Yesterday I finally washed the car. Seriously it was crying "wash me". No, actually that was my daughter's handwriting all over the car going "wash me!".

Anyway I sat down waiting for these 7 guys to attack my car (their pride is they take only 10 mins, which is a really good thing if you are washing your car at 9.10 am and need to go to work )- there was a guy waiting there. He was the "owner" he said. He was only 28 actually but never mindlah, maybe you can be that age and own a car wash at a prime location. We got to talking and he soon was telling me that he used to work with M*ercede*s Be*nz and also he liked to fish and also that he can't get chicks because girls look down at him, when actually you can earn about RM4000 a month as a car wash man. And as the owner, the takings can be as high as RM1,000 per day.

So what he said about the Mercedes was very interesting. He looked at my car and he said - why don't you buy a Merc? (by the way its pronounced MERK and not Merz so I was told by hubby). I said Oit mahal lar! And he said..beli lah kakk....akak ingat orang bawak mercedes tu ada duit ke?? Dorang beli untuk bisness je....orang percaya kalau tengok you bawak mercedes kaak. macam bzness akak bagus lar! (do you think the people who bought mercedes have money?? they only bought it for their business-- they have more confidence in you and think your business is doing well!) ke?? Someone long ago told me that her chinese friend would rent a luxury car to meetings just to create a good impression.

I guess people ARE that superficial heh heh. Anyway the car wash was done pretty quickly and I left the guy with his number etc (he wants despatch work if he can get some) but what he said made me think- do you need to pretend to get people to have confidence in you?


he he , kereta kereta...i'm still driving my manual iswara!and proud of it, kalau kereta beso tapi hutang keliling pinggang camana?
Anonymous said…
I think it's all about first impression

Cik Kiah
Kan ..better be real ..but on the other hand cik kiah is also right, we do judge on the cover
Dad of 4+1 said…
Go get the Merz...oops Merk..pronto!
kak shila,
i cannot la pretend pretend ni..tak reti and (tak cukup ongkos) pun nak beli and show off but then you worry and then kena tarik how? biarla org nak kata apa so long as we dress smart ok la tu kan..kereta tu cuci la kasi kilat, as long as bersih and working well, tak kisah la kereta apa.the other thing is, biar rumah buruk asal dlm bersih, kemas, ni rumah besar cantik pun tapi dlm kotor buat apa sure kes byk time ni.hahaha...
on another note, sure that car wash owner dah byk proposals la kan..he's no ordinary cash wash guy no more..!
nizamohamed said…
Your story reminded me of someone I know whom had a Merc (been saying Merz all this feel so kampung one) and their kids didn't have the luxury of eating KFC or McD or any eating out at all coz duit abih bayar installments Merc. I rather eat big than having a big car just to show about getting your priorities straight!
Yeke dad of four plus one...can charge company tak ha ha ha
Royal- itulah pandangan ikhlas budak tu...and I suppose he is representing a lot of people out lah as long as rumah bersih and h ati bersih does it matter what you drive?

It apparently does to him!
Niza- kalau cam tu dah jadi kes kesian....sbb anak lak d tu penting ! Tapi kalau ada rezeki lebih lebih, apa salahnya , esp kalau dah pi haji, dah habis sedekah etc etc.. for me lar!
nizamohamed said…
Yeah, it is not a crime to buy big cars as long as you can afford it AND not sacrifice everything else that is far more important. I admit who doesn't want a nice car and they do last a long time as long as you don't drive crazy...:))but as for me right now, there are far more important things like kids' education, traveling and FOOD!!! I love food!!!!

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