Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maid Episod ke 5 - the end (i hope)


It's finally Saturday.

I've brought work back. As always. I am hoping to be able to do it now but once logged on to the internet it really is difficult to tear yourself away and FOCUS on the work. But the work will get done. At 12 pm on Sunday?

What's been happening. Well, there was that maid issue

Last Thursday at 5 am the maid was heard to be crying. Husband heard her and said to me, right, let's get her to the hospital then. Men! I cry buckets he never pays attention. Hmph. Ha ha.

So Johan (who said he was ill and wanted to go to the office with me) and I and husband took the maid to the hospital. This was 7 am. She was seen by a doctor, who asked her if she had been abused, because she had all these streak marks on her body. I said she believes running a coin down her arms and legs will get rid of "air" (angin!) and that was what the bruises were. She said pretty much the same thing to the doctor. After that, we went to the Xray room. Abuse the maid???? ME??

Husband had by this time, scarpered off to the scope room to work. After getting the results of the xray (which was normal, I peeked) , we went to the scope room and awaited our turn. I tried to catch someone's eye and then I said I was Dr so and so's wife. Immediately I was whisked (wah best kan) to the back of the rooms where there were LEATHER SOFAS ok ha ha. So the three of us waited, maid's expression looking more and more terrified/gloomy/depressed/downright irritating as time went by. The nurses came around to talk to Johan , whom they had not seen since he was a baby (I must have gone over once) . They told me Dr Husband is very popular with the patients...and he talks so nicely to them. Is this the new maid? Dr Husband once told them he had to go home to bring clothes in from outside! HONEY!! Takyah lah cerita hal rumahtangga! Don't tell the nurses THAT!! Between THAT and the fact that they know Dr Husband cooks(cause husband once brought currypuffs) my reputation is truly shot to pieces.

Anyway soon the maid was called and the upper scope was done on her (not by hubby) and she was declared ok. That's what perplexes me.She has gastric problem , something that was determined by the clinic 3 m onths ago. Apparently the condition of her stomach is better than mine. !! But other than that, everything is clear. So why is she still hobbling away and looking like death??

I told her, we've done what we can, and the results are ok. Whatever ailments you say you have, have not been picked up. So just cheer up and buck up. No, still not sending her back no matter how morose she is. I mean, who is paying for her fare back?

And amazingly the day after that, she was smiling! I told her how nice it was to see her smiling for a blinking change! And she proceeded to tell me of what aches and pains she had in her legs. I shrugged and said- " ah what to do, we are both old" and then I immediately launched into how many pains I have. ha ha ha!

Today, morose expression is back ON. Never mind lar as long as you do the work eh??

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MrsNordin said...

Ha! Ha! The nurse story... :)

Aren't you glad your husband is popular? In other words, she's implying how lucky you are to have him as your husband. So, chill, babe...

On your maid, tahan je lah kerenah dia tu!

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