Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy birthday to meeeeeeee, Happy birthday to me!!!

Hehehehe..sorry lar hah, I love having birthdays. I don't like getting older, but love the attention. Us Arians kan...attention seekers what. Introverts don't have blogs I don't think

Anyway yes what do I want this year, Husband asked. Apa lah husband nih, of course I won't tell him. it's nicer for him to think of something. (But shd actually get friends to drop a word in his ear). Actually he has gotten me that BB so that's my birthday present lar. And dah gi UK dah lar kan. Nak present lagi. Pelangkung karang. Hehe.

The best present is with me now. My health. My family. My parents. My brothers don't hate me. My cousins still remember my name. Ha ha. Small blessings kan. My children all listen to me (just). My husband does not like to lepak at coffee shops (he has no time that's why). My husband has only one wife. (Haha penting tu! )I don't have a horrible boss. (Anal, yes. But horrible no. )

So, I think , all in all, birthday presents are just icing on the cake. Tak yah pun takpa...I think I will give to the society tomorrow. Something that I have been thinking about, talking about and yet never gotten around to doing, suddenly someone mentioned it again to me TADI, so I think that's divine sign to say that I should do that thing I plan to do (but cannot war war until it's done)

I really really hope, this coming birthday, I might at LAST act like a mature woman of 41....and not a giggly geek of 16 wannabe!

UPDATE- wow so many FB messages Saya SUKAAAA...! Thanks thanks thanks!! Alah one day je kan, let me revel in self love lar ha ha. Anyway one of my friends doa kan let me continue to be in Allah's good graces. Which is a perfect doa for me. That's all I want, to not incur the wrath of God. (Yang ironic nye, kawan ni lah yang paling "terror" masa muda.....alhamdulillah.....)


Happy Birthday Kak *confetti*

I've been an ardent and a silent reader of your blog. You have such great sense of humour and enjoy reading your rambling, I guess being an Aries myself memang suka yang merapu2 kot. ahak ahak.

Take care and here's to more wonderful years ahead.

P/S- You share the same birth date as my dad.
ME said…
happy birthday ..
Thank you Puteri! Merapu is my favourite hobby and I really miss Din Beramboi ha ha...thanks for visiting I hope you come often!
anom said…
Salam K. Shila and Happy Birthday!!

I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while now (I even have a link to ur blog in mine - hope u don't mind). I have really enjoyed all your life's ups and downs, kelakar la u ni..

Frankly speaking I think the reason why it's always interesting to read your blog as though as I personally know you is because of your giggly/bubbly character -- I rasa macam I can seriously relate to you.. hehehehe..

Anyway, the point here is, please do not change and stay giggly...hik hik hik..
Opps..Happy Birthday Uncle ! TO puteri's dad! Sure handsome and menawan and charming..macam i ha ha
Salam Anom!

Thanks very much for the wish and thanks very much for coming to visit...insyallah will not change..tak reti pun....sebenarnya nak jadi elegant tapi tak pass pass lagi...!
Cik Puan Kamil said…
Happy birthday !!!! Have a good one and I do hope we will get to meet one day.

Take care.
Anonymous said…
Dear Shila,

Happy birthday & many happy returns! Ehh, how come I'm 42 and you're 41? Darrnnnnn! He!He!
BTW, sorry didn't manage to catch up with u guys waktu kat london the other day coz we were practically here, there and everywhere.. 9 days were such a short time. Why la cuti sekolah 1 week je (another darrnnn)
nathrah said…
Happy birthday kak Shila..semoga terus dirahmati Allah!
HIII How was your cuti?? tak dapat berjumpa kan?I pun rasa tak cukup masa!!! Shd go again...but i rasa macam i pergi beraya...visit orang sini, visit orang sana...hehe
EH lupalak to thank ME for your kind wish.....terimakasihhh
CPK- one day we shall meet ok. if you are in the area of ampang, call lah - 012 6356546. better sms first !
Nathrah...terimakasih...amin amin
wannor said…
Happy birthday to you Madam Shila "Superwomanwannabe" :) Semoga dimurahkan rezki, dipanjangkan umur, diberi keberkatan hidup di dunia & akhirat. Amin
ms hart said…
SW, a belated birthday wish for you! Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan selalu berada dalam peliharaan Allah. Amin... Stay you, my heh-heh-heh pal!!!;-)

p/s thank you for 'granting' us Malaccans a holiday on your birthday!! hikhik
Aishah said…
Syilak!!!!! Happy belated birthday from all of us at Adi & Co. Eh, bila nak karaoke ni????? We belanja ok
Anonymous said…
happy belated birthday & many happy returns! hope not too late to wish you :-)

Shukran WanNor!! Insyallah...just pray can still blog happy stuff 10 years fromnow!
Ms hart- no problem... I dah cakap dah dengan MB..apa nih, bagi lah cuti, besday I kan..nasib baik dia dengar ha ahahahahahahha

Bila nak jumpa nih????
Aishah..tunggu you all laaa ..Im ok any weekday..except Monday Tuesday Wed and THursday ahahhahaha

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