Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hmph!! Interior decorators!!!

What do THEY know right??

Lately I've been thinking of changing the curtains. Now we have that red curtains which we bought maybe 2 days after moving in as a last minute thing and we were quite happy with it and it's been THREE YEARS and we never DID get around to buying / making new ones so I thought hey! Why not get new curtains and cheer up the living room a little bit?? Nothing at all to do with the 2nd reunion of my Alvel group that's taking place in my house.

Husband wanted to ask the services of my auntie Yot again but takpa lah she never accepts payment and I always feel bad (plus she takes SOOO LONG!)

Anyway , was discussing this with a friend who is rather good at all these interior decorating style (as in, he actually plans and not just main beli je) and he asked me- what is my THEME.

terduduk kejap. manalah I tau what my theme is. The "Cheapest bargain " theme? The "as long as it does not look like the cat peed on it " theme? Or the "whatever strikes our fancy" theme? I rather suspect it's the last one.

We don't know what we like. I was trying to describe to him, something like LauraAshley but not too floral,. something with book cases, huge comfy sofa, rich colours, etc and a light bulb clicked and he said we like country style !

So today I had some free time (ok I had work but this is much more fun) and went to Teratai S*ari to look at fabrics. In country style. Of course.

Completely out of my depth so I asked them to come to the house and bring some samples. An hour later they came along. one lady first, who listened as I prattled on about colours etc. Macam tau. And husband who had just come back that time, was forced to come out to choose his fave colours. He was soon fast asleep on the sofa. But not after passing the decree that he liked the colour green.

Wow what a time! We went through so many types of fabric! Husband had earlier even suggested doing more than I had planned! The girl was soon joined by another person, who wasted no time in telling me my house basically has NO aesthetic value whatsoever.Like- kakak sebok ye, tak da masa nak buat curtain. I said I had never professionally gotten anyone's help. And I thought the 2nd one was a bit rude. She said I boleh buang lah bunga ni (* I can throw out the flowers I had) , once dah ada pelmet. And she giggled. I rasa nak penampar je. Rude or what? I wanted a change , does not mean I hated the present one. It's still my house, and you are still a guest.

Ada ke dia gelakkan rumah I..hello, it's my taste lah kan. In my defence I said we were both pretty easy going people who liked whatever as long as we were together and they looked at me like I was the most deprived person on earth. Never mind lar. Not fun though being judged by some interior decorators!

Anyway outwardly of course I telan /swallowed all this and smiled like there was no tomorrow. In the end god knows, my head is still swivelling with the many types of fabric and what the heck is a pelmet and why do I need it and why can't I show the railings anyway? I don't mind! And why is Roman blinds RM300 per window? Do you use real Romans?

They finally left and will give me a quotation. Not too expensive they said, shd be about FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For 2 curtains and its sheer insides (god knows what lah ) and upholstering my ottoman that my cat had been using as a scratching post, (cost upholster lagi mahal than the cost of the original ottoman) and the roman blinds.

Husband woke up after they left (convenient heh heh) and now he has said he wanted to see what they are charging ha ha.

I'll keep you posted k!


Royalshoppingarcade said...

seriously kak shila.
i do help up my friends with interior work and to just do up ur curtains and reupholster ur ottoman takkan la cost that much.
pegi macy sale and get ur bunga2 country style curtain..takdela sampai 5k.u can call me.seriously.hehe..

nathrah said...

yg jd mhl sbb svc caj diorang tu. harga barang tak seberapa pun..nak pulak tengok akak n husband org berduit..apa lagi..ketuk ler habis-habisan...hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Putri...ok gak. curtain tu mahal na lah..kain kot

Nathrah...i dah dapat quotation..tapi yang mahal nye kain..and roman blinds ! so kena reconsider ler

Irms said...

Waaa memang rude!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...