu and very expensive SAMPINGs and the ladies all dressed properly and we all ada THEME ok!! Light brown!

And that, was the merisik. Ha ha

It went well, although the spokesman from the other side appeared confused that it was not a simple merisik. He had me worried for a while , what if the other side was totally not prepared and came dressed very informally???? Never fear, the girl was decked to the nines in proper engagement attire, a long flowing dress with beads, in pure white, with beaded headgear and full on make up. Got make up artist lagi kau. Don't play play. And they gave the groom 7 trays back , which included a huge fruit and floral basket and kueh mueh.

(mak Mas, nak strawberry tu ada lagi tak ha ha)

Anyway of course husband could not make it, so me and kiddoes went to the engagement ultra early (orang janji 11.30 I was there by 10) - I am so scared that my kids would make everyone late that they were not allowed to sleep after subuh ok, so imagine how tired they were at the engagement...Sara slept and so did Daya and Johan!

After the merisik was over we went to SIL and BIL's house in Sepang and my children showed their extreme jakun-ness and how much they miss their WII by immediately playing with their cousin's WII and then they wanted to stay behind. I took nadine and Sophia with me, and we went off to the hotel, to wait for daddy. I thought they might want to swim but I forgot they are now ladies and they are very shy to swim without their proper muslimah gear in front of all those matsallehs. The hotel lak got so many guests which may be due to the cancelled flights.

Dad came to join us about 7 I think. We had dinner at Pavi(yummy kueyteow) and then he went off to a birthday party with the 2 girls ....I pleaded a headache and slept ...I think all that driving around to Sepang that morning (alaahai puterigunungledangnyaaaa)

Then the next thing I know it was 8.30 am (babai Subuh) and husband was there too. Kids no 1 and 3 stayed with parents that we were all alooneeeee.... We immediately got down to the most important thing- free breakfast..! and let me tell you , I am pleasantly surprised at Prince! Not bad the food although I thought for awhile I was in Manila.~!

Then at noon we went back to get my 2 girls, and went back to SIL and BIL's house for their no 2's birthday party..amboiiiitttt the kids's social other 3 kids tengok I pun tidak punyalah shok dengan WII tu haaa...

Balik around maghrib....and now I am having TONSILITIS and I feel HORRIBLE!!

But! I had a nice weekend!

how was yours??

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The BOMB Birthday!

Soo like I had the best birthday this year!

I had a surprise lunch, then dinner with my family, and then some clients who are also friends took me for lunch again. Yeah, they made me stand on a chair.


(macam karangan kan, ada perenggan?)

I had wanted to take the office staff to lunch. Then Boss said never mind lah, he wanted to take me out pulak. Ok lah so I told the office mates, rain check ok?? Then off we went to lunch to this restaurant Rahsia..and when I went in- VOILA!! The entire office was there! ANDDD with 2 old friends Mrs N and Kitchen Guardian!! Terharu I you!

Yang paling terharu ialah the bunga given when I arrived!- I love flowers and I love surprises and I so wish Boss would go and conduct training courses for husbands on "how to throw a surprise birthday party for wife" hahahahaha.

The cake was PHENOMENAL- a gooey mooey mud chocolatey creamcheesy chock cake made by the KitchenGuardian!! Thank you KG! I won't ask for recipe sebab for sure it won't turn out the way you make it. ! (ok im ashamed to say I love to eat only. Bake, er, not so much)

Husband cannot come because his car was trapped between 2 cars. He did not want to take a cab because he has to go back to scoping patients bum and I'm sure they loved him for it and also, he did not have lunch he was so bz. If I didn't know it would sound completely petulant I would totally be offended that my husband could not spare me an hour for lunch.


