Monday, April 05, 2010

Birds and the Bees

The other day my son was watching a (children) movie and the couple was kissing. You knowlah the Disney films. even Alladin kissed Jasmine. Anyway. He was silent for a while and then he said to the sister- "The man's mouth must open when he kiss the girl".

I was FLABBERGASTED!!!! Earlier on he had asked me why do they open their mouth when they kiss? I said I don't know?? To breathe?? In the end I said because they are not Muslims Jo. Then he said but you and daddy do it! And i said because we are married and I am definitely going to stop Public displays of affection now!

Aiyaaa..I told him you are NOT to be interested in whether or not the boy opens his mouth etc and go do your homework BOYYY!!!!



Cik Puan Kamil said...

Oohhh.... I dah kena dah.... and you just have no answer for it, okay !

Superwomanwannabe said...

How how how how.....

nathrah said...

hahahha...i pun penah kena soal ngan anak2. mmg kalut la nak menjawab lepas satu..satu soalan diorang tu..heheheh budak mcm span kan, semua diorang serap dan teliti. kita tak perasan pun sesetengah tu..

Aida said...


I think its ok to hv public displays of affection, but do not go overboard and ALWAYS hammer it into them that U BOTH are MARRIED TO EACH OTHER!!!! and it is not allowed otherwise.

kids will pick up other thibgs from tv but of course, I know that u know, they will very much require policing and guidance.

Good luck.

Aida (who wonders if we can petition the cartoon channels to be a little more conservative)

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