Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blackberry Mania

I no longer have any excuse not to return calls or return emails DARN IT. I have got my blackberry, or rather, since the guy ran out of black "skin", I have got my Blue berry. Ha ha.

After I had settled the outstanding due to Ma***, I went back to the guy at the Weld to give him the release letter and expecting that he will then hand me over a gleaming new phone. Of course., he said I had to wait for 3 days. Dahlah when I went to the Weld I took the hubby (he drove me) all the way muttering how he actually has a clinic at 2 ok and will i be quick or not. He came because he was my er...sponsor. He he. Anyway when we arrived horrors, the shop was CLOSED. No one knew when that guy would come back, whether he would come back at ALL. Hubby strolled to the next shop which is the shoe shop and he LOVES shoes, btw, as much as me, so he was soon a happy bunny. Me on the other hand was still mindful of my OTHER boss who would NOT be a happy bunny to be in the office working while I was dossing off! Anyway...the lady at the shoe shop as it turned out...knew where to find this Celcom sales guy, so off to SecretRecipe I went. I found the salesguy Shazwan (by n ow we were on first name basis) and after he freaked out to see me , he reluctantly snuffed out his cigarrette time and opened his shop. And then told me I had to come back again. IN 3 DAYS.

Ok so yesterday was the 3rd day. So I went. I had the sim card, but had no idea that I could put it in existing phone. Therefore I was phoneless for the 3 days...pandai kan..? Anyway because it was lunch and I had to eat standing up, I bought sushi (Buy 3 and get a drink for RM1!! said the stall in front of Celcom) and waited for them to do what they do to get me my phone. LAAAMAAANYAA!! There was this pushy lady who came in and complained about how she cannot get her line etc etc..HELLLOWWW I was here first???

I belanja Shazwan and Nor (the other sales agent who had mysteriously appeared) Sushi . They got me the phone, put in email, put in FB and would have put in god knows what else but I told them I had to rush.

So I now have a BB. I fully intend NOT to be one of those whose head is always down looking at BB. I am NOT going to check my email every other second. I am NOT going to be messaging. By the way How do you bb and drive at the same time ye??

And By the way you know what Nor said? "Welcome back, Puan Shila". She meant because i started life as a Celcom subscriber and then moved to Maxis (since I got so pissed off at how Cel did not tell me about the whopping roaming bill I had in India, when I asked them how much I owed them) and now back to Cel again....


Oh yeah..semalam I was busy tinkerign with it and hubby came home...instead of helping himself to food the way he always does (which I always merajuk because to me eating is a family thing you do together) , he decided that last night was the night he should wait for me to eat so he kept asking me jom lah I terpaksa lar cut short the playing with BB hahahahaha

bagus gak..apa apa yang melekakan..berdosa..betol tak??

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