Anyway...malam I organised dinner with the whole family. dad did not want to join so I told him it was free. Actually it was quite a good deal because I had bought the Hilto*n corporate card and it gave me a voucher for like 15 people, can eat for half it was bit more bearable.Parents came late as they wanted to do Isyak first . Brother no 2 emerged from his very busy lifestyle (DENGAR TU POL????) and joined us, with his 3 kids and wife. I have not seen him for a 6 weeks. The kind of family we are, that is the equivalent to half a year. We basically terrorised PJH*ilton..buffet dia ok lah ...was a lot better not so impressive....OR maybe it was because we turned up at 10?? PM? And the dinner finished at 10.30??

Apa nak buat....We arrived late too as husband picked me up and had a last minute operation so we waited for him at the hospital till about 8.00 pm and then we rushed home topick up the rest of the brood and then rushed there with me torn between sulking cause like can't the patient wait a few hours, it wasn't even an emergency, and also telling myself off for being so ungrateful and spoiled and such a KID.

He he- susah kan, so I acknowledge I was upset and wish he had time for me, at the same time I understand his job so I should just shut up and not be upset anymore. So tak yah gaduh gaduh...the argument starts and ends with me! Like him, he is annoyed that I don't understand his job however he knew that I wanted him to make a bit of an effort on my birthday so he knows he can't be annoyed anymore . So basically Im upset and he's annoyed but then we are so understanding we are cool with it! hahahahahha! Anyway honey, you married Ms right after all. Ms Always right. ha ha ha!


Some clients said we should take YOU out pulak so they took me to TGIF for lunch .... everything was going so well until the end when they made me stand on the chair! And asked me to thank my friends!

Ah silap orang lah kan!! I stood up and said in a loud voice- HELLO EVERYBODYYYYYYYYY!!! I'd like to thank my friends for taking me out today !

hahahahha I think they were more embarrassed at the end of it!

But it was maluation experience (very embarrassing and there is no malay word called Maluation btw bwa ha ha) ..since they made me sing..I sang row row row your boat because it was SHORT. I would have sung Kelly Clarkson but then we had only 1 minute ha ha!

Ok lah to top it all off, i VALET PARKED (waaaaaaah im so big spendder one ha ha!) and now I can't remember whether I paid the man or not. (I'm sure I did)

That was the day! So now, back to earth and to reflect that oh my gawd...8 more years I am 50! Sedar sedar lah diri....!

Bye guys...!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy birthday to meeeeeeee, Happy birthday to me!!!

Hehehehe..sorry lar hah, I love having birthdays. I don't like getting older, but love the attention. Us Arians kan...attention seekers what. Introverts don't have blogs I don't think

Anyway yes what do I want this year, Husband asked. Apa lah husband nih, of course I won't tell him. it's nicer for him to think of something. (But shd actually get friends to drop a word in his ear). Actually he has gotten me that BB so that's my birthday present lar. And dah gi UK dah lar kan. Nak present lagi. Pelangkung karang. Hehe.

The best present is with me now. My health. My family. My parents. My brothers don't hate me. My cousins still remember my name. Ha ha. Small blessings kan. My children all listen to me (just). My husband does not like to lepak at coffee shops (he has no time that's why). My husband has only one wife. (Haha penting tu! )I don't have a horrible boss. (Anal, yes. But horrible no. )

So, I think , all in all, birthday presents are just icing on the cake. Tak yah pun takpa...I think I will give to the society tomorrow. Something that I have been thinking about, talking about and yet never gotten around to doing, suddenly someone mentioned it again to me TADI, so I think that's divine sign to say that I should do that thing I plan to do (but cannot war war until it's done)

I really really hope, this coming birthday, I might at LAST act like a mature woman of 41....and not a giggly geek of 16 wannabe!

UPDATE- wow so many FB messages Saya SUKAAAA...! Thanks thanks thanks!! Alah one day je kan, let me revel in self love lar ha ha. Anyway one of my friends doa kan let me continue to be in Allah's good graces. Which is a perfect doa for me. That's all I want, to not incur the wrath of God. (Yang ironic nye, kawan ni lah yang paling "terror" masa muda.....alhamdulillah.....)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hmph!! Interior decorators!!!

