Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Actually a child.

I'm hooked on Percy Jackson books. Help! I always suspected that my brain stopped developing at 14. Which is the average age of those who like Percy, So I have been told.

Percy Jackson is this boy who was born to a mortal mom and a greek god. Poseidon, the God of the Sea. I have always loved Greek Mythology.. since I was about 13! When my dad was in the army you would find me deep in the army library in Mindef reading all about Hercules and the Titans . That was a good library. That was also where I discovered Narnia and the Wardrobe (never realised that it's supposed to be a Christian book ha ha! Tak paham pun masa tu~!)

While the adventures in Percy Jackson is actually "TV by imagination" (i mean, I can see it played out actually) I like Percy Jackson books for its relationships (hello, I am 40--41 in 10 days!) . What made Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, fall for Sally Jackson, mortal woman? What a love story that would be eh. Then there is Percy's relationship with his other halfblood heroes and other Gods (not all love his wisecracking ways) and then there is his yet unrealised (as in , even he doesn't know it yet) crush on Annabeth, daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom.Then of course, Percy (Perseus) and his dad, the almighty Poseidon...whom he wants so much to impress but at the same time pretending he doesn't really care that his dad, who sits on Mount Olympus, doesn't talk to him much or abandoned him when he was a baby. (the dad is really caring though)

I suppose all these relationships are only interesting when you are my age. I bet you if I read the Secret Seven by Enid Blyton I can find the "relationship" angle haha. By the way I saw ENID the other day and she was potrayed as a really really cold and scary woman, if not slightly demented. So much for her tales of fairies etc! I loved the Enchanted Forest ...where there is a land of Birthdays on top of the cloud, land of Take what you want...best kan?? And what about the boarding schools? The packages. the midnight feasts...!

Wish that the kids love to read...they do read, but some of them have to be forced more than the others. And the books that they read! Diary of Wimpy Kid lah, Dumbdiary lah..whatever happened to EnidBlyton??

Ok enough merapu and writing off the top of my messed up head.. Will try to post something interesting and meaningful soon.


Cik Puan Kamil said...

I love the Greek mythology too... That is why I was confused with Percy because I thought he is Zeus' son ?

Maybe this is another Perseus ?

I love Enid Blyton too.... I love the Wishing Chair and Mr Meddle... HA ha... From her books, I dreamt about blancmanges...

Superwomanwannabe said...

She always makes me drooolll over her books..all those jellies and jamtarts...and lemon curd ...and cucumber sandwiches..walhal roti dengan timun je!

Anonymous said...

I have read the whole series. It was quite entertaining actually.

Cik Puan Kamil, yah, slight change kot. If you watch Clash of the Titans, Perseus is Zeus's son.

Superwoman, did you know that my dad kept my whole Secret 7 series and this was passed down to the Pink Princess? I thk she finished the whole series before she went into Std 1. Masa tu, still ada appeal. Now, it's Bop Magazine, Tiger Beat, and what not. Hehehe. Actually, not that bad, she reads the Golden Compass, Twillight series, etc. I'm pretty lucky both the kids love reading. But it can get expensive!

fulltime mom

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