Thursday, April 01, 2010

Get better Din Beramboi!


Din Beramboi, who yaks away in the mornings on EraFM, is quite ill, I just found out. Some rat peed on him or something. (!) I'm sure that's not right. Anyway he had a double whammy, which is that rat pee infection and also dengue. Hope you get better soon DB! His brand of funny may not suit all, but it made ME sengeh macam kerang busuk/ smiling like a mad person in the car on the way to work.

There is this couple, ok. They went and bought new carpets. Because in their 16 years of marriage, other than the carpets they bought in the UK, since coming back they have only bought One carpet and the rest were donated by mom, atok, auntie etc etc. Anyway the girl went to the carpet shop which is at her office , liked a few and then waited for hubby to come. Minute the hubby came, it became a whole different story. He made the carpet people roll out so many different patterns carpet. While the wife liked the symetrical designs the husband liked the everything everywhere design. But they agreed on one (or 2, or 3) .

When they came back , started to roll out the carpets.LAHVELY....very nice. All furniture had to be pushed away as hubby decreed NO table on carpet. So the living room became cluttered a bit. But now the carpet does not match the furniture. So the friends are (jokingly at first) talking about reupholstering the sofa , which is floral, to a plain colour to MATCH the carpet. Sheeshhhhhh.... What a waste of money eh. But seriously when it comes to interior decorating, no clue over here. NO CLUE.

Ok ok we're them. Malu je nak ngaku. It's not that we don't have a clue so much as we don't really care about interior decorating. We are happy with what we bought ages ago and never think about changing curtain etc...Seriously..! until one of us agreed to let one's A Level mates have their reunion at one's house so now one feel the pressure of not looking too much like a gypsy. So now one's feeling pressured to"IKEA" kan her house and the hubby is being dragged into it.....Cian....

You are going to tell me that I should really relax, be myself etc etc. right. These are the friends I havenot seen in 24 years. Are you KIDDING me??? hehehe.


The Samsung I had seem to die very fast and half the time I don't hear it, or I don't know that it's dead. I miss a lot of calls .So I thought I'd upgrade into a blackberry. The main thing is the editing attachments on email thing lar, supposedly enabling you to work anywhere. Now who would want to work anywhere anyway?? WHo invented this Blackberry thing anyway? Everyone who has one will be bending his head over it 247 and staring into it intensely.

So I thought perfect ! I should jump on the bandwagon. But God has other plans.

1. First, the place I went to on day 1, did not have parking, so I had to go away
2. Day 2, got there, but then scratched the car on the way.
3. I got there, and got the model i wanted , but discovered that apparently in the system I had unpaidbills. which is funny since I had overpaid my bill last time I checked (and confirmed with the other telco provider)
4. When i came home, having taken the cash, kids gave me a bill for their extracurricular activity which matched the Amount I took out.

So..what do you think. ....God saying something right?? hehehehe


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Jump to iPhone jer la heheheh

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so now have to wait lar after going through allt hat...

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