What do THEY know right??

Lately I've been thinking of changing the curtains. Now we have that red curtains which we bought maybe 2 days after moving in as a last minute thing and we were quite happy with it and it's been THREE YEARS and we never DID get around to buying / making new ones so I thought hey! Why not get new curtains and cheer up the living room a little bit?? Nothing at all to do with the 2nd reunion of my Alvel group that's taking place in my house.

Husband wanted to ask the services of my auntie Yot again but takpa lah she never accepts payment and I always feel bad (plus she takes SOOO LONG!)

Anyway , was discussing this with a friend who is rather good at all these interior decorating style (as in, he actually plans and not just main beli je) and he asked me- what is my THEME.

terduduk kejap. manalah I tau what my theme is. The "Cheapest bargain " theme? The "as long as it does not look like the cat peed on it " theme? Or the "whatever strikes our fancy" theme? I rather suspect it's the last one.

We don't know what we like. I was trying to describe to him, something like LauraAshley but not too floral,. something with book cases, huge comfy sofa, rich colours, etc and a light bulb clicked and he said we like country style !

So today I had some free time (ok I had work but this is much more fun) and went to Teratai S*ari to look at fabrics. In country style. Of course.

Completely out of my depth so I asked them to come to the house and bring some samples. An hour later they came along. one lady first, who listened as I prattled on about colours etc. Macam tau. And husband who had just come back that time, was forced to come out to choose his fave colours. He was soon fast asleep on the sofa. But not after passing the decree that he liked the colour green.

Wow what a time! We went through so many types of fabric! Husband had earlier even suggested doing more than I had planned! The girl was soon joined by another person, who wasted no time in telling me my house basically has NO aesthetic value whatsoever.Like- kakak sebok ye, tak da masa nak buat curtain. I said I had never professionally gotten anyone's help. And I thought the 2nd one was a bit rude. She said I boleh buang lah bunga ni (* I can throw out the flowers I had) , once dah ada pelmet. And she giggled. I rasa nak penampar je. Rude or what? I wanted a change , does not mean I hated the present one. It's still my house, and you are still a guest.

Ada ke dia gelakkan rumah I..hello, it's my taste lah kan. In my defence I said we were both pretty easy going people who liked whatever as long as we were together and they looked at me like I was the most deprived person on earth. Never mind lar. Not fun though being judged by some interior decorators!

Anyway outwardly of course I telan /swallowed all this and smiled like there was no tomorrow. In the end god knows, my head is still swivelling with the many types of fabric and what the heck is a pelmet and why do I need it and why can't I show the railings anyway? I don't mind! And why is Roman blinds RM300 per window? Do you use real Romans?

They finally left and will give me a quotation. Not too expensive they said, shd be about FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For 2 curtains and its sheer insides (god knows what lah ) and upholstering my ottoman that my cat had been using as a scratching post, (cost upholster lagi mahal than the cost of the original ottoman) and the roman blinds.

Husband woke up after they left (convenient heh heh) and now he has said he wanted to see what they are charging ha ha.

I'll keep you posted k!

Maid Episod ke 5 - the end (i hope)


It's finally Saturday.

I've brought work back. As always. I am hoping to be able to do it now but once logged on to the internet it really is difficult to tear yourself away and FOCUS on the work. But the work will get done. At 12 pm on Sunday?

What's been happening. Well, there was that maid issue

Last Thursday at 5 am the maid was heard to be crying. Husband heard her and said to me, right, let's get her to the hospital then. Men! I cry buckets he never pays attention. Hmph. Ha ha.

So Johan (who said he was ill and wanted to go to the office with me) and I and husband took the maid to the hospital. This was 7 am. She was seen by a doctor, who asked her if she had been abused, because she had all these streak marks on her body. I said she believes running a coin down her arms and legs will get rid of "air" (angin!) and that was what the bruises were. She said pretty much the same thing to the doctor. After that, we went to the Xray room. Abuse the maid???? ME??

Husband had by this time, scarpered off to the scope room to work. After getting the results of the xray (which was normal, I peeked) , we went to the scope room and awaited our turn. I tried to catch someone's eye and then I said I was Dr so and so's wife. Immediately I was whisked (wah best kan) to the back of the rooms where there were LEATHER SOFAS ok ha ha. So the three of us waited, maid's expression looking more and more terrified/gloomy/depressed/downright irritating as time went by. The nurses came around to talk to Johan , whom they had not seen since he was a baby (I must have gone over once) . They told me Dr Husband is very popular with the patients...and he talks so nicely to them. Is this the new maid? Dr Husband once told them he had to go home to bring clothes in from outside! HONEY!! Takyah lah cerita hal rumahtangga! Don't tell the nurses THAT!! Between THAT and the fact that they know Dr Husband cooks(cause husband once brought currypuffs) my reputation is truly shot to pieces.

Anyway soon the maid was called and the upper scope was done on her (not by hubby) and she was declared ok. That's what perplexes me.She has gastric problem , something that was determined by the clinic 3 m onths ago. Apparently the condition of her stomach is better than mine. !! But other than that, everything is clear. So why is she still hobbling away and looking like death??

I told her, we've done what we can, and the results are ok. Whatever ailments you say you have, have not been picked up. So just cheer up and buck up. No, still not sending her back no matter how morose she is. I mean, who is paying for her fare back?

And amazingly the day after that, she was smiling! I told her how nice it was to see her smiling for a blinking change! And she proceeded to tell me of what aches and pains she had in her legs. I shrugged and said- " ah what to do, we are both old" and then I immediately launched into how many pains I have. ha ha ha!

Today, morose expression is back ON. Never mind lar as long as you do the work eh??

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blackberry Mania

I no longer have any excuse not to return calls or return emails DARN IT. I have got my blackberry, or rather, since the guy ran out of black "skin", I have got my Blue berry. Ha ha.

After I had settled the outstanding due to Ma***, I went back to the guy at the Weld to give him the release letter and expecting that he will then hand me over a gleaming new phone. Of course., he said I had to wait for 3 days. Dahlah when I went to the Weld I took the hubby (he drove me) all the way muttering how he actually has a clinic at 2 ok and will i be quick or not. He came because he was my er...sponsor. He he. Anyway when we arrived horrors, the shop was CLOSED. No one knew when that guy would come back, whether he would come back at ALL. Hubby strolled to the next shop which is the shoe shop and he LOVES shoes, btw, as much as me, so he was soon a happy bunny. Me on the other hand was still mindful of my OTHER boss who would NOT be a happy bunny to be in the office working while I was dossing off! Anyway...the lady at the shoe shop as it turned out...knew where to find this Celcom sales guy, so off to SecretRecipe I went. I found the salesguy Shazwan (by n ow we were on first name basis) and after he freaked out to see me , he reluctantly snuffed out his cigarrette time and opened his shop. And then told me I had to come back again. IN 3 DAYS.

Ok so yesterday was the 3rd day. So I went. I had the sim card, but had no idea that I could put it in existing phone. Therefore I was phoneless for the 3 days...pandai kan..? Anyway because it was lunch and I had to eat standing up, I bought sushi (Buy 3 and get a drink for RM1!! said the stall in front of Celcom) and waited for them to do what they do to get me my phone. LAAAMAAANYAA!! There was this pushy lady who came in and complained about how she cannot get her line etc etc..HELLLOWWW I was here first???

I belanja Shazwan and Nor (the other sales agent who had mysteriously appeared) Sushi . They got me the phone, put in email, put in FB and would have put in god knows what else but I told them I had to rush.

So I now have a BB. I fully intend NOT to be one of those whose head is always down looking at BB. I am NOT going to check my email every other second. I am NOT going to be messaging. By the way How do you bb and drive at the same time ye??

And By the way you know what Nor said? "Welcome back, Puan Shila". She meant because i started life as a Celcom subscriber and then moved to Maxis (since I got so pissed off at how Cel did not tell me about the whopping roaming bill I had in India, when I asked them how much I owed them) and now back to Cel again....


Oh yeah..semalam I was busy tinkerign with it and hubby came home...instead of helping himself to food the way he always does (which I always merajuk because to me eating is a family thing you do together) , he decided that last night was the night he should wait for me to eat so he kept asking me jom lah I terpaksa lar cut short the playing with BB hahahahaha

bagus gak..apa apa yang melekakan..berdosa..betol tak??

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Actually a child.

I'm hooked on Percy Jackson books. Help! I always suspected that my brain stopped developing at 14. Which is the average age of those who like Percy, So I have been told.

Percy Jackson is this boy who was born to a mortal mom and a greek god. Poseidon, the God of the Sea. I have always loved Greek Mythology.. since I was about 13! When my dad was in the army you would find me deep in the army library in Mindef reading all about Hercules and the Titans . That was a good library. That was also where I discovered Narnia and the Wardrobe (never realised that it's supposed to be a Christian book ha ha! Tak paham pun masa tu~!)

While the adventures in Percy Jackson is actually "TV by imagination" (i mean, I can see it played out actually) I like Percy Jackson books for its relationships (hello, I am 40--41 in 10 days!) . What made Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, fall for Sally Jackson, mortal woman? What a love story that would be eh. Then there is Percy's relationship with his other halfblood heroes and other Gods (not all love his wisecracking ways) and then there is his yet unrealised (as in , even he doesn't know it yet) crush on Annabeth, daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom.Then of course, Percy (Perseus) and his dad, the almighty Poseidon...whom he wants so much to impress but at the same time pretending he doesn't really care that his dad, who sits on Mount Olympus, doesn't talk to him much or abandoned him when he was a baby. (the dad is really caring though)

I suppose all these relationships are only interesting when you are my age. I bet you if I read the Secret Seven by Enid Blyton I can find the "relationship" angle haha. By the way I saw ENID the other day and she was potrayed as a really really cold and scary woman, if not slightly demented. So much for her tales of fairies etc! I loved the Enchanted Forest ...where there is a land of Birthdays on top of the cloud, land of Take what you kan?? And what about the boarding schools? The packages. the midnight feasts...!

Wish that the kids love to read...they do read, but some of them have to be forced more than the others. And the books that they read! Diary of Wimpy Kid lah, Dumbdiary lah..whatever happened to EnidBlyton??

Ok enough merapu and writing off the top of my messed up head.. Will try to post something interesting and meaningful soon.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Birds and the Bees

The other day my son was watching a (children) movie and the couple was kissing. You knowlah the Disney films. even Alladin kissed Jasmine. Anyway. He was silent for a while and then he said to the sister- "The man's mouth must open when he kiss the girl".

I was FLABBERGASTED!!!! Earlier on he had asked me why do they open their mouth when they kiss? I said I don't know?? To breathe?? In the end I said because they are not Muslims Jo. Then he said but you and daddy do it! And i said because we are married and I am definitely going to stop Public displays of affection now!

Aiyaaa..I told him you are NOT to be interested in whether or not the boy opens his mouth etc and go do your homework BOYYY!!!!


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why we love weddings

We heard recently that "I" is getting married. "I" is my husband's cousin, and his family is about the only one that has not seen a wedding, despite them all being beautiful people.

First of all, background. "I" is about 35, very eligible, loves to climb mountains, holds a senior position in Putrajaya, is a good son, quite handsome if you like that kind of look, and does not smoke. WHY he is still not married at the age of 35 escapes me.

We thought, he must be career minded. Or, he has not met anyone. Better yet, he doesn't like girls. Or ,he's seen enough divorces to be put off.

Everyone has tried to match him at some point. Husband has referred lady doctors to him. His mom has tried to match him with various datins and datoks daughters. And my mother in law has actually spoken to her old friend and "pinang" kan her daughter (proposed to her daughter) albeit informally. She is going to be heartbroken now.My mother in law. not the girl.

By the way, "I" never said yes. He never said no. He pretty much laughed every time we tried. Which was v frustrating. (passive aggressive orangkata)

Last weekend I got a message from SIL that this "I" suddenly want to get married. No further details were given because the information was relayed to a man, one of our husbands who relayed it to my SIL. Men, mana tau korek cerita right?? Immediately we all called the auntie and pretty soon we found out that the girl is 34 and is nice and get this, they want to tie the knot this year and GET THIS- THEY HAVE BEEN GOING OUT FOR A LONG TIME. Which means in all the time that we bug you to get married, you had this girl all along??? why the heck didn't you say something??

Anyway we are all very happy for him, now that we have gotten over the initial paralysing SHOCK. The mother is saying there is NO WAY IN HECK she can organise a wedding in a few months, this in the same breath as telling me the wedding will be in white and she has bought several pieces of material for their bridal suits. Ha ha! I am happy for her.

And we hope we can do this!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Get better Din Beramboi!


Din Beramboi, who yaks away in the mornings on EraFM, is quite ill, I just found out. Some rat peed on him or something. (!) I'm sure that's not right. Anyway he had a double whammy, which is that rat pee infection and also dengue. Hope you get better soon DB! His brand of funny may not suit all, but it made ME sengeh macam kerang busuk/ smiling like a mad person in the car on the way to work.

There is this couple, ok. They went and bought new carpets. Because in their 16 years of marriage, other than the carpets they bought in the UK, since coming back they have only bought One carpet and the rest were donated by mom, atok, auntie etc etc. Anyway the girl went to the carpet shop which is at her office , liked a few and then waited for hubby to come. Minute the hubby came, it became a whole different story. He made the carpet people roll out so many different patterns carpet. While the wife liked the symetrical designs the husband liked the everything everywhere design. But they agreed on one (or 2, or 3) .

When they came back , started to roll out the carpets.LAHVELY....very nice. All furniture had to be pushed away as hubby decreed NO table on carpet. So the living room became cluttered a bit. But now the carpet does not match the furniture. So the friends are (jokingly at first) talking about reupholstering the sofa , which is floral, to a plain colour to MATCH the carpet. Sheeshhhhhh.... What a waste of money eh. But seriously when it comes to interior decorating, no clue over here. NO CLUE.

Ok ok we're them. Malu je nak ngaku. It's not that we don't have a clue so much as we don't really care about interior decorating. We are happy with what we bought ages ago and never think about changing curtain etc...Seriously..! until one of us agreed to let one's A Level mates have their reunion at one's house so now one feel the pressure of not looking too much like a gypsy. So now one's feeling pressured to"IKEA" kan her house and the hubby is being dragged into it.....Cian....

You are going to tell me that I should really relax, be myself etc etc. right. These are the friends I havenot seen in 24 years. Are you KIDDING me??? hehehe.


The Samsung I had seem to die very fast and half the time I don't hear it, or I don't know that it's dead. I miss a lot of calls .So I thought I'd upgrade into a blackberry. The main thing is the editing attachments on email thing lar, supposedly enabling you to work anywhere. Now who would want to work anywhere anyway?? WHo invented this Blackberry thing anyway? Everyone who has one will be bending his head over it 247 and staring into it intensely.

So I thought perfect ! I should jump on the bandwagon. But God has other plans.

1. First, the place I went to on day 1, did not have parking, so I had to go away
2. Day 2, got there, but then scratched the car on the way.
3. I got there, and got the model i wanted , but discovered that apparently in the system I had unpaidbills. which is funny since I had overpaid my bill last time I checked (and confirmed with the other telco provider)
4. When i came home, having taken the cash, kids gave me a bill for their extracurricular activity which matched the Amount I took out.

So..what do you think. ....God saying something right?? hehehehe

